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  1. They've had 1 train ops on slow forecast days for some time. It's been like that. The last time I went on a weekend day...they opened with one train. Thought it odd since it was a weekend, but I only got one ride (waited about 15 -20 minutes) as I had other things to do. I believe they put another train on later, but I had family that joined us after lunch who wanted to do the shows so I didn't get back later on. Yes it would be nice for them to always start with 2, but they are looking at it as saving on unnecessary maintenance.
  2. Memorial Day weekend is May 25-27, with Memorial Day being the 27th. It always falls on the last Monday of May, not the last day of the month. The following weekend would be the 1st-2nd and Monday the 3rd should be a great "slow" day there. That weekend should be manageable in comparison to Memorial Day or 4th Of July. The weekend after that should still be as well, especially on that Monday (June 10th). The first couple of weeks in June are not that bad, on weekdays at least. I was there June 11-13 (M-W) this past year and it was pretty slow compared to what I expected. I walked on most of the coasters over those 3 days. The only exceptions were Steel Vengeance (45-55 min waits, but did Early Entry and early evening as it was 2-3 hours generally between those times) and Millennium Force (30-45 min waits). The longest I waited for Maverick was 15 minutes, but walked on the first try. I even almost walked on TTD with a 3-4 train wait each time. That was likely due to timing as I would just happen to be near when it would open...lol
  3. Wind played a factor in that. I know the ride was closed 2-3 hours due to it. They likely decided one train was all that was needed. They do however only start with one train most days and add on later when the line gets to 30+ min (in my experience). So if the line was only 20 minutes, they weren't adding another train.
  4. Yeah, good move. I have the same setup at work, so I end up taking a couple of trips usually. Others are correct about TTD. Ride Corkscrew last; it's the only genuinely bad coaster there. Also, you can't ride Wilderness Run unless you have a child with you. Or you could be a complete credit whore and ask Town Hall for a pass to ride. But only if you care that much about creds; you're better off getting re-rides on Vengeance, the Intamins, Raptor or Magnum. I was denied such a pass for Wilderness Run. They said they only give those in clear cases where an adult has special needs.
  5. I wouldn't expect it to open before May...like mid-May to Memorial Day weekend. Late April (after Easter) I think would be pushing it, but you never know.
  6. I was there this past June 10-13 and the first day I was at the park, it barely reached 65 degrees in the afternoon (was mid-40s when I arrived at the park that morning). The night before I had to go all over Sandusky to find a sweatshirt as I didn't pack for cooler weather...lol. The next 2 days were just warm enough for shorts/t-shirts however. It's just a crap shoot really still that time of year. The park also wasn't too busy either. Most rides were walk-on or a 2-3 train wait the 3 days I was at the park. I literally walked on Raptor (multiple times), Gemini, Magnum, CRMR, and some others. Only exceptions were Steel Vengeance (45-55 min during early entry/evening) and Millennium Force (30-45 min wait when I rode it each time). I walked on TTD once and waited 10 minutes another as I just happened to be walking by when it opened up. I kept getting Maverick during early entry so most of those rides were only 2-3 train waits at most (one was 15 min in the evening).
  7. I'm just frugal...as are lots of people who travel. Not everyone has the same budgets as everyone else. I'm fine with Cedar Point's Express with the same benefits for half the price. I don't need quick stops to my room, nap or plan on stopping by the pool. I can do that at home in FL. I get the convenience. but not everyone needs it. Kudos to those who want it and go for it. It's just not for everyone, and that's okay.
  8. If y'all can't swing the cost of Breakers, but still want the benefits (except being able to walk to and from), then Cedar Point's Express Hotel is pretty nice, and about the same level of rooms and service for half (if not less) the price. I got a good deal in June for $99 a night once they opened up booking. Is stayed 4 nights and is the only place I'll stay in the area unless I just happen to win the lottery or come into an inheritance to stay at Breakers...lol
  9. SheiKra is having it's scheduled annual maintenance right now. Nothing to worry about. https://buschgardens.com/tampa/park-info/ride-attraction-schedule/
  10. I've posted somewhere that it would be nice if they would build a pier out on the beach side with more rides. Could we see that in 2020? No. If that were the case someone would have found some kind of permits or town/county meetings would have been held at minimum. Not sure full process to build out into the lake, but there are government agencies (state & federal) that would have to approve something like that (making it public record somewhere). Construction on something like that would have started well before now also (for a 2020 opening). Announced in 2020? Maybe, if that's even something they are interested in doing.
