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  1. Honestly, other than training and "breaking in" the ride for the summer season, there's not much reason to open it at that park, in particular, before Memorial Day weekend. as they are generally dead during the week. Outside of enthusiasts and locals, they aren't get that much of a spike from vacationers until summer anyway. It's a bit different with Orlando/Tampa with other parks that bring people to the area. With that said, they could easily have it open by or before Easter if they really wanted to with the track completed already.
  2. I figured as much. If necessary Mom is willing to stand in line for Stingray while the boy rides some of the other coasters and gets his count up. The things we do for kids! Texas Stingray is definitely not available on Quick Queue Unlimited. They "might" sell one time quick queues for it, as they did so with other additions at SWO & BGT in recent years, but that would only be available to buy the day your're there if offered. While you may not see it from your experience, I've seen fights start at both SW Orlando and BGT in the line because people wanted to "catch up to their party." That practice is highly frowned upon and is considered line jumping, unless you get permission from a ride attendant for an exception. People in the SW & BG pass member groups I'm in are constantly in an uproar about this issue.
  3. Incorrect. The only major person that passed was Maurice White. Three of the main original members are still alive and perform in the band, including Philip Bailey, Verdine White and Ralph Johnson. They have an excellent selection of supporting band members to continue the legacy once they can no longer continue, including Philip Bailey, Jr. and B. David Whitworth. So no, it's not a cover band, period. They are awesome live. I've seen them twice in the last 5 years and they had a varying playlist for each one.
  4. I'm sure there are reasons. I'm also sure they did what they could to keep said attractions, especially in the case of Volcano. Rides get old. They become increasingly difficult to maintain, especially when the company no longer exists and you can't get parts for them anymore (as was the case with The Crypt). It would have been better had there been a replacement on hand, but in the case of these 2, there was none, due to it not being planned for.
  5. The last 2 major additions among BGT (Tigris) & SWO (Infinity Falls) were not included with Unlimited Quick Queue for some time after they opened. They did however have the option of buying QQ Unlimited + 1 ride on Tigris or Infinity Falls (both are now included at each park with QQ Unlimited), and were also selling one time rides at the QQ kiosks for them as well (I believe they were either $10 or $15 depending on the day). I would suspect they may do the same thing with Iron Gwazi and Ice Breaker until the newness wears off.
  6. ^The winds have been a factor here for the past week or so and several rides have been closed on and off temporarily at times. I know, from experience, FF has been closed with high winds. It's also been in the mid-30s & 40s in the morning as well some days. While I know Six Flags is adventurous in running rides no matter that (as I know you love to always bring that up anytime someone says something about temps and ride/coaster operations), those temps are rare in Tampa. BGT & SWO particularly are even more conservative about running rides when it's "cold" here.
  7. ^The only reliable thing I've heard is in April. They still have quite a bit left to do. I don't think the track will be done for at least another month.
  8. It's worth noting Carowinds is off a highway with no crosswalk. If you're across the street, you should take an Uber even though the distance isn't far...unless you like playing Frogger. The new hotel is on property. They have a safe pedestrian walkway to the entrance of the park from the hotel. However, anything across Carowinds BLVD would apply to your statement. The new hotel (Springhill Suites) is closer to the park entrance (North Gate/Main entrance), it's right across from it in fact. It is more expensive though.
  9. ^According to this article, that one will be called Orlando Gyro Drop Tower, but that could just be a placeholder name for now. I mean, it goes with Orlando Starflyer sitting nearby. https://www.internationaldriveorlando.com/articles/icon-park-unveils-two-record-breaking-attractions-coming-in-2020.html
  10. Time to bring this back to life... sort of. Trademark for "Skyfall" submitted 12/31/2019. https://tsdr.uspto.gov/#caseNumber=88742995&caseType=SERIAL_NO&searchType=statusSearch
  11. I can confirm that a good portion of FL schools are out that day for a teacher workday, including Hillsborough County (where Tampa is located). Most out of state tourists should have gone back home though.
  12. When the passes changed October 4, 2018, certain benefits became home state specific, including preferred parking, preferred seating, and re-ride privileges, specifically. Also other benefits like free and discount tickets and park specific perks are only supposed to go to those with an annual pass for that specific park, or Platinum that was purchased from a park in that state. Basically, if you have a BGW Platinum (or equivalent), you're only guaranteed most benefits at that park, and not those at any parks out of state. It's the same with someone having a FL parks Platinum trying to use certain benefits at BGW or other out of state parks. You're only guaranteed admission and general parking at parks that are out of state, and still get in-park discounts on most things food, merch, tours, upgrades). If you read the benefits online (current benefits, not when you signed up as they are subject to change without notice), it states what's available to use where. With that said, I do know they sometimes honor preferred parking when available, and maybe seating and re-ride privileges depending on who's working that position at that moment.
