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  1. Its my closest park and one of my faves it may not have massive coasters but its always been a fun family park And I always love getting soaked on Billy Whizz
  2. Love that last pic coasters always look cool covered in snow
  3. Found a beer mug from houston and nothing else hmmmmmmmm
  4. All ive found on houston so far is its short existence Pasadena, California (1905-1937) Van Nuys, California (1964-1979) Houston, Texas (1971-1972)
  5. Nice woody looks like you used the entire amazon rain forest building it
  6. Funniest thing I've seen all day! Now I bet all the people on the UK Trip will scream "I'LL HAVE A BIG MAC WITH FRIES!!!!" at the top of Stealth...just to be funny. Hmmmm. Weeeeeeeeeeeeellllllhavvvvvvvve aaaaaaa BIIIIG MAAAC With FRIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiii....... (dropping down other side) Possible. Possible. I'll let ya know, later on, lol. I certainly will be shouting that
  7. Woah Hot tpr Lesbo action I think Ive just messed my pants
  8. I like the way they moan about fireworks a couple of times a year,Down here in Brighton we have mega loud fireworks on the pier every saturday night in summer which we can hear and we are 5 miles away should I complain lol I will quite happily swap houses with them.
  9. Looks like a fun park I will have to make a trip there thanks for sharing the pictures.
  10. How does that song go, Supersize supersize the american way great pics Rob especially loved that chariot race.
  11. Hi all Im Paul from Sunny Brighton in the uk ive loved coasters for years just got interupted in my passion by having 3 kids hope to see you all on your uk trip at some point.
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