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  1. Saw Worlds of Fun shoot down a guy tweeting that he'd make unauthorized ride POV videos with his camera glasses while encouraging others to buy them and do the same: (It's in the thread) Mad props to WoF. Now I want to squeeze in WoF/SDC into my 2019 plans somehow. Worth scaling back my Carowinds return? Previously, my Carowinds trip was going to be a full week off and include Dollywood and SFoG, but I could just make it Memorial Day Weekend and just the park (staying with my mother). The other major reason is that I went back for my Cedar Fair Platinum, but only have one non-home park visit and need another to make it worthwhile. WoF would be my second non-home visit. Otherwise I would need to extend my NYC trip to add a return to Dorney.
  2. I can think of four exceptions - Northern California (Discovery Kingdom and Great America), southern California (Magic Mountain and Knott's), Washington DC / Fredericksburg VA (America and Kings Dominion), and Philadelphia PA (Great Adventure and Dorney Park). Hmm, Worlds of Fun is pretty much on the opposite side of the state as Six Flags St. Louis. Hersheypark and BGW are closer to DC than the two Missouri parks I mentioned are to each other.
  3. Re: "Unnecessary Floorless Conversion", Iron Wolf -> Apocalypse -> Firebird is 980 feet longer than Vortex -> Patriot was. I think they have enough to work with for a worthwhile ride.
  4. Maybe it's because the GCI trains don't run well on track already worn in with PTCs? Hershey's Wildcat somehow ran worse than Roar (having ridden both), and GhostRider going to GCI trains also involved extensive retracking.
  5. Sounds like you've got the opposite experience from me. I'm a tiny guy and Impulse gave me a stapling only matched by Skyrush. That said, being stapled in oddly enhanced the hangtime for me.
  6. ^ The word filter hit "Five Onion..." and the end result is still catchy.
  7. It looks like I'm ending 2018 with The Beast as my last new credit.
  8. It could be opportunity cost too. Firehawk blocked off expansion, while Nighthawk (and Vortex next to it) is on prime real estate.
  9. I'm making the trip this weekend. Batwing never opened for me in any of my SFA visits this year, the weather should be nice, and it's my birthday weekend. I'm pretty sad about the possibility of Firehawk getting scrapped when one of the lower-tier parks could use it. Still glad it's not Vortex, which would most definitely be scrapped and not relocated, and whose plot would probably lend itself to a dive machine knowing that it would be B&M. Which Superman? The original installation at Over Georgia blew away the clone at Great Adventure because it was built with the terrain, greatly enhancing the sense of flight. My flying coaster rankings so far: Tatsu > Superman SFoG > Batwing > Nighthawk = Superman SFGAdv.
  10. 2017 InvadR, Busch Gardens Williamsburg Justice League, Six Flags Magic Mountain 2018 Twisted Timbers, Kings Dominion Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point Since I couldn't find a thread for rides I've ridden in their final season, I'll add them here: 2017 Curse of DarKastle, Busch Gardens Williamsburg Georgia Cyclone, Six Flags over Georgia Stinger, Dorney Park 2018 Witches' Wheel, Cedar Point
  11. Nighthawk is subtly different from Batwing/Firehawk. Shorter layout with a different ending.
  12. A side effect I just realized: If Firehawk is the one leaving, and it ends up getting scrapped like Shockwave and Stinger after failing to find buyers, then Six Flags America is the real winner here. They get one more unique ride without spending a dime.
  13. I scrapped my plans to go to Haunt at KI last year, and instead had KI planned for 2020/2021 when I heard of the new coaster rumors. If Vortex, Bat, or Adventure Express is getting scrapped, I'll make the trip for it. I have a soft spot for Arrow, and missing out on one of the custom loopers will really hurt. But if it's Invertigo or Firehawk, I won't feel too bad about missing it. v Thanks for reminding me.
  14. I would love that but the B&M on the permits makes me doubt the possibility. I really don’t love B&M but even my thick head has accepted it’s going to be a B&M hyper. FYI I am still really pro Wildcat RMC. And this is why human’s should be banned from giving eye witness testimony. I was certain that B&M was accidentally listed as contracter or designer in an faa or town/county planning filling. After looking for the documents, none had any area related to contracter or designer section. I think I accidentally picked it up fro a YouTube video. My apologies. Wasn't it the Kings Island 2020 planning thing that had B&M listed?