  11. Oh it won't be anything like CP crowds. Copperhead Strike will likely have the longest line of the day (since it's new). I would just suggest getting there before the park opens (to park and get in line to get in) in order to get a head start on some of the rides.
  12. It's somewhere in the middle. If the weather looks great? It's going to be busy, but still doable. If the forecast calls for rain? Could be dead, even if a drop never falls. Weekdays, specifically Tues & Wed, will be least crowded (in great weather).
  13. The park calendar is available now. Opening day is May 11th. https://www.valleyfair.com/explore/calendar-and-hours
  14. Favorite: Steel Vengeance Disappointment: Mine Blower. I really tried liking it, but have walked away with headaches each time I've ridden.
  15. Some parts of it (from the structure to some of the queue structure) has already been recycled and re-used at other parks in the chain. They may be able to reuse parts of the layout and footers but they'll have to replace more of the structure on this one I feel. Exactly, I wouldn't be surprised if the wood that is kept is mostly just kept for decoration and the headchopper affects as opposed to being true supports. I believe that almost all of Twisted Sisters was scrapped except for the station and the footers when Storm Chaser was built. Twisted Twins was built with steel supports (it was a hybrid...now it's all steel).
  16. The local schools (Charlotte-Meck anyway) last day before Winter Break is Friday Dec 20th. That's the main reason there isn't a full week during Winterfest. I'm actually surprised they are open on the 19th because of that.
  17. They have an option where you add one ride on Electric Eel. Looks to be $10 more than the regular QQ ($25 that weekend). It's showing $35 for the offer below on that weekend (Sat, Sun & MLK day).
  18. I used Preferred parking at BGT once in 2007. It was a lot closer to the gate then than it is now. It seems they doubled the handicap and added stroller parking as well since then. I usually just park as close to tram stop 1 (generally get there at opening) because it's less walking than from the preferred area. Just have to ride the tram. There are exceptions of course, but 9/10 end up near a tram stop when parking...lol
  19. If you get the FL Platinum Pass, the free tickets and 50% off tickets are only usable at the FL parks. It's the same if you had a Platinum from SWSA which would only be good at that park. Parking and in-park discounts (food, merchandise, etc) are the main things included at every park. Most other perks are state/park specific. https://seaworld.com/orlando/faq/current-pass-members/
  20. New food options/Food & Beverage team in 2019 at Valleyfair. NEW F&B TEAM STRIVING FOR BIG CHANGES IN 2019 https://www.facebook.com/ValleyfairMN/posts/10156943042661880
  21. Rip Roarin' Rapids at Carowinds opened in 1982. It was built "in-house" however (Kings Entertainment Company). It was built before Kings Dominion's, Canada's Wonderland's and Kings Island's which are all Intamin).
  22. [update] Thunder Road (Carowinds) Flying Super Saturator (Carowinds) Big Bad Wolf (BGW) Drachen Fire (BGW) Wild Maus (BGW) [Moved to BGT] Hurler (KD) Shockwave (KD) Viper (SFOG) Georgia Cyclone (SFOG) Gwazi (BGT) Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge (IOA) Sideshow Spin (Dollywood) Firehawk (KI)
  23. [uPDATE] After my first trip to CP in June, it has changed to Magnum XL-200. I'll still keep LNM & BBW very close to heart as well.
  24. [update] (Don't include B&M, Intamin, RMC, Gravity Group, GCI, or CCI.) 1: Beast 2: Lightning Run 3: Magnum XL-200 4: Loch Ness Monster 5: Mind Bender (SFOG) 6: Dare Devil Dive 7: Mystery Mine 8: Flight Of Fear (KD) 9: Revenge Of The Mummy (USF) 10: Tennessee Tornado
  25. [uPDATE] Cedar Fair: Steel Vengeance SeaWorld Parks & Ent.: Mako Six Flags: Twisted Cyclone Herschend: Thunderhead Universal: Dragon Challenge (HH) Disney Parks: Expedition Everest Independent: Storm Chaser
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