  13. I'm confused on the full length comment as well, considering this will be the shortest B&M dive coaster in the Americas. (@ only 2,500 feet). SheiKra: 3188' Griffon: 3108' Valravn: 3415' Yukon Striker: 3625' Emperor: 2500'
  14. The park will be busy with Christmas Celebration going on. However, most of the coaster lines are generally low since most are there for the shows and Christmas festivities, usually. Be prepared for possible one train ops on Mako if there isn't much of a line, they are notorious for that (a home park, so I know).
  15. I would welcome Pepsi with open arms, not that I'm gonna hold my breath. I hated when SW/BG switched to Coke. It was the only major chain (that I was aware of at the time anyway) that had Pepsi, and the parks I visit most often since living here in FL. I mostly drink water, in general, and Dasani is f'n nasty. Aquafina I could at least drink. At least most parks let you bring in one bottled water (or more in some cases) when you enter the park, but of course it's enough to get started with. I usually refill at the fountains or bottle refill stations if available vs. that nasty metallic tasting Dasani, and Smartwater? Complete rip off IMO. As far as sodas, I'll get one when I'm having a meal, maybe a refill if I'm there all day long. I can tolerate Coke in fountain drink form, but still prefer Pepsi. One exception is Cherry Coke, which I love. Cherry Pepsi is blah as hell. I can usually find Cherry Coke in parks with the freestyle machines at least, and occasionally a restaurant might have it.
  16. SFOG still has a log flume, rapids ride and included water park. It's not lacking in water rides at all compared to some parks currently (Carowinds has only the water park, so yeah they could use something in the dry park as an example). Shoot-the-Chute and log flumes are slowly becoming extinct in general at parks all over due to age/maintenance. Outside of Mack PowerSplash, I don't see anything else (water ride) they'd add anytime soon. I think an S&S Freespin will occupy the space of Splashwater Falls in the future.
  17. Kraken, about 2 weeks ago. It desperately needs a paint job.
  18. The only one of these I’ve been on was Jack Rabbit at Celebration City. . . It gave CRAZY awesome airtime. . . but would sure beat you up. This is Jack Rabbit that was originally at Celebration City, and then at Wild Adventures. I'm here at the Kissimmee park and it is that one. They are currently repainting/touching up right now as I type this. Here are 2 pics. I was not in any restricted areas. I was on the proper side of fences and caution tape (in case anyone questions).
  19. For some reason, Fun Spot had it stored at the Atlanta park when they purchased it from Wild Adventures. Originally, it was thought they would erect it at the Atlanta park, and move Scream'n Eagle to the KIssimmee park. That's what was stated on RCDB before this update. However, they are not doing that. Last minute change? Perhaps. I thought it odd for them to have sent it to the Atlanta park for storage, since Kissimmee is the other direction and had to pass right by Valdosta again (which is why I think it may have been a last minute change.) The Kissimmee park has been teasing the construction of the coaster on their various social media outlets the past couple of weeks. Here is the latest one posted today: Too bad it's not erected already. I'll be there Saturday...lol
  20. When I rode Scream'n Eagle in April, it was smooth to me. I actually enjoyed it. I only went since it became a Fun Spot park and it was on my way back to FL after my SFOG visit. When it one was at Wild Adventures, it was the best coaster in that park. It's the only one I kept riding over and over again. I love it. If that one is indeed the one being erected at the FS Kissimmee park, I'll be quite thrilled (especially since I don't like Mine Blower).
  21. Well, it doesn't look good for the first week of Skyliner's operation to the public. https://www.clickorlando.com/theme-parks/passengers-being-rescued-from-stuck-disney-skyliner-gondola-witnesses-say https://wdwnt.com/2019/10/breaking-an-accident-has-occurred-on-the-disney-skyliner-at-riviera-resort-station/
  22. It will be steel, like Goliath at SF Great America, and Zadra. It's even shown in the updated renderings from when they announced the name/stats last month:
  23. Winterfest is meant to be a family winter fun event. Not a thrill ride event. It's the same with all of the Cedar Fair parks (outside of KBF since that's a year-round park). They actually have a hard enough time staffing the event as is. Having more open would be more of a headache. If Carowinds would ever truly go year round (even if it was weekends only between NYE and early March), I could see them having more rides open during Winterfest.
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