  15. The thread said "Favorite". There's quite a few I wouldn't put very high on an objective "Best" list. Apollo's Chariot Behemoth Comet (Hersheypark) Dominator El Toro Flying Turns GhostRider Hydra Intimidator 305 Jaguar Kingda Ka Loch Ness Monster Millennium Force Ninja (SFMM) O Phoenix Q Raptor Steel Vengeance Twisted Timbers U Vortex (CW) Wild One X2 Y Z Looks like I need to go to Silver Dollar City for O, and return to Canada's Wonderland to get Y when it opens. Will I have to go to Mount Olympus or even Michigan's Adventure just for Z?
  16. No need to scratch your head - ACE held their big annual convention at SFA/KD/BGW this year. If you look rides at all three parks ranked much higher this year than in past years. Also have to assume that the big ACE event at Silver Dollar City in the spring likely helped Time Traveler get the bump up to almost take over SV as best new ride. Every year it is same story - wherever the big ACE event is those rides rank differently, which would tell me they need to change up their pool of voters. Ah. That explains Verbolten showing up - but not it beating Twisted Timbers. On the plus side, nice to see SFA see some love with Wild One and Superman.
  17. Scratching my head at how Twisted Timbers couldn't beat the likes of Verbolten - which somehow made it onto the list after failing to place 2015-2017.
  18. Interesting logic. In my experience, Tempesto (comfort collars) was slightly slower loading than Joker's Jinx (seatbelts) - even with BGW's great operations and SFA's not-so-great operations.
  19. I'm thankful they extended it, I forgot to get my membership over the Labor Day weekend. I've been considering picking up a membership myself, I guess the functional difference between the Gold Season Pass and the Gold Plus membership is that the benefits of the membership extend to all of the parks in the chain. The Gold Season Pass is just for the park you bought it from. Hoping this means the Platinum "unlimited soft drinks" is chain-wide and not just home park only. Looking forward to using it at GAm and OG next year as well as SFA.
  20. Verbolten misses the mark for me too. Don't get me wrong, it sure made a great first impression on me. But even then, I thought DarKastle looked better inside - and that was DarKastle's final year. And, after travels gave me new points of reference, I now feel that Verbolten is BGW's weakest link coaster-wise, and that they should seriously consider replacing it some time next decade. It just comes off as awkward - weak by "multi-launch" standards, overkill by "mellow family coaster" standards. Yes, it's unique, but soon, will become "was" unique, as Universal's 2019 Harry Potter addition will feature rich theming, launches, and a drop track. InvadR is weak compared to most GCIs - but every park needs that one first big coaster that will get even the most timid non-rider pumped up and not overwhelmed. Verbolten was not that ride, and InvadR is. But in the end, I still applaud Verbolten for its ambition, attempting to unite both theming and thrills at a non-Universal park.
  21. On a ride with such quick transitions as Steel Vengeance, those grab bars help. Anything to steady the upper body so you're not wiped out over multiple rides. Of course, with lines of a brand-new ride, I had plenty of time to recover. Hands-up for me.
  22. Maverick is not a family coaster. Well over 48" minimum, and world-class intensity. Heck, even Verbolten is far from "tame" and pushes the limits of what a family coaster is. Magic Mountain already has Ninja (42" minimum, and a coaster that is far better at being "family" than Maverick and Verbolten), Revolution, Goldrusher, and Apocalypse all sitting in between X2 and company, and Bugs Bunny World. That said, this looks to be a great stepping stone between those four and the bigger and more intense coasters of Magic Mountain.
  23. Happy to see this. More parks should get Endeavors to replace their defunct Enterprises.
  24. And Six Flags Great America moved up to the top of my 2019 list for Memorial Day, assuming Maxx Force is open by then. I never took the chance to ride HyperSonic XLC (was still afraid of coasters at the time), so this is my chance to experience the full power of the S&S pneumatic launch in the US. Now how do I get to the park? I could play it safe and fly into Chicago. If the weather isn't too good, I'll spend the day in the city, just like I did with my Toronto / Canada's Wonderland trip this year. Or, I could take a chance on weather, and fly into Milwaukee so I can take the ferry to Muskegon and hit Michigan's Adventure while I'm at it.
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