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  1. When I went to Wild Adventures some years ago, Twisted Typhoon went down numerous times throughout the day for various issues. They had to evacuate from the brake run at least twice while I was there. Even with that, I still risked getting the credit. It went down again on the next train after I got off (the 2nd time I noticed evac from he brake run)....lol I hate I never got a last ride on Volcano. It was the 2nd invert I'd ridden and first launched one. I was fortunate to have ridden it shortly after it opened, back before I kept track of new coasters. I've still had it as my favorite coaster there since I hadn't been since before I-305 was built.
  2. No. The train hasn't even arrived yet. They were still torquing bolts today. The station is nowhere near done.
  3. Our high today was 86. Tomorrow we'll be lucky to hit 60 and then 37 overnight/Thursday Morning. Then we'll be back to the 70s Thursday afternoon. Good times.
  4. I know this isn’t what you meant, but remembering the three names that were trademarked for Tigris (Tigris, Uproar, Twisted Tiger), I’d make a safe bet on RMC Gwazi’s actual name being Uproar. Twisted Tiger is the more logical choice (hence Twisted Cyclone, Twisted Timbers, Twisted Colossus), but that sounds a bit too similar to Tigris. If the 212’ lift hill with the 91° drop rumors from First Drop are true, Uproar would make lots of sense given that the coaster would be the tallest in Florida. I think that Tigris is supposed to be named after the Tigris River... but it is confusing that in the logo there's a picture of a tiger with a paw. The Tigris River is a major river in Africa, and would work well with the placement of the coaster, considering that the Tiger stuff is on the other end of the park. If you Google or Wikipedia the name, it looks like everything is about it being a river, and it doesn't necessarily refer to "tiger." The name is Sumarian, and translates directly to "running water" -- not necessarily anything to do with a tiger. Maybe it will be a play on words? But it will still be a tongue twisted if one is called Tigris and the other is Twisted Tigers. Tigris is the shortened scientific name for tiger (Panthera Tigris). The ride is located near Jungala, a SE Asian themed Jungle area with tigers. It has nothing to do with a river in the Middle East (Turkey and Iraq specifically...not in Africa).
  5. In order to get the Wildcard pass, you have to book directly through cedar point's website. It has to be the "Wildcard Package" when you book. You can't buy them separately. This is what comes up for CP's Express hotel for 1 night stay with 2 people May 31-June1 (1 night). You would select the Wildcard Package in order for you (and those with you) to get the pass.
  6. It's Elmo's Birthday Weekend, so be prepare to be swamped by children. At least most of them will be doing the Elmo stuff and likely not in line for the coasters. https://seaworld.com/orlando/events/elmos-birthday-weekend/
  7. I can tell you the park has been busy the last several weekends with First Look, as well as the week before and after Christmas. They have consistently used the overflow lot as well. Weekdays since January 7th however I can agree have been back to their normal slow days with school in session. The Friday night you mentioned may have been a fluke, but it was still busy for SW. Even with the overflow lot being used, it just doesn't feel as busy there when the entire park is open (Bayside area included) and all the shows in comparison to Disney or Universal. Considering the park is still in the top 20 of most attended parks in the US and ranked #11 with in 2017 for North American parks (2018 hasn't been published that I can find just yet), it's still very well attended in comparison to every Cedar Fair (except Knott's with a difference of less than 100K people) or Six Flags park. I've been a passholder since 2007.
  8. The final piece of track for Tigris was installed last night! Track work on Tigris is now complete and we're now one step closer to seeing this ride in operation! Photos courtesy of the park's Facebook Page.
  9. They aren't going to have it ready in March. Late April maybe, and most likely Mid-May or by Memorial Day Weekend.
  10. ^I would say if you're going on 2 separate days (or more), you may as well get the season pass for $99. It includes all 3 parks.
