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  1. ^Any chance Joker will be up and running by June 12th? LOL I'm not holding my breath since it does say early summer opening. I just love frisbee rides and hate it most likely won't be ready. I'll keep my fingers crossed I guess, but am prepared should it not be ready. At least there's the one at SFOT I'll get to ride a couple days before.
  2. BGT & SWO next Sunday. I need my Tigris credit during the pass member early ride event and see Earth, Wind & Fire at SWO in the afternoon/eve. Next new-to-me park will be The Park At OWA in early June during my road trip to TX.
  3. Dinosaurs Alive is leaving at the end of this season as well... 2 nice big plots of land where something can go. Don't count the rapids out just yet however...We'll see about that later on. As far as a new coaster next year? Don't count on it...lol
  4. Those sound like the comfort collars they put on Electric Eel, and the ones they have put for use on Tigris.
  5. I was there today and the park was just mildly busy (The main parking lot looked to be only about 1/3 full at it's peak). The weather I think kept many away (rain this morning with a forecast high if 61). It was GREAT for me. It's spring break and that's usually the worst time to go outside of weekends in the early part of the season before daily operations begin. Most everything was a station wait, with a couple walk ons. Twisted Cyclone's line was at the bottom of the stairs each time I rode it, and only a 2 train wait for Mind Bender. Tomorrow (Wed) will likely be back to it's normal extra busy with dry weather and mid-70s temps again. I certainly got lucky picking today to go. They are taking their sweet time painting Georgia Scorcher. It's only a bit more than halfway done from what I could see. I expected them to be through by now. They are painting it by hand with rollers instead of sprayers. Someone told me that when I was on the way to the park this morning and thought it was a late April Fool's Joke. Nope...they weren't kidding. They were also told by employees at the park it would likely be reopening next month about when Pandemonium opens...which showed no signs of life on that plot of land while I was there today. Of course with any rumor like info, take with a grain of salt. However with what I saw, I'm about 99.9% sure that info was correct. Also, nothing to do with replying to this post, but no need to make another post so here goes: What in the world is going on with Superman Ultimate Flight????? The ride has 3 trains, or at least used to (I hadn't kept up with this ride much since I last rode it about 11 years ago). They opened the ride at noon (which I suppose was planned as that's when Blue Hawk opened as well). They only had one train in use. I waited about 30 minutes and I got in line within 10 minutes of them opening it. By the time I got off, the line had to be well over an hour. While I did mention the park wasn't crazy busy, that ride in particular takes forever to load and unload in comparison to the others in the park. To make things worse, the train in use had a MINIMUM of 3 seats locked with a pipe (don't know the technical name of that device is), so that train couldn't perform at full capacity. On several seats (including mine), they had to to some sort of manual lock which caused even more of a delay since they also had to unlock them manually to depart. On top of all that, it looked HORRIBLE in general. You think the trains in use would get a halfway decent touch up before putting them in operation. I understand with extending the seasons it leaves less time to refurb and such in the shorter off-season. The other trains may be out getting their annual refurb. However, it wasn't a good look. I guess I finally get what "Have a Six Flags Day" really means now...lol Also, I finally rode Great American Scream Machine after a 20-year hiatus (last went in November and was closed for the season, and before that May 2008 when the park was slammed so skipped it for new to me credits at that time). I wouldn't care if they tore that contraption down if they are just going to continue to run it as is. It needs a major rehab. Whether that be complete retracking or complete rebuild if necessary. They worked on a couple sections in the off season, but it did nothing for the enjoyment of the ride (unless it was considerably worse before, which I dread the thought and am glad I didn't get to ride it last time I was there). I know them putting the Georgia Cyclone trains on it has contributed to it's roughness. I had seen many people claiming it had gotten quite bad and blew them off to being overly sensitive. At least now IMO, I agree with them. I'm sure some will say they like it as is. Well more power to you and keep on riding while I head back to Twisted Cyclone....lol
  6. I would argue that Woodstock express is already the parks only thrilling wood coaster. You would also win with that argument...lol
  7. Teachers work day for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Might not be as empty as you think. Also for Fort Mill, SC schools. It's also a Friday. They're open every Friday through the spring. It's also an Education Day as well. There will be school field trips there that day as well. Have fun! They usually leave by mid afternoon though.
  8. Non-Rider Pass To The Park This is the most exciting part of that announcement for me. We're going in June for the first time and my partner had no plans to ride anything. It will save us half. This is good since I'm just going for a quick stop to get the credits on the way to TX.
  9. ^They still have that section blocked off (staggered open), unless there is an event that takes place where it needs to be open (like Up Close which sounds like what was going on when you went).
  10. I'm sure they will have Sesame Street open when the park opens for a while. This would likely be the case with Spring break and summer (likely staggered between them on school days). I can see it being blocked off again once school starts back in the fall. They've had staggered openings for at least 2 years for that side of the park (including Mako). There may have been some seasonal opening of it during Christmas/NYE weeks, but every time I've gone since April 2017, they have the bridge blocked and at Spice Mill. However, when Infinity Falls opened, they opened it at park open (but everything else was still closed on that side, including Mako) for a few weeks (when it would work that is...lol). I would definitely do Aquatica first if you're going to be going on a weekend day or while spring break is going on (pretty much now-mid April). They are known to reach capacity pretty early, especially on weekends this time of year (they reached capacity this past Sunday). I've seen the traffic trying to get in around noon before and it was backed up over a mile on more than one occasion to get into Aquatica. I hadn't known SWO to reach capacity like that, though they do use their overflow lot on most weekends this time of year (plus there's the Seven Seas Food Festival going on weekends through May 5th).
  11. Keep in mind that March 30th is the first day for Spring Break in the Atlanta area. The place will be completely swamped with people (unless it's actually raining all day). You will likely need the Flash Pass (and not just the basic level either) in order to get all the rides in you're looking to do in 5 hours at that park. Of course I'd wait to get to the park to make the purchase. The last time I went there on a Saturday in the early part of the season, I was only able to get on 3 coasters the whole day (though we entered the park at 1pm and stayed til close). Here are the prices for each level of Flash Pass for March 30:
  12. Yes. Weekends from March 9-24. It's one time usage however. I would assume it's also only available if SFOG is your home park with this offer.
  13. "Rumor" is it will have a reptile theme...something crocodile themed perhaps? With Walkabout Way nearby, I could see them merge it with RMC Gwazi & the rest of Bird Gardens for a full Australian themed land. Just wishful thinking.
  14. Well...seems the project is being scaled down now; still with a 570 foot height. Scheduled to open in 2020. I'm still not holding my breath for that date. International Drive developer talks new coaster, more parking World's tallest roller coaster to take up less space
  15. Besides the rumor on Screamscape and the removal from the ride list on the park's website, have you see any other evidence that it is in fact gone that you could point me to? I can't seem to find anything else. It was actually the highlight of my visit there in 2012. It was really the only coaster worth re-riding, besides Cheetah, which was running good that day. I hadn't been back simply because there is nothing to bring me back. It's the closest park to me too by a few miles. I claim BGT & SWO as my home parks instead...lol
  16. ^Well, to be fair they did say "legitimate", which I take to mean one that's not a kiddie coaster. The one they are putting in this new area (Swampwater Snake) was already at the park in storage so it's not new. It last operated in 2011 (as Fiesta Express).
  17. Partial POV included! (Posted by the park on their Youtube channel)
  18. Any word on whether these 2 new restaurants will be on the dining plan? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk They are both listed on CP's website as being on the dining plan.
  19. ^It's been stated that there will be a phase II for Wildwood Grove.
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