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  1. Had two rides on this last week the second was at the end of the day just after a large shower and I can confirm it hauls ass when the track is wet seriously good fun and looks spectacular as well the wickerman looks great close up
  2. I give it a month before the fire effect fails and Merlin give up bothering to fix it
  3. Sadly being reported now that the 11 year old girl has died
  4. http://airgates.co.uk/2016/08/31/olympia-looping-feature-winter-wonderland/ I am more than a little excited by this
  5. http://www.dreamland.co.uk/ nice new retro looking website good to see Dreamland rise from the ashes at last
  6. From what I've seen in the Us there a good thing as the extra cost is not too high in the Uk however they are a big hike on an already expensive entrance price so over here not a fan.
  7. Found this video of one guy doing some epic flipping but can totally see why some people would be bored
  8. Great Tr Good to see The hotel now its finished Sadly Chessington announced yesterday that Skyway is down for the rest of the season showing its age I think so hopefully it gets a lot of tlc in the winter ready for next year
  9. That Video is all kinds of awesomeness got to be the funniest infomercial i've seen in quite a while
  10. Looks great my only slight moan would be copying the trains from The Swarm but im guessing thats the standard alien/demon Wingcoaster design
  11. Had a quick visit on Wednesday and got to say the Mine train retheming is rather good,cool smoke effects as the train leaves Fire when you go past the oil derrick the vastly improved queue line,Chessington as a whole looks like its had a great makeover lots of paths have been repaved and theres been lots of painting for once well done Merlin
  12. Picture courtesy of Theme Park Guide the newly themed Scorpion Express has fire
  13. Its in creaky cafe which is the one adjoined to bubbleworks they were using it as Santa's grotto.
  14. If you choose swarm make it backwards and make sure you get the side thats across the bridge much more forceful that side
  15. As its a Fri and its term time again you should have no problem getting round all the rides,as for ride closures they are a bit hit and miss nothing was down last Monday, The biggest queue is normally on colossus so its probably best to do that quite early,its quite a compact park so getting around it isn't much of a problem.hope that helps a bit
  16. My thoughts on The Smiler now I've ridden it the first half of the ride is very good and you do feel relived to get to the midway point for a short breather but the second half of the ride OMG is it rough seems to get worse as the day goes on,this ride will be awful in a couple of years going on other eurofighters, on the plus side nemesis is running better than ever still kicking butt in all the right ways.
  17. Yeah its only on swarm at the moment my only worry is what happens when you have your day planned out and a ride breaks down.but still an interesting idea.
  18. My favourite part was the Russian Juggler Shizzy who I think if my memory is correct dropped everything he was juggling and just carried on as if he was perfect
  19. Brighton Pier has a uk first this season Air race which I seem to recall Robb enjoying will have to get down there and get some pics Love the fact they got it blessed By Father John www.brightonpier.co.uk/gallery/view/air-race
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