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  1. Man, I must have done Dorney wrong. I waited in lines on a Sunday in June. And not just for Wild Mouse (credit run, one and done). Question, since 2018 is an off year for Dorney and a possible off year for BGW, and I'm already renewing the Cedar Fair Platinum but iffy on getting the BGW 2-park fun card again: How does Wildwater Kingdom compare to Water Country USA?
  2. *looks up old Mean Streak capacity, compares it to Steel Vengeance capacity* From 1600 pph to 1200. Combined with the hype, we might be looking at filling up that long old Mean Streak line again...
  3. This will tie the Candy Apple Grove and Old Virginia areas together very nicely. Much more than I expected from the same park that put FoF, Backlot, and I305 in the "Safari Village".
  4. I remember reading somewhere that Verbolten cost over $50 million.
  5. If it's 2020, then it's a sliver of a chance. Intamin went from Ride of Steel in 1999 to Millennium Force in 2000. *disengages* Knowing SeaWorld's financial troubles at this point, I say bring on the StarFlyer (or even observation tower) and a spinning or other family-friendly coaster in 2019 to anchor a hypothetical Spain section. Maybe some thrill flats to round it out.
  6. I'm surprised Cedar Fair hasn't partnered up with EA to make something nice to fill the old Action Theaters at Kings Island, Kings Dominion, and Canada's Wonderland. Much as I hate EA as a company, an SBNO attraction wasting space is worse for a park.
  7. If the new coaster is not going to be for 2018 - and I can see that, giving the new VR thing its time in the spotlight - fanboy mode engaged, maybe it could be an RMC T-Rex?
  8. Kings Dominion had 4 launched coasters between Backlot's opening and Hypersonic's closing. I just don't think it will be anything Intamin, period. Apparently one of the BGW higher-ups doesn't like Intamin or something? That's why Verbolten and Mach Tower were not Intamin like their Tampa counterparts.
  9. It looks like Worlds of Fun will be in totality. Six Flags St Louis and Beech Bend in Kentucky look close to totality. But waiting in line to get on a coaster during totality? I will be on a hill with a great view during the eclipse, as nice as Silverwood is I recommend going to the totality zone instead. Ride Tremors and Timber Terror before or after ... WoF and SFStL will be closed for the eclipse. Beech Bend, like Dollywood, is just outside of totality. Nope, won't be in a park for the eclipse. I'd rather have totality. 2024 will cross over SFFT, SFoT, and Cedar Point. But, it's on a Monday in April, and Cedar Point will be closed while the Texas parks are in weekend only operations. 2045 will have BGT and the Orlando parks in totality.
  10. On top of that, every Cedar Fair park except Cedar Point and Canada's Wonderland offers a gold pass for just the home park at like $120. Having visited Valleyfair, Dorney Park, Knott's Berry Farm, and soon Carowinds, going Platinum made the non-home visits come out less than $30 each. If it consistently dueled, it would have earned every bit of that hype and blown past I305 and El Toro to be my number 1. Without dueling, it's slightly behind Tatsu. I did get one duel and three chases, so I've ranked it accordingly on my list.
  11. Six Flags America is gonna get a wall, and Six Flags Mexico is gonna pay for it Won't that make it Six Flags Great America?
  12. Parks I have visited: 6 (honorable mention). Six Flags Magic Mountain RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 pumped me up on this park, and the park did not disappoint. Twisted Colossus, when it duels, is awe-inspiring. Tatsu is what a flying coaster should be. Revolution is a masterful terrain coaster. The Arrows are top-notch. Viper and X2 pushed me to my limits in mostly the right ways, Gold Rusher is the best mine train I have ridden, actually delivering the intensity, and Ninja is a masterpiece family coaster. So why does Magic Mountain fall short of the top five? The flat ride lineup is deficient, and some areas can get quite hot, especially because this is SoCal. Also, they should put VR on Scream if possible, just get it off Revolution. 5. Six Flags Great Adventure RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 did not sell me on the park. It looked weaker than Magic Mountain. Of course, RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 came before Kingda Ka and El Toro. While their coaster lineup is smaller than Magic Mountain's, they make up for it with fewer duds (not to mention fewer filler kiddies). El Toro is my top wooden coaster, for delivering a sense of grandeur, powerful ejector airtime, and a twisting finale. Nitro is my top B&M hyper (though that is partly due to Goliath having a pretty bad rattle when I rode it), Bizarro is the original floorless with great elements and good landscaping (Scream is a sad clone), and Green Lantern has a great layout (though it delivers the leg pain). Skull Mountain earns the park points for being my number one indoor coaster. Love how, when they built the Joker, they renamed the junior coaster nearby after Harley Quinn to match. The flat ride lineup is better than Magic Mountain's, with the parachute tower, Houdini's Great Escape, and Zumanjaro as highlights. The operations are also excellent. Quibble: The atmosphere does feel a little tired, a little faded. Kingda Ka is rattly. 