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  1. brilliant any thread featuring red dawn quotes is alright by me as long as its the original and not the awful remake
  2. have hopefully uploaded some of the legoland wants for you larry
  3. Off to Leoland widsor today so will see what I can get for you Larry
  4. I remember seeing some newsreel footage in a coaster documentary I saw about 12 years ago, and I'm wondering if this was the accident. I can't find the footage online, but it showed the station with the two trains smashed together, and I believe an interview with someone who was in line who says the train was going up the lift and then just fell back down the hill into the loading train. Looked like it was 70s or 80s news footage? from wiki The fun fair's most spectacular ride was a rollercoaster called The Big Dipper, which opened in 1951. It was of wooden construction and suffered a major fire in 1970. It was permanently closed down after five children were killed and thirteen others injured in an accident on 30 May 1972 when one of the trains became detached from the haulage rope, before rolling back to the station (the anti-rollback mechanism having also failed) and colliding with the other train.
  5. Im so going to try making my own bacon wrapped cheese now it looks too good
  6. Vampire at Chessington last wednesday 6 times in a row as the park was quiet started at the front and worked our way to the back
  7. I thought id seen everything then tpr brings on the cat room Japan is officially the most awesome country on the planet
  8. Awesome as always Big Mike coasters and Hotties who could ask for anything more
  9. Wipeout-Pleasure Wood hills and that is more than enough
  10. $4 for a gallon send some to the uk were paying about $10 at the moment
  11. As a great fan of TBMR How can I not be a friend of Big mike even if we havent met Loving the new merch Big Mike very classy
  12. Some info on the Orphan Rocker below allegedly while testing some of the sandbags they used as dummies never returned www.infobluemountains.net.au/rail/ksr/orphan.htm
  13. That is good news any new park in the Uk is definitely welcome as long as its done well.
  14. For me it will always be nemesis superb g-force's and a river of blood what more do you want
  15. Another great trip report from Big Mike and another batch of awesome prizes given away as well thats why everyone Loves The Big man.
  16. And while were on the subject of the pleasure beach heres the new pmbo liveried train its um very British
  17. Im still loving the orange wood cant wait till June when I finally get there
  18. Some new construction photo's from the pleasure beach facebook Bikini Bottom bus tour minus the bus and rollercoaster I mean Nickelodeon Streak looking very loud in its new orange paint job Avatar Airbender Spongebob Splash Bash and a better look at Rollercoaster's new Nickelodeon Streak paintjob
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