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  1. Goodbye Vortex, may you roast in hell. I know many loved it for nostalgia or whatever, but it was a POS that needed replacing years ago. The only thing I can say good about it was it was quite picturesque. Something that looks so pretty shouldn't give you a headache before you get to the first inversion. I look forward to seeing what becomes of that area.
  2. ^It's basically the same for hypers who do not have a 200 foot or higher lift, but have at least one drop of 200 or more; Apollo's Chariot for example. Orion has a 300' drop...so it's a giga. Either way, if we are talking about models, they are still a hyper model according to B&M, regardless of what we call them.
  3. I'm sure they still have plans. However as we've seen, no additions are being made at this time to HH.
  4. I can also confirm that the free and discount tickets that you get with the Platinum Pass or Membership are only to be used at the park you purchase from and the other parks in that state. So if you buy from SW San Antonio or Aquatica San Antonio, the freebie tickets and discount tickets can only be used at those parks when they become available for use. The same goes if you buy it at one of the FL parks; you can only use them at the FL parks (during non-blockout months/dates). With Platinum purchased at any park, you do get admission, parking, in-park discounts and such as always. Many of the local park benefits or added bonus perks however are only available to those who purchased from a park in that state. Even preferred parking, ride again privileges and reserved show seating are park/state specific, though they do allow it depending on who's working that day (I've heard some say they get it, and others say they were denied at the FL parks from people who had purchased from BGW, SWSA and other parks out of state).
  5. Since you live in Missouri, it really doesn't matter which park you purchase the Platinum at (I say this because some parks require that you don't live in another state that has a SW/BG park in it if you live there...so you're good). However, some of the park-specific benefits will only be available at the park purchased from. You still get admission, free general parking and discounts at all the parks. However things like free & discount tickets that come with the passes would only be available at the parks in the state you purchase from (for instance, if you purchase the pass from a Texas park you will get those parks specific benefits, or if from a Florida park, you would get all the benefits those 4 parks get, or if at BGW the benefits both of those parks get). In some cases, you may still get the preferred parking benefit, ride again & reserved seating for regular shows, but it's not included outside of your home state park any more (however, some people have stated they are still getting those sometimes when available). The parks often have random perks also (like a free Quick Queue for a new ride, Busch Gardens (or SeaWorld) bucks, free sample (or samples) during an event. These are park specific to the state your pass was bought from as well. Seeing as you are looking to just save money to be able to go, the state/park-specific benefits may not even be an issue for you since you don't live near any of the parks anyway. You may need to go to SW San Antonio first before using it at the others (or you can contact the park to see if you can at another if you go there first). For the FL parks, they are active as soon as you purchase (since Oct 2018). I'm not sure about the others, but have seen people be able to use one purchased through Sesame Place at the FL parks first, but that was because SP wasn't open for the season yet. Basically, if you're just looking to get into the parks with free parking and discounts on most things (food, merch, tours,upgrades), it's good for all 11 parks no matter where you purchase it from.
  6. Carowinds rarely ever gets an addition to the water park and dry park in the same year. Don't expect anything else to be announced... this was it. They just got Copperhead Strike last year.
  7. Even with "official height checks" at guest services where you can get a wristband, the ride ops still have the final say on if someone gets to ride or not. There are various reasons from "shrinking during the day", to body frame/size (might be too petite even with the correct height)...I've seen several reasons over the years.
  8. It is. I would share a video confirming it, but it's from someone this site does not approve of. You can search YouTube for "SeaWorld Orlando 2020 Roller Coaster Construction" and you will see it.
  9. It's a Schwarzkopf Enterprise, not Huss. It's called Scream Weaver.
  10. Interestingly enough, they were doing the same with Superman the day I was there over Spring Break (April 2nd). They had the one train with at least 6 seats that were locked/closed off for riding. This on top of one train operation made a wait from the bottom of the steps about 30 minutes (and it opened literally 5 minutes before I got in line that day at about noon). It was messing up groups of 3 or 4 for sure (one row had 2 seats blocked). I was informed recently in a Facebook group that they were running 2 trains and the one I rode was either fixed or taken out of operation for maintenance. I guess this was not the case those days (Sunday & Monday).