4. Busch Gardens Williamsburg On appearance alone, they are tied for first with Knott's Berry Farm. I ranked them ahead of Knott's because of their coaster lineup. Whereas Knott's has more family coasters, Busch brings the heavy hitters. Alpengeist is my number one invert - the grand scale, the landscaping, and the sheer intensity set it above the rest. The edge seats on Griffon are a breathtaking experience. Apollo's Chariot deserves points for being the first B&M hyper and setting a high standard for the model. The Loch Ness Monster is simply iconic. Operations are second to none, and the pizza is very good too. Quibble: The loss of the Big Bad Wolf was a huge blow to the coaster lineup. I never had the chance to ride it. If the Big Bad Wolf was still around, BGW would be my undisputed #1. 3. Knoebels Ah, the advantages of being non-corporate. The atmosphere is probably the best out of any amusement (not themed) park. Phoenix and Twister complement each other perfectly, Phoenix delivering wild and free airtime and Twister delivering powerful laterals. Flying Turns is the bobsled coaster perfected. Impulse is a better Euro-fighter style coaster than the real Euro-fighters I have ridden (SpongeBob and Dare Devil Dive), complements the woodies perfectly, and is my favorite Zierer coaster. Stratosfear proves that bigger is not always better when it comes to drop towers. The best pizza at an amusement park I've ever had, just ahead of the pizza at BGW. Quibble? The drive was a little much for my car. 2. Kings Dominion Okay, I'm biased a little because it's my home park. Not a dud in the lineup. Intimidator 305 remains my number one steel coaster. Volcano is just behind Alpengeist on my list of inverts and just behind Storm Runner on my list of launches. Dominator has the sense of speed that other floorless coasters lack. Grizzly has a great setting and a good balance of airtime and laterals. Avalanche is a top-notch family coaster, the only Mack bobsled in North America. The Crypt is the best Top Spin, and Candy Apple Grove may be my favorite midway area at a big amusement park, with a full lineup of flats. Quibble: Carowinds gets Chickie's and Pete's and the Coke Freestyle machines and not us. 1. Hersheypark Among my visited parks, the coaster lineup is only second to Magic Mountain. The stars are a trio of Intamins. Storm Runner is my number one launch coaster, with an explosive launch and three inversions. Skyrush is the only coaster that matches Intimidator 305 for intensity in my experience, complementing it perfectly, delivering negative instead of positive G's. Fahrenheit takes the Euro-fighter style to the next level, with some of the best executed inversions. The fly-bys on Lightning Racer happen much more reliably than the duels on Twisted Colossus. The park also has an excellent family coaster lineup to balance out the Intamin intensity. Also, Chickie's and Pete's. Quibble: They really need an unlimited queue skip option, I would gladly pay good money for it. Also, the pizza was terrible. I should have gotten Chickie's and Pete's. Parks I have yet to visit: 6 (honorable mention). Carowinds The B&Ms, and the food and drink options Kings Dominion lacks, earn it the honorable mention. Fury and Afterburn look like worthy challengers for I305 and Alpie. Vortex will complete my B&M stand-up credits. Also want to ride their Top Scan since Sol Spin was closed when I was at Knott's. The non-B&M coasters at this park look rather underwhelming to be honest, so this does not earn a spot on my top five. 5. Dollywood If I can make it this year, then Wild Eagle will be my first B&M wing coaster. Also excited to compare Tennessee Tornado against Viper and Loch Ness Monster, Thunderhead against other GCIs I have ridden, Mystery Mine against Fahrenheit and Impulse, and Lightning Rod against El Toro and Storm Runner. The cinnamon bread also sounds amazing. 4. Canada's Wonderland Their Vortex earns them a spot on this list alone, as Ninja was one of my favorites at Magic Mountain. Having high hopes Behemoth will blow Nitro and Goliath away. Leviathan will most likely fall short of the other gigas, though still compare very favorably to most B&M hypers. Also heard good things about their flat ride lineup. Outside of the aforementioned coasters, the lineup is okay at best, though better than Carowinds minus their B&Ms. Minebuster gets an honorable mention for its Taft/KECO history. The border crossing leaves me worried, though. 3. Busch Gardens Tampa Kumba may be my second most anticipated coaster, period. The Platonic ideal of loopers. Sheikra looks to be better than Griffon. Montu has an MCBR unlike Afterburn, but I still have high hopes. Cheetah Hunt is supposed to be the family friendly Maverick. Falcon's Fury may be my most anticipated drop tower. I did not have the chance to ride Acrophobia at Six Flags over Georgia, but Falcon's Fury is taller. 2. Alton Towers RollerCoaster Tycoon again plays a part in hyping me up. Nemesis may be the best coaster in all of England, and better than Alpengeist or Afterburn. Seeing as I like inversions, Smiler should deliver aplenty. Just very nervous about crossing an ocean just for coasters. 1. Cedar Point Having visited the East Coast and West Coast coaster capitals, I can only top that by visiting the real coaster capital. Their Intamin trio easily beats out Hersheypark's, and RMC Mean Streak may be my most anticipated coaster.
