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  1. Heres a pic of Blackpools posted on their facebook page and a certain rollercoaster undergoing a new paintjob as part of its rebranding
  2. Great Trip report Its Great to have the Big Mike Roadshow back and in full effect
  3. This year im looking forward to getting away with the missus for the first time in 10 years without the kids and were heading to Blackpool for the first time in may cant wait
  4. One of the biggest for me is the overblown marketing of th13teen and its minimum 1.2m height rubbish but the number 1 for me is easily Hard Rock Park for being such a giant scale disaster.
  5. A couple of games for my 360 some new Slippers Coaster expedition 14 and saving the best til last on dvd Nude Nuns with big guns does it get any better
  6. Instead of three question marks, this should have a period. If I'm coming across like a prick here, then forgive me. Being good Christian types they will of course forgive you although this park will surely have epic fail written all over it I mean choices Kings Island Or Arkland hmmmmmmmmmmm
  7. I've just read the whole thread and apart from the smokin hot asses I think my brain has melted down hope your having fun wherever you are though.
  8. Razzle dazzle is awesome never has the term bench the ride been more appropriate
  9. Quality postcards there shane reminded me of lots of happy days at Margate Looping star was my first ever coaster all those years ago
  10. schwarzkopf shockwave looping coaster for me as it was the first loop I ever rode around so its all sentimetal for me
  11. Couldn't resist one more Piers Mix this time its Piers and Liam Lynch I give you United States of Piers soundcloud.com/budtheweiser/united-states-of-piers
  12. Ho god that looks mental great way to start the day laughing at that
  13. So here we go as promised Piers gets all danced up play it and download it in the link below soundcloud.com/budtheweiser/piers-bad-romance
  14. So tempted to take Piers best lines and make a song with them
  15. Haha only got back there myself yesterday been up to great yarmouth to do the pleasure beach and Pleasurewood hills
  16. The actually have 2 entrances Dave the dragons fury one is more popular as they quite often let you on the ride before the rest of the park is open avoiding the queues.
  17. That is quite awful no Donkey should be treated like that
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