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  1. Cant see it they take up hardly any space at the side of the park and are perfect for the kind of crowd they are aimed at for Merlin its a win win.
  2. Well the first drop seems more forceful backwards especially the spin into the drop the rest of the ride feels much the same so if you like it its fine if you don't it won't convert you.
  3. I'll let you know just after 12 lol as for the new billboard its a great double head chopper as you also get a near miss on the side as you go round it.
  4. From thorpe park manias live feed from today's family and friends day here's the swarm backwards.
  5. It certainly would be that lol will be more like a tad Bracing
  6. Nah its the same style they have used for years,Its not like its a hard park to navigate anyway debating whether to go to passholder's day tomorrow as the forecast is for 0 degrees with a windchill of -4 not sure that's coaster riding weather yet
  7. Why can I already picture a tpr POV with Robb screaming loop de loop
  8. Heres the billboard near miss from Thorpes facebook page
  9. 1) When we originally reported the rumor of The Smiler as going for the inversion record, we stated that if that was the case, we believed that the most likely way to do that, based on the evidence of the plans, was using a trick track element. 2) TT as a whole, did not invent the "washing machine" element... I did. I did it as an example, a possible solution to the engineering required to invert a stationary train multiple times, due to the number of people that were having difficulty understanding how it would work. It was meant to resemble a trommel tunnel, in the way in which it worked. but that was not important, the engineering aspect is all I was trying to demonstrate. If you wish to comment further on it's workings or theories, I will happily discuss it in the speculation thread, so long as it remains a friendly discussion, and doesn't revert to the "slagging" I see directed in my/our general direction on various other forums (genuinely not singling out anyone in particular) 3) TT is following the wishes/direction of Towers management, in the areas it is choosing to cover up. We have not at any time stated that this is where such a device is likely to go. In fact, we haven't commented at all on it, and still won't, until we are told we can. 4) The choice to cover areas of our images, was an agreement made, due to Towers management informing us that they were considering the possibilty of going to great expense to erect tent's, to prevent us from "reporting their secret element" (which BTW is another reason we came to the trick track conclusion all those months ago). We agreed to work with Towers to prevent them having to incur further costs, purely because of us. And that is why parts of the images are being covered. 5) We do not know if the areas we are being asked to cover, are indeed meant to be a secret. We may well be getting tested by towers to see if they can trust us. Regardless, we will play along with what they ask, and hope that, our new positive working relationship with Towers continues to provide good quality info for our members. The most recent example being the merchandise exclusive we brought you in the last couple of weeks. I hope that clears a few things up for you all. From one of the admins at Towerstimes the plot thickens
  10. Was also thinking wheres the disabled seating being moved too now as that was also the back row.
  11. So what I understand is that we get a Paint job for Oblivion for next year. It's always great when they giving a coaster a nice fresh coat of paint once in a while. For Merlin parks its a miracle most of their coasters tend to look like they need a lick of paint.
  12. Robb needs to sue the GEICO pig for stealing his line. If GEICO ever runs a commercial with that pig going "wheeeeeee" on a roller coaster, Robb might have a case. I entered geico roller coaster on youtube! Hahahahahaha its like Mini robb
  13. rattlesnake at chessington nothing but pain on that a much better family coaster could be put in that footprint.
  14. Coaster expedition as they were all about the fun of the park and the trip rather than just the coaster footage.
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