  11. Matt Quimet is still with Cedar Fair... He is the Executive Chairman Of The Board.
  12. Fast Lane/FL+ will likely not be necessary all those days. The water park will generally be more crowded than the dry side on weekdays. If you were to get it, perhaps maybe just the day you're doing Carolina Harbor. I would still suggest waiting to see how busy the park is the day of so you don't feel like it was a waste. Fury 325's line moves faster than any other coaster I've been on since it opened. Copperhead Strike may be a little slower since it's lower capacity in comparison...and being new. I suggest riding Nighthawk first thing if you arrive at opening one of those days as it's line will get long, even on the slowest of days due to slow loading/design (if you're doing early entry for CS, then you can ride it and get over to Nighthawk before the line gets crazy). As far as hotels go, that's a good price for the Sleep Inn if that's the total for 2 nights. It's right across the street from the park. Comfort Inn right beside Carowinds would be great as well if you can get a good deal on it.
  13. I don't see any overly hot days expected in Sandusky over the next 7 days. 80 (on Monday) is perfect.
  14. I went on a Saturday in June last year and finished in less than 3 hours (the water park was packed however).
  15. The back areas of the park don't open until 10:30 due to staggered openings (Stanleyville, Congo & Pantopia) . They either stop you right before Sesame Street (Safari Of Fun) or just past Zagora Cafe when you go left (depends on how busy they expect it to be early on). Some days, Congo River Rapids and Kumba open at 11...depends on how busy they expect it to be. You would be better to head straight to Cheetah Hunt immediately when they let you in the park as it will have pretty steady line all day. You could get a couple rides in on it (unless it's down) and then to Tigris from there if you wanted to get to it as it opens. The ride will build a line early on since it's new, but thin out usually later in the day however (as mentioned in comment above). If you want to wait and ride Tigris later on, just keep going counter-clockwise around the park after Cheetah Hunt so you aren't backtracking all day. Cobra's Curse can also get longer lines as well so it wouldn't hurt to ride that one early on. Montu is right there next to it, but usually doesn't get crazy lines since it's a people eater. I've rarely had more than a station wait in the last several years unless it was a weekend or holiday (same with Kumba & SheiKra). From there head to Pantopia and so on. There are really only 2 theater shows: Turn It Up (ice show) and Critters Inn Charge (domestic animal show). There is also a Do-Wop show in Dragon Fire Grill (in Pantopia). That location has a food court set-up with various cuisine types. If a show is going on in there when you're ready to eat, it might be worth seeing if you're into that. Be sure to check out the various animal exhibits throughout the park.
  16. Be mindful that you'll need to get the 4-park option (after selecting a pass level) as they no longer sell the SWO/BGT only combo any longer. The only way you could keep that combo is if you have had it on EZpay before Oct 2018 and keep it as is (passes paid using EZPay don't expire unless you cancel or upgrade). RMC Gwazi is a 2020 project.
  17. It's a Premier Rides multi-launcher. Slide track after the station...reverse spike....3-4 launches (depending on if it launches forward or backwards first)....top hat....and then finishes the course. It will run between Shamu Stadium, behind Mango Joe's & over to Bayside Stadium and over by the education pavilions before making it's way back to the station. The queue will be built in the current outdoor seating area of Mango Joe's with the entrance to the right of Mango Joe's (as if headed to the bridge). A new outdoor seating area will be built on the other side of the restaurant, which will also be re-branded.
  18. Water rides (in the dry area of parks) are dying off like the plague all over (at least in terms of log flumes and chute-the-shoot rides). Splashwater Falls has been done for and will be removed soon enough. IF a Mack Power Splash were to come to SFOG...that's likely the plot it would go in. Of course in usual Six Flags fashion, they'll likely have an S&S Freespin put there instead to put with Metropolis/JL. Maybe they can add water effects and "theme" it to Aquaman...lol Tower ride? They have 2 of those. New coaster? S&S Freespin or Mack Power Splash...there you have it.
  19. ^The only thing I've seen is that it's opening Memorial Day weekend. Considering this is Six Flags, that could be May 24, 25, 26, or 27. I've seen no specific date as of yet.
  20. I was there the 2nd week of June last year on a Thursday and Friday and the lines were not bad yet. The only coaster I waited more than a station wait for was Flight Of Fear, and even that was only about 15 minutes. I laughed (inside) at all the people who paid for FL. It wasn't needed...lol This may have just been an off season however since there wasn't a big shiny new attraction.
  21. Tigris Rode it yesterday. Hate the "comfort collars". They aren't comfortable at all. Shoulders slammed into them riding in the back row while going down the drop after the inversion. Otherwise I liked the ride. I'll try the front next time. At least I know to brace myself now when riding. This wouldn't be an issue without those unnecessary things...lol
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