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  1. So no damage to the house on the brake run. Good to hear no damage to the ride itself.
  2. Cyclone at SFNE. The ejector pop in the back is unbeatable on any coaster. The lateral airtime after the third drop was really abrupt. Ejector with major headchoppers. It will be missed.
  3. Final ride of the night front row of comet at Hersheypark. Trims were OFF!! INSANE airtime
  4. Nitro at SFGAdv. What a boring ride. Force less as hell and had quite a bit of a rattle.
  5. SFNE's Cyclone last night. Horrifying. 9:30 at night. I board the back seat. If you were there, you could tell that ride was hauling ass that night. That first drop caused my seatbelt to pop, my hands to let go of the lap bar, and I felt like I was shot over the turn in front. Hitting the bottom of the first drop, the car jolted me bad. Just before dropping into the superstructure, I held on, and suddenly, guess what. The foam on the bar ripped. I started screaming. The trim was off. I was flying through the turn screaming, swearing, losing my mind. The final bunny hills actually gave floater, and arriving in the station, I got severe whiplash. I was a mess, and the next week I had a nasty nasty bruise from the first drop ejector. Best. Ride. Of. My. Life.
  6. I only rode Roar-O-Saurus, and it honestly gave me 3 bruises. Uncomfortable, yet amazing.
  7. My longest hiatus is because I'm in New England. So an off season.
  8. Cyclone at SFNE's PTCs. Watching the back of the last cart go down the first drop snap was friggin sexy! Arrow trains in the front are really awesome. The triangle looks amazing!
  9. Having gone to dorney for the first time this summer, I repeatedly did thunderhawk in the back. I love rough wooden coasters, but after four rides, my 14 year old body (15 tomorrow!) body couldn't take it anymore. That's seriously saying something. Is rather not have a new coaster at dorney, rather a retract of thunder hawk and removal of the finale brakes for the bunny hills. Also too much pressure for brakes in the brake run, fix that. It hurt.
  10. Something tells me you wanna ride Batman: TDK at SFNE... Yes, it's a clone.
  11. Wildcat is in my top 8. I love Wildcat. It's a ride thats vicious. I got bruised though on my hip, so it went from 5 to 8.
  12. For a flat i would want a Demon Drop type ride. for a coaster, if my yard was big enough, a Riverside Cyclone replica.
  13. I am personally for Cedar Fair. Their parks are better kept and attract better clientel. Plus, they preserve their wooden coasters and somewhat maintain them, unlike Six Flags.
  14. MA- Cyclone SFNE CT- Wildcat LC PA- Skyrush and Steel Force HP and Dorney NJ- El toro SFGAdv NH- Yankee Cannonball CLP ME- Excalibur Funtown
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