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  1. Saw it last year its great fun if a little cheesey Richard is very good but he's also helped by Marc a bog standard lounge singer with permatan and then the chaos ensues when they bring out Schnorbitz the dog who destroys most of the audiences drink hunting for food and fuss
  2. Do they still make you seatbelt your legs in on the disko found that damn uncomfortable when we last went?
  3. The over excited brigade forgetting the same thing happened to The Swarm last year as well its not that uncommon.
  4. For me Backwards swarm isn't that special the best bit was the lift hill and the initial roll that felt very strange the rest of the ride felt exactly the same got to agree on the new X/no way out its now much better after all who doesn't like a rave on a coaster
  5. Found this while hunting around youtube [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  6. God I miss Dreamland the stupidly long train journey from Brighton to Margate and just the sheer joy when you got there Looping Star was my first ever coaster and who didnt love The Mary Rose to scare the crap out of your girlfriend back then great Photos thanks for bringing back all those great memories
  7. Arggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh Arggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh Arggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh Arggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh Arggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh Weeeeeeeeeeeee may be the single greatest coaster commentary I have ever heard
  8. Tbf there are quite a few people who took time off work to be there on opening day so this probably hasn't gone down well. Especially if they booked hotels etc.
  9. Yes its quite simple they probably had the slow wheels on the train and were running it at its slowest speed to test whether it would make it round
  10. I don't think Gatekeeper will get best new Steel Coaster. With iRat and this alone it has some stiff competition. Seriously? I think Cedar Point could build a kiddie coaster and it would win best new coaster. The GTA's love CP. Even though i agree Smiler, iRat, Outlaw Run should be top contenders. About the shaking, i have only been on one euro fighter and it was smooth as hell. So i cant tell what the average euro shakiness is. Try riding Saw nothing smooth about that lol rough as hell now
  11. That looks like so much fun can't wait to get up there and ride it.
  12. Also next Thursday as is tradition Blue Peter presenters will be riding Smiler worth a watch as well
  13. At Halloween it will be dark and lit up so there is hope
  14. You dont as it says some tickets will be allocated on dates before its open it will all be covered in the small print im afraid
  15. Hmm interesting looking dummies Spotted yesterday courtesy of towerstimes,they don't look like normal testing dummies?
  16. So heres the answer on the worlds first from a box of krave cereal
  17. If Willy Wonka had made a coaster instead of chocolate this would be it,It Looks more mental everytime I see it
  18. Courtesy of Matt at Towerstimes I do love how this shot looks just a giant mess of spinning goodness
  19. Easy a certain Park In Wales Porthcawl to be exact that Tpr visited and Got to ride the coaster before it was condemned a 2 car coaster the back car filled with sandbags for ballast Scariest Coaster I have ever been on thought it was going to collapse on every corner,was far from surprised to find it had been condemned
  20. Its not a merlin video just a member of the public who happened to be there at that moment.
  21. Crane operator tries to lose his Job lol nearly damages a piece of track [youtu_be]http://youtu.be/-0EQiFsezRA[/youtu_be]
  22. That is an awesome explanation cant remeber where I sat last time on Saw but boy it knocked me into next week so was probably the front
  23. WELL Hopefully for the first two seasons this should be very smooth then after that if saw is anything to go by it will have good and really bad days so ride it quick is a good option lol
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