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  1. Why as a Merlin pass holder who also goes theres a lot more chav's there than any other park I go to its just a fact you learn to deal with it and not let it spoil your day easy really
  2. Looks great was overjoyed to win a copy on twitter Tpr really is such a great place to love coasters in
  3. late night bar cant see how there can be more teenage pregnancies out of that
  4. Back Row of Nemesis at Alton Towers never felt such an adrenalin rush from a ride.
  5. That second picture is beyond awesome easily the best view from a coaster ive seen
  6. Did it come like a bolt from the blue? I'll get my coat. Hahaha Kind of
  7. It was a close thing I was stood in the queue on the stairs for the left side when it happened and after a big bang as the coaster did its roll over the queue that bolt flew over the people on our side and smacked into the wall of the stairs and dropped to the floor roughly where I circled on the picture,it certainly would have done someone a serious injury if it had hit them.
  8. This gets me every time rather than following normal common sense instead of calling for an ambulance they just help him to the toilet to clean himself up I mean really!!
  9. Nemesis inferno has larger seats in rows 4 and 5 for the larger guests up to a 51" chest not sure on the others you might get more info on the thorpe park website.
  10. exactly Andy yes I found it more fun in certain seats but did I enjoy it any less from the other seats no its a fun ride and a great addition to the park, if I had any gripe id like it to be a bit longer but hey we cant have everything can we
  11. we have a winner go USA Today travel.usatoday.com/destinations/dispatches/post/2012/03/extreme-coaster-that-ripped-limbs-off-dummies-stalls-on--first-day/649221/1
  12. Haha we were on the second train in your clip was almost temted to have a nap as it was so comfy and warm
  13. Love the map loads of great things to spot the guy peeing himself under saw a slightly drunk bearded wheres wally(waldo) by the bar 360 the guy being given shock treatment by swarm the guy with binoculars perving at the naked couple making out in the bush by stealth always a great fun map
  14. yup thats the one the more I see it the more I think wow
  15. Whoa the new pic on the developers facebook page of it diving under the planes wing looks awesome I cant wait for this now
  16. Ghahahaha just had a look on their website when you hit the english button it comes up with 4 bad rollercoasters under their products www.hbgsc.com/e_product.asp?anclassid=9
  17. ^ Wednesday's your best bet although as its school holidays its never that quiet at the moment have fun
  18. Nemesis inferno at thorpe park and boy was it flying round saturday afternoon superb fun almost as good as the original.
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