  13. You didn't like Talon? I think it's one of the best inverts. The first thing I did remember about Talon was that my restraint popped up a notch on the one ride I had on it, so I was probably unable to properly evaluate it. By the time I had to leave (driving back to Virginia on a Sunday evening), I was considering a second ride, but there was a decent line. The second thing I remember was that I got a great view of Wildwater Kingdom. Really going to have to return to re-evaluate Talon (and Steel Force, a truly handsome coaster, but Wild Thing gave me better airtime), and also to give Wildwater Kingdom a try, because it looks to be the best water park attached to any park I have visited, almost worth a day on its own. Valleyfair falls to last place, then. I liked Wild Thing, Renegade, Excalibur, and Steel Venom, but they don't have a single B&M yet, and on top of that, Excalibur may be removed for next year.
  14. Favorite: I'm going to have to give this to Hersheypark. A coaster lineup anchored by a trio of Intamins (Storm Runner being my top launch coaster), my second favorite GCI in Lightning Racer, the timeless Comet and sooperdooperLooper for the kids, and the presence of Chickie's and Pete's. Least favorite: This one is tough, because I have yet to visit a bad or even mediocre park. I am giving this to Dorney Park. Though they have some great flats, and Chickie's and Pete's, their coaster lineup falls flat. It's well-rounded, but Hydra is the only one that was really memorable. On top of that, they have some stiff competition - Hersheypark, Knoebels, Coney Island (which I have yet to visit), and Great Adventure are all nearby. Valleyfair and Six Flags America both have better coasters and less nearby competition to make them look bad.
  15. Could just as easily be VR. Six Flags could use that as another "first" - VR on a wooden coaster. "Roar Reloaded", if it's RMC, sounds more like a total topper retrack than an I-Box conversion.
  16. Watching a hat floating down off the SkyScreamer at Six Flags over Georgia. Also, I used to wear a belt like this out at the parks: http://www.hottopic.com/product/harry-potter-slytherin-cosplay-seat-belt-belt/10613040.html?cgid=accessories-belts-buckles-seat-belt-belts#start=26 Two rides have managed to release it: Verbolten and Skyrush.
  17. I just became #8. I would drive thousands of miles just to ride a Pinfari Coaster. Kings Dominion used to have one called "THE GALAXI" when they first opened up their doors and I first rode it in 1978, my first visit to the park. If the lines weren't too long I would do marathons on that coaster. I remember other parks having that type of coaster; such as Busch Gardens, Magic Harbor, and Indiana Beach. But sadly that type of coaster is starting to become an endangered species with two parks that I know still operate a Pinfari coaster: Adventureland U.S.A. in Maryland, and Morey's Pier in New Jersey. Whenever I hear of any park getting rid of their Pinfari coasters I feel like . The adventure park USA coaster is a schwarzkopf And it was the one from Busch Gardens Williamsburg, no less.