  11. First off, if you're going on a weekday in February, Quick Queue most likely won't be necessary. That can be purchased at the park if you decide you need it. The weekends may be another story if during the Seven Seas Food Festival, but I always advise people to wait and see if the lines are long enough to justify the cost. I've been numerous times where most of the coasters were a walk-on to 15 min wait, even on a weekend day this time of year. One ride that will have a longer line no matter the day is Antarctica: Empire Of The Penguin. Weekdays won't be too bad, but on weekend days, it's common for it to have an hour-90 min or more wait (especially during festivals). It's just a low capacity attraction. Food-wise Voyagers has good BBQ and Ribs. Spice Mill has as great fish sandwich and Expedition Cafe (in Antarctica) has a food court set up with Italian, Asian and American options depending on what you're looking for. It's good if you're with picky eaters who may not want the same thing as you. As long as it's in a secured pocket, you can keep your phone with you on the coasters. They do have small baskets/bins at Mako, Kraken and Manta, but you leave it at your own risk. As far as other belongings, no bags are allowed in line at any of the coasters, including Journey To Atlantis (separate load/unload stations). Infinity Falls will let you take a bag (like book bag size), but it will get wet as there isn't any storage on the rafts, so it's at your own risk. They do have pay per use lockers for $2 (first hour, $1 each additional hour) at each coaster. They do have a movable all-day option where you pay one price and can use any of the ride lockers (I believe it was $6 last time, but it's no more than $10 to use all day).
  12. The QQ Entrance for Mako is right beside the regular queue. The merge point is on the station Platform where the grouper stands (so you don't get mixed in with the regular line). They don't have reserved rows and they assign seats, but if you ask politely they'll usually let you seat where you request. Kraken still has QQ entrance at the ride exit. They no longer have reserved rows (at least not last time I was there recently). They have also updated the lockers to those like at the CF parks. They cost $2 for the first hour and $1 each additional hour OR you can select the all day movable option for $6 I believe, but it's no more than $10. I rarely ever need one, but did when I went to ride Infinity Falls and took a change of shoes...lol Mako is strict on bringing any bags or other articles in line. They do have baskets where you can leave glasses, hats and small items in while riding.
  13. I prefer facing down while waiting. It's rare I've had to wait long on Manta since most times they are running both stations and only 2 trains when I go. Even when running 3, it's usually not a long wait unless the ride goes down. At least the sun won't be in your face. They were using both stations when I rode Firehawk, so there was no waiting to get off fortunately. However on Nighthawk at Carowinds, with only one station, you'll bake there in the sun while they take forever to unload/load the train in the station. They have a shade structure, but it seems to intensify the heat while laying there on your back which btw causes your head to tilt back some allowing more blood to your head....not fun...lol. That's my experience anyway.
  14. The concerts are free with park admission for general seating. Florida Platinum and SW Annual passholders get 10% off reserved seating. If your platinum is from another state (like BGW in VA), it may not (as some benefits are park/state specific). You would have to log in to see.
  15. Great idea. So my new plan is go June 10 and 11, with KI on Wednesday if it's open during the week then. The schedule isn't up. KI will be open daily starting Memorial Day weekend (at least..maybe sooner). They were last year. I also went the same week last June and it was great. Cincinnati school's last day is May 23.
  16. I would agree this is the better option over trying to go on a Saturday.
  17. It depends on the school system. Sandusky (OH) City Schools last day is May 31st with their high school Graduation on June 2nd. I live in Alachua County (here in FL) and our last day is May 31st also. Most around the country seem to be through before Memorial Day or the week of depending on where they are. I do know there are some who go through the 2nd week of June also.
  18. The first round of concerts have been released for the Seven Seas Food Festival! I must say they are better than past years (at least recently). They offer a lot more variety as well. Live Concerts at Seven Seas Food Festival @ SeaWorld Orlando Also there are 3-tiers of Reserved Seating available this year (General Seating is included with park admission on a first-come first-served basis): Seating Chart:
  19. www.coasterclub.org/first-drop/ I'm not reading all into their page, but I would assume you'd have to join the club in order to read the magazine.
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