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  1. Was it Mug root beer? Something from KFC, not sure if it was Mug or not.
  2. I've noticed that the same two users go back and forth and back and forth, posting their information. Interesting. Anyways. -Opened in 2014 -Chance Rides' first Hyper GT-X coaster -Replaced Greezed Lightnin' Next, Corkscrew at Silverwood
  3. Montezooma's Revenge and Xcelerator, hands down. Both require no explanation.
  4. How about you guys complain at the official RCT thread? This way, everyone will see your concerns.
  5. Basically, RCTW is going the way of The Sims 4. No modding capabilities at launch? No complex coaster painting at launch? Even RCT3 had those features at launch. I think. And about those three track types. Steel, wooden, and *cough* hanging *cough*. Hanging. A hanging coaster. Somebody shoot me.
  6. ^I have no idea at the moment, and I didn't complete the entire test. There's a 75-minute time limit on the AMC, and some of the problems were quite difficult.
  7. I'm currently using the iPhone 5S camera. It produces some surprisingly good pictures, and there's also 120 FPS slow-mo, which is a nice feature. In fact, this is the only camera I've had.
  8. I just took the AMC 10A after school today (Google it if you need to), and now I have to do math homework. Ugh. At least it's not much.
  9. Even during the winter months, Vegas can be quite warm. In fact, we might experience 70-degree temperatures. Go deal with all of your snow and whatnot. I'll just enjoy the nice weather without taking advantage of it.
  10. 3/10, quite lame with no credit count or anything like that.
  11. So they messed up something as basic as a corkscrew coaster. At least get the car designs right! There's also those same, wacky food stalls. At least have a generic one if you are still having stalls in the game. I'd just stick with building restaurants. However, the peeps certainly look more realistic. Cartoonish, but better than the polygon-ish RCT3 peeps. The shaders look awesome, and I really like that blur effect. Sure, this isn't official. However, if at least the coasters are executed nicely, I'm sold. I need that next developer blog!
  12. On my own? Never. Asian parents... When was the last time you ate a bagel?
  13. Is that actually comprised of actual models? The Intamin looks quite smooth, and the Vekoma SLC looks decent. Probably just a rendering with random objects, but it's a good one. Great, actual restaurants will be in the game. No more having to browse through cumbersome CS sets to try and mimic one! The new indoor rides category doesn't seem that significant, but at least it's there. RCTW is looking pretty darn good so far, and I can't wait to see the finished result!
  14. Coaster Park Tycoon, from the same creators of RCT3. That sounds pretty darn cool. RCT3 is already a great game, so I wonder how Coaster Park Tycoon will play out.
  15. Those frog hoppers. I feel embarrassed when riding them, but they are a nice guilty pleasure.
  16. Ah, okay then. But still, there's plenty of great things about Vegas besides the entertainment and such. If you and your wife are not coming back in a while, though, I'd squeeze some local activities!
  17. If you have time, why not spend some time outside the Strip? Summerlin is just miles away from the Strip. There's the Red Rock hotel, home to a decent and cheap buffet, Downtown Summerlin, which opened up fairly recently, and of course, the Red Rock Canyon. It's quite beautiful. I would also recommend taking a visit to Chinatown. It's on Spring Mountain Road just past the I-15, and since you're staying at TI, this should be convenient. There's plenty of good eats there, but beware of the bad service! Of course, you can take a visit to the Adventuredome if you're craving rides.
  18. This! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Sure, it's a local commercial. However, it's quite cheesy, and I used to be like "WTF" when watching the morning news.
  19. -Opened in 2008 -Was one of the few B&M sitdown coasters -Is now on SBNO longer than when it was operating Next, Windjammer Surf Racers at Knott's Berry Farm.
  20. WindSeeker at Knott's being replaced by some sort of display. Sure, this was a recent removal, but Knott's doesn't even have any plans for this space at the moment. I'll just have to wait and see.
  21. Not necessarily a coaster, but I rode Perilous Plunge just days before it closed down. I'm sure glad I did.
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