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  1. Of the parks I've been to it's between: Carowinds- Fury 325 & Afterburn or SeaWorld Orlando- Mako & Kraken
  2. I prefer to go to new (to me) parks either by myself or with my partner. I like to be able to set my own schedule and prioritize the attractions I wish to do/see. I really hate being held up when I'm on the move. At parks I've visited many times (like BGT or SWO) I don't mind going with small groups of family or friends since I'll likely be back soon. Plus I get to be like the tour guide if they've never been before.
  3. Cedar Lakes Woods And Gardens This is an old limestone rock quarry turned into various gardens with trails and man-made waterfalls. There are also many birds, domesticated cats (there's a cat house) & reptiles (mostly tortoise & turtles) that call it home. It's located about 20 miles SW of Gainesville in Williston. It's a 19.2 mile drive from exit 382 (Williston Rd) off I-75. Address: 4990 NE 180th Ave, Williston, FL, 32696 Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Originally a big cat rescue, it has expanded it's collection to various other exotic animals who have been rescued from people who couldn't take care of them as well as road-side attractions and defunct zoos. They do require reservations, but offer a spring and fall open house where anyone can come for a lower requested donation. I went last fall and it was very well put together. All the animals are very well taken care of and all enclosure surfaces are natural material/grass/dirt (no cement). It's located 4 miles west of US 301 near Waldo (NE of Gainesville). Address: 8528 E. COUNTY ROAD. 225, GAINESVILLE, FL 32609
  4. I finally was able to ride Mako Saturday. Last time I went the ride went down and didn't reopen that day. I will say it's the best hyper I've been on (previous fav was Apollo's Chariot). It's now my #2 coaster behind Fury 325 @ Carowinds. Of the 2 rides I had on Mako, the trim was barely noticeable on the 1st ride. The 2nd ride was more noticeable, but allowed the smaller hill before the MCBR have a nice extra pop of airtime. It also flew through the MCBR both times. It was only about 65 degrees so I can imagine them engaging a bit more when it's hot. Each hill had me out of my seat. I sat back row, far left seat both times. I'm glad they let me choose the last row since they were assigning seats. I waited about 10 minutes each time. Had I not been pressed for time I would have rode more. My only complaints with the park that day was the fact they didn't open the Shark Realm area until 10 (park opened at 9). Is this normal for a Saturday...during Spring Break? I can see during the week when it's not forecast to be as busy. I've been going to the park for 10 years and have never seen this when I've gone. It just seems odd the area with the newest major attraction wasn't open (while yes I know it's been open almost a year). We were among the first to arrive in the park at opening too. I had a short window of time to get it in as I had other engagements outside the park for lunch and beyond. Also the 10am showing of Dolphin Days as scheduled on the website was cancelled so I didn't get to see it. I'll be back soon. We did ride Empire Of The Penguin and it was better than the first time I rode it when it first opened. We usually skip it since it usually has a 60+ min wait and not worth it for such a short ride, but had only a 5 minute wait since the park just opened. Of course they were having technical difficulties as we entered the area where they sort you for about 20 minutes. We waited since the attractions we came to do weren't open yet.
  5. Mako @ SWO on Saturday. It was great. Better than the other southeastern hypers...
  6. ^They likely have not finalized the details and will update the calendar when they do.
  7. ^It's still trespassing regardless of what the FAA says is allowed.
  8. I must of missed something when I rode Fury 325 because I dont reminder it being an Invert I completely overlooked where it said Inverted....lol I'll take my time next post...lol
  9. 1: Montu 2: Afterburn 3: Alpengeist 4: Dueling Dragons (Dragon Challenge...eh) (both tied) 5: Batman The Ride (SFOG)
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