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  1. My first ride on a SLC when I was 8. Good times!
  2. I don't know why, but that struck me as funny! Next time you should cook the pumpkin seeds in the oven with salt and I think some oil (not sure though), it may sound weird but it tastes really good! The pumpkin looks great Amanda! Happy Halloween!
  3. Should I have gotten mine by now? 'Cause I haven't, but people a lot further away have...
  4. The 28th should be very crowded, I would imagine. Last year I went to my homepark (SFMW) the Saturday before Halloween, and it was very crowded. The line for Medusa was over an hour long...so good luck with that!
  5. Last I rode Scream it was vibratious, and I thought Dominator at Geauga Lake seemed to rattle quite a bit for a B&M also. Last week I rode SFMW Medusa several times, and it was still as smooth as can be. (Their SLC is awesome too! )
  6. Yeah it's pretty funky. Also, the stop is straight, rather than turning, so there's some airtime if you ride in the back couple rows. And the corkscrews are non-interlocking. I personally like SFMW Medusa over the other 2 floorless I've been on (Scream! and dominator).
  7. Medusa at SFGAdv and Scream! are mirror image. Medusa at SFMW is a different layout.
  8. Oh cool thanks for getting some pics back in the makeup room. I did it on the 13th and wished we got some more pics back there. Glad you had fun.
  9. Awesome! That was fun lastnight! I was looking at the pics and I'm like hmm....I'm in that one, and that one too! Fun to meet TPR members.
  10. Nice pics so far. I know that when we flew to SoCal with JetBlue we were very happy with them too...our flight was also only half full (it left at 6:30 in the morning though).
  11. I hate -when people can't spell good. -homework. -pity invitations. -my broken camera. -that my friend still has my cell phone charger. -my Chemistry teacher. -running out of rants.
  12. Just an opinion, I love the way the curve on the bottom of the drop catches your stomach Oh so it's the same as the other Intamin first generations?
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