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  1. How do you attend media day? Do you get invited, ask, or what? And what time do they hold these kind of things at? I've never understood how it all works, but I'd love to attend one some coming year! I realize I can't go this time, but it's worth asking anyway
  2. Well just seeing theme park videos (like the Hulk reveal or Pirates Shanghai) in Trending on YouTube is a warning: cringe ahead!
  3. It's not likely as Screamscape has recently stated, because the cost would be too much, so GCI might just save the day to keep it classic
  4. If Game of Thrones had another kingdom... I tried to make an image on jointherealm.com, but the site doesn't seem to work anymore That awkward moment when you have an awesome joke and it fails
  5. Well as the Cult of Skank Mountain (I'm in it ) knows, it's all possible
  6. I'll be visiting in August and my family friend offered to buy me a Fast Lane pass. How do those work?
  7. Ejector is Wicked Cyclone's middle name, and just off the first drop you get floater! I adore the outward banks, but remember to pull the seatbelt out from the restraint or you'll be forced to adopt someday
  8. Well I sympathize with them, because I even forget sometimes. Formula Rossa is the #1, but not many people know that.
  9. I don't understand why they decided to minimize the spine size on a section with such stress... They should have foreseen that instead of sticking a weak-looking post up shortly after finding out about the problem! Wouldn't they find that in design phase?
  10. CALIBRATION / CALIBRATE Everyone remember to use that in the future Thanks
  11. THE ROAST IS REAL I feel like my goal in life is to educate people on coaster basics, including dispelling all the sh*t they hear or think that is far beyond incorrect... I just don't even know anymore... ever since The Smiler any coaster malfunction is under the microscope, and rarely is it a bad thing!
  12. Yo Guy I bumped the Orphan Rocker thread for your enjoyment
  13. After reading all of this, I've come to a basic conclusion... this is the most sought-after credit the world has ever seen I bumped this with all the "Lightning Rod will never open" crap going on, and many people (including me) not getting the Orphan Rocker references. I'm quite interested in this now... EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT, RMC COMES IN TO SAVE COASTER NOT OPENED IN 34 YEARS! I wish
  14. Based upon the given building plans, TheCodeMaster has built a representation of what we may be expecting using NL2! It's quite interesting, and the unique element surely is unique!
  15. IDK if any of you guys noticed, but the airtime is really bad compared to last year. Like on the hill after the drop usually you would get airtime before you hit the top and you'd be pulled back down, but I felt it was you get to the top and pop just a bit and kind of fall down quickly and ride the bottom of the hill. It was similar on the others, and I felt serious vibration on/after the overbank (on the S-turn). My theory is because the center of gravity has been put back into its intended position, then you don't float as much as when the speakers added upward force and a higher center of gravity. Also, the intensity isn't really there because there's no music...
  16. I feel like somewhere out there are the diehard coaster enthusiasts that are actually tired of new coasters at the park as much as that's their main focus... so they should probably catch up on things they're missing to round out the collection
  17. I know that you adults hate Taylor and his videos, but please stop. I agree with your points too, but this isn't the "Roast Coaster Studios (RCS) Discussion Thread"... plus you know he's probably read all this by now Also remember my age has nothing to do with this, so it's not worth attacking me... Come on though, we have better things to talk about! Anyone up for this concept? It was well thought out, so make sure to read the description. And not to mention an awesome coaster idea, which Kings Island has actually acknowledged publicly, meaning it is in play for possibilities... [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  18. I like his channel but the little kid clones of him... *cringe*
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