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  1. I'll gladly take it. SFA's coaster lineup is now decently well-rounded. Hyper, woodies, launch, flier, (awful) invert, and now a looper. So glad it's not Fortnite like that awful hoax said.
  2. I used to be bothered about flat ride saturation. But I now think about it like this: Local: Sees cool and shiny new flat ride, gives it a whirl, most likely has fun. Enthusiast: If they like that kind of flat, it's one more thing to do while at the park if time allows. If not, then people queuing for the shiny new flat aren't queuing for the coasters said enthusiast probably came for.
  3. Pretty sure half of the world would want to ride something named "Supergirl: Super Thong of Destiny and Greatness." Unless Six Flags goes all the way and orders the restraints to match the theme. People have enough of a problem with stand-up restraints...
  4. Looks like I might be returning to Toronto for next Labor Day. Already looks better than Valravn and Griffon. The main drop being threaded through Vortex's helix adds visual punch, and the vertical loop is a welcome element (a tribute to SkyRider before it having a loop?). The name: Good, "Ziz" would make more sense for a replacement for Flight Deck / Time Warp. Will Striker be the new Timbers?
  5. Wait... so maybe I missed it somewhere, but wallets are kosher? I was under the impression it was everything. Steel Vengeance (and Twisted Timbers) only mentioned phones being prohibited. Nothing about wallets/keys/etc.
  6. Having gotten back (and having felt rather crummy yesterday and the day before). My thoughts on the park... Millennium Force made me appreciate a re-rideable ride, one that doesn't push the limits of intensity. Ultimately, I have it as my number one thanks to its view. Yep, a front seat night ride got me covered in bugs. I raised my Six Flags shirt to cover my mouth and nose (I wouldn't subject a Cedar Fair park shirt to that), but I wish I had goggles and a dust mask. I saw one rider with a dust mask, and a pile of puke at the exit of the front row probably from a previous rider swallowing bugs. Steel Vengeance was a masterpiece, completely overshadowing Twisted Timbers. I was lucky to get assigned last car on one ride, and the first drop beat out all of the gigas. The final lap with the rolls, watching the structure swirling around you, really brought it home. Maverick's first drop felt like it was trying to pop my head off, the single most intense first drop I have experienced. It showed me the ferocity a blitz coaster could deliver. An excellent ride in small doses. Magnum is underrated. Relatively short lines and ejector airtime unmatched by any hyper until Skyrush. I overheard two enthusiasts with different opinions - "Sit in a middle car and tighten that seatbelt all the way", and "1-3, that's the money seat". My first ride was in 1-3, and it busted up my thighs about half as much as Skyrush. The guy next to me was vaping on the ride. 1-2 and 6-2 were my favorite seats. I was lucky enough to get a ride during the end-of-night fireworks and it was magical. I saw Gemini stopped because of a phone pulled out. It ruined the race for not only that run, but the run after it. Luckily, I had enough close races, and it was the second-most fun I had on a twin-track coaster next to Twisted Colossus. Valravn and GateKeeper vests were pretty bad, but not to the point where it ruined the rides. Iron Dragon VR was pretty good, though my only other VR ride was SFA's Mind Eraser. Riding Power Tower down in the rain was surreal as the rain seemed to be falling up. Staying at Breakers meant being able to just leave my phone behind, saving me the cost of fluffies for Steel Vengeance. My wallet was safe in my buttoned back pocket.
  7. I mean, RMCs don't have to go upside down. Just sayin'! Alternatively, they do have OTSRs on the Raptors. Also just saying.
  8. Sea Dragon, Columbus Zoo. Was waiting out the time between leaving Hotel Breakers and my flight from Columbus back to DC, decided to squeeze in one credit.
  9. From just this evening, Intimidator 305 has stiff competition as my number one, with Millennium Force and Steel Vengeance. I believe I waited about 90 minutes each, my new longest waits. Well worth it...
  10. I'll be leaving Monday morning. The old tagline was "The future is riding on it", and I'm feeling my entire trip is riding on it now. If MF looks to be down like Volcano, how feasible is adding a detour to Kings Island (which should help me get over the crushing disappointment of my first major credit spite) when you're staying at Breakers? Looked it up - 4-hour drive. Would only consider if they announce the ride to be down for an extended period of time.