  18. Didn't have the chance to type this up until now. Was asleep most of Sunday recovering. The return train was an hour late. With my Platinum Flash Pass, I had just enough time to get every credit, and nothing else. Goliath: Crazy story. I didn't see the fluffies (because they were by the regular queue entrance), took my bag (it's like a fanny pack except it's over the shoulder), and the ride ops made me carry it on the ride instead of turning me away and telling me to use the fluffies so I could store it. Really took me by surprise after the Georgia Cyclone ops sent me to the fluffies. The helix is amazing, the airtime hills were at least strong floater, I didn't feel trims biting much if at all, and the usage of terrain is the best I've seen on a hyper. Were it not for the noticeable (and even audible off-ride) rattle, this would edge out Nitro. Mindbender: If Revolution traded some of its view (this partially overlooks the parking lot) for a more intense ride, this would be it. A little of everything, even some pops of airtime. Final brake run did not slam me like every other Schwarzkopf. Easily top 20 steel, and second to Ninja at Magic Mountain on my list of "family" coasters. Blue Hawk: Layout really reminds me of an SLC the way everything is packed together. The restraints save it from being painful. Makes me want to try a "good" SLC. I have yet to ride a Vekoma at a Disney park, but this is probably the best Vekoma I have ridden. Georgia Scorcher: B&M finally get the stand-up right with Riddler's Revenge and this, and then they stop making stand-ups. Would be very sad to see this converted into a floorless, it wouldn't even measure up to the two sit-down loopers at the park if converted. Great American Scream Machine: Really good-looking ride, only enhanced by the setting. Buzz bars are always good, got very good floater airtime. Must have gotten a wheel seat, though. Georgia Cyclone: Glad to have ridden it. Rode backseat, glorious ejector airtime, but nasty bouts of roughness to drag it back down. If it's half as good as the real thing, an NYC day/weekend trip might be in the cards next year (blew the budget getting here in the first place). Dahlonega Mine Train: First time riding a mine train still with some wood supports and also with a tunnel. Superman: Yes, I know it's been cloned, but the landscaping sets it above its clones and just ahead of the Vekoma Flying Dutchman. Lost quite a bit of time due to technical difficulties with the nearby fluffies. Batman: Felt like Batman should. Joker Funhouse Coaster: A custom(?) kiddie coaster with a surprising sense of speed. Dare Devil Dive: Better than SpongeBob (not as good as Impulse). Bonus points for the smoothest MCBR I have ever experienced. Why 6-seat cars? Capacity is terrible for a park of this attendance. The park itself has very good landscaping and charm for a Six Flags park. Better than Magic Mountain and Great Adventure in that regard. Operations were wonky, between Mindbender and Batman having Flash Pass only rows, Scream Machine assigning seats to Flash Pass users, the existence but not use of single rider lines, and having to bring my bag on Goliath. Maintenance could also use improvement (one train only on Mindbender? Georgia Scorcher peeling paint?) Considering returning next year for the coaster lineup and for Acrophobia and Monster Mansion, making it a must if the RMC rumors come true. Going to spring for a sleeper car, and an extra day off, to make sure I don't get shorted by delays again, and so I can get away with just a Gold Flash Pass.
  19. For what it's worth, the delay seems to have started in the DC station. It has been around four hours late throughout the trip. This is the first time Amtrak has let me down. When I flew out DCA-LAX, I went from the Fredericksburg station to the Alexandria station amd then it was a quick Metro trip into DCA. Much better than driving right to DCA. Back to my trip, there's a glimmer of hope for me and my trip. it looks like my return train has encountered a delay in Mississippi. Maybe I will get 30-60 more minutes at the park. I am still pretty hyped for the park. Honestly, more so than for Carowinds next month. Expecting Goliath and Mindbender to become my top B&M hyper and top Schwarzkopf. Expecting Georgia Scorcher and Blue Hawk to be my second place B&M stand-up and Vekoma.
  20. Things continue to look grim for me and this trip. The return train is making all of its stops on time, and at the rate this train is going, there's no way I will be in the park before 2. If the train weren't delayed, I would have been in the park right now. Amtrak's delay has cost me almost half of my day here. Safe to say, I'm beelining to the Flash Pass stand when I finally get there.
  21. Much as prozach626 encountered difficulties in his trip to BGW, it looks like my trip to SFoG for tomorrow is not looking so good. My train, the 19 Crescent, is running very late. I will be lucky to make it to the park by 1 PM. Worst case scenario and my return train is on time (leaving at 7 to make it), I'm assuming I will need the Platinum Flash Pass to have any hope of getting all the credits?
  22. Grizzly, second woodie at the park? Did they forget about Woodstock Express?
  23. Like a lot of things concerning big corporate park, we're really the only ones who will notice. Cedar Fair likes to use generic roller coaster imagery alongside cloned rides in the beginning of the commercial, followed by an abstract representation of the specific park's rides when they show the logo. I personally think that that's a pretty good way to save time when creating and editing the commercials, especially when they likely want to debut them all at once across the chain. But, yes, as a theme park person, that drives me nuts as well. I was similarly disappointed with this advertising practice. I remember being bothered that Kings Dominion's Soak City did not have a certain slide tower that I liked in the ad. Looks like they have something similar now, so it's all good. Cedar Fair needs to update the cartoon renderings. Cedar Point does not have a big wooden coaster (guessing it's supposed to represent Mean Streak) any more. Kings Dominion does not have a bright green looping coaster (guessing it's supposed to represent Shockwave) any more.
  24. Phoenix Revolution X2 Full Throttle Flying Turns Ninja (Magic Mountain) Wild Thing Flight of Fear Loch Ness Monster Batwing
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