  11. Just talked with Guest services and they told us that Millenium Force is undergoing some unexpected maintenance and they are not able to estimate a reopening date right now. - Bummer! Now Volcano, Lightning Rod and Millennium Force might be down during our coaster tour this time. Hope Cedar Point will fix the issues as soon as possible.... That's the last thing I wanted to hear, the day before I head off for Cedar Point myself. Missing Sidewinder at Hersheypark because I went in the spring of last year wasn't a big deal. Missing Millennium Force will probably mean scrapping my NYC + Jersey Shore plans next year and tacking a return to Cedar Point, to finally catch the white whale, onto my Pittsburgh trip also for next year.
  12. I went on US Memorial Day weekend and found Skyhawk as hard to flip as the TMNT ride at Mall of America. Did I just have bad technique, or was the anti-flipping mechanism in place by then?
  13. Everything's set for my first trip to Cedar Point next month. Using frequent flier miles, so I could afford Breakers. Will 3.5 days in early August (Thu night, Fri-Sun) be overkill? I just want to be safe against weather and crowds.
  14. And it would bring them back to three inverts after having lost Stinger. Is there any park with more inverts?
  15. Funny, because Electric Eel is a Sky Rocket II, and Magic Mountain already has the Sky Rocket III, Yolocoaster. Then again, they had X2 and saw fit to put in Green Lantern in the first place...
  16. FWIW, when I was in my hotel room in Toronto and turned on the TV, I saw commercials for Darien Lake, and no commercials for Canada's Wonderland.
  17. BGW has quite a few flats, but they're all milder flats, Mach Tower being the only thrilling one among them. Likewise, their coaster lineup is pretty top-heavy in intensity. This and InvadR are steps in the right direction. I enjoyed the Screamin' Swing at Valleyfair, so I'd be happy to have one closer to home. Knowing that Dollywood themed theirs decently, I'm confident BGW should be able to too.
  18. In line for Vortex at Canada's Wonderland, behind me were some kids who got a prize plushy. They said its name was "Dorney" because "it said so on the bag". (The Cedar Fair bags with the names of all the parks). Not exactly GP, but another family was calling Vortex the "big Iron Dragon".
  19. As for my trip, I decided to hold off on Niagara Falls / Marineland / Darien Lake. I can wait until my Six Flags pass works at Darien Lake.
  20. Tell me about it, I rode Valleyfair's StarFlyer (last Memorial Day weekend) while Six Flags America's was still in pieces in the boneyard.
  21. It does sound unrealistic but if the person is flying between parks then its completely doable. All of these parks are within a few hours of a national airport. But it says he's driving...I bolded that in his quote. Even if he was flying, Dorney/Gadv and SFA/KD are not doable in one day. SFA/KD means I-95 traffic at the very least.
  22. Most rides and attractions continue to operate in light and moderate amounts of rain. Rides only close in heavy rain, high winds, or lightning storms. Thanks! Just as well, I spent today in Toronto instead of at the park due to the thunder threat. Tried Pizza Pizza there, at least it’s better than the Cedar Fair pizza at KD, that’s all I can say. Tomorrow should be nice. I had an hour and a half for Friday evening. I took the opposite approach, hitting Leviathan, Vortex, Minebuster, and Behemoth, the four coasters I was most excited for.
  23. If you're going just for the respective parks, then Cedar Point. But if you're adding other relatively nearby things, it wouldn't be too hard to add NYC or Jersey Shore to a Great Adventure trip.
  24. So consensus seems to be that Pizza Pizza is on par with other chains? So long as it's better than regular Cedar Fair pizza, I'll be happy. Now a new worry, the rain. How much does it take to shut down rides? I might have to credit-run the park on Friday evening to get the clones out of the way so I can spend the weekend proper on the unique flats and coasters.
  25. Few questions about the park in comparison to others I've visited: - The Sky Roller: Is it easier to get flips on it than the one at Nick Universe? I couldn't get any flips on that one. - Flight Deck: Is it worse than Mind Eraser SFA? - The Bat: Does it still have the old trains? Flying Cobras was tolerable because it had the new trains. - Pizza Pizza: Being an actual chain, is it better than Cedar Fair's regular pizza?
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