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  1. I wish more locals would realize this. So solid. I also think it's a very solid lineup. My list goes: 1. El Toro 2. Nitro 3. Batman: The Ride 4. Bizarro 5. The Joker 6. Skull Mountain 7. Runaway Mine Train 8. The Dark Knight Coaster 9. Green Lantern Haven't gotten to ride Superman or Kingda Ka yet, just more reason to visit again!
  2. RT Hill on El Toro without a doubt! Honorable mention goes to the drop into the double helix on The Beast!
  3. As someone who has also worked in parks, you know what I mean when I say the normal guests can sometimes be challenging themselves, but then you throw "coaster enthusiast" mentality and attitude on top of it, and 90% of the time you get someone who have zero interest in dealing with. for both of these posts. Generally speaking when me and other associates work with the GP they ask us to push down their restraints very tight. When the "enthusiasts" come they will sit down, try to leave their restraints halfway up then get an attitude when we push them down to an appropriate level. I've was able to attend Banshee Bash & was able to snag a ride with Robb during the night ERT on Diamondback. It was a hilariously fun ride with Robb cracking jokes the whole time and got to talk with him for a few minutes afterwards. Just to think on that day we got Morning ERT, Night ERT, multiple behind the scenes tours, discount FL+, and lunch with a Q&A and after all that people would complain? Ridiculous. You can see how much effort Robb put into these tours, and it's understandable why he had to stop doing public ones. I hope I get to go on a tour with you all one day, you all have so much fun!
  4. I bought a ticket for the 8AM group, Winter Chill Out is a ton of fun! Just walking through the park and taking pictures is wonderful, and hearing the park silent instead of music playing, rides running, and voices screaming is very different. My favorite part of the tour each year is going into the maintenance shop seeing trains halfway through getting put back together and talking to the maintenance guys about how the rides work. The maintenance guys have so much knowledge of how the rides work and I've always loved learning about how they work.
  5. Sent you a message with a little bit of details on what working at the park is like! Any questions you have you can throw my way!
  6. For me it's: 1. Kraken 2. Dominator 3. Bizarro 4. Rougarou
  7. Epcot is the only park without a coaster I've been to. It's interesting, my first visit to Epcot at age 10 I didn't care for the park because all I wanted to do was ride rides. When I returned for a second visit at age 23 I LOVED the place, World Showcase is absolutely amazing. It ended up being my favorite part of my 2016 Disney trip.
  8. Nagashima Spa Land looks like a seriously impressive park. That coaster collection looks top notch and the whole place looks so clean!
  9. I have a mini TR from closing day. I had an awesome time in the park, while rainy & cold I was just happy to get some coaster riding in. I departed Sandusky at 3:47AM and arrived in the Wawa parking lot across from the park around 11:45. We don't have Wawa in Ohio so I always look forward to stopping for food. After eating, headed down the street for the park just as they were unlocking the gates to the parking lot at noon. Fast forward to the park letting us in 10 minutes early I headed straight for Nitro. They opened the line at 1 on the dot and I proceeded to be first train of the day being the only person on the train! I then stayed on for 9 more laps just having to hop out the front row when groups came. Out of my 10 laps that morning I was lucky enough to be only person on the train for 3 of them. When I rolled into the station about to do my 10th lap none other than michaellynn4 was queued up to ride. Hopped off and chatted with him for a minute after our ride, great meeting you by the way! Then I proceeded over to Batman. Batman still feels like it runs full speed in the cold weather, forcefully and quick as usual. 2 of my rides here I was lucky to have the train to myself. After 10 in a row here I was starting to get pretty cold, plus my clothes were soaked at this point from riding in the front rows in the rain. From there I got a lap on Skull Mountain, but without the music playing it isn't quite the same. From there I headed to Panda Express to finally start to warm up. After almost an hour in Panda Express I headed to Skyway for the nice view and on the Bizarro side El Toro_Ryan was operating Skyway! Had a few seconds to chat before I was sent on the return trip! It was great meeting you too! At this point I still haven't ever ridden Great Adventure's Superman, so I headed over to discover it's closed for weather, no biggie but since I didn't want to make the walk over for nothing I took a lap on Green Lantern. It was while in the station there is where I discovered the park was closing at 4. Which was only 17 minutes away. After getting off Green Lantern I booked it over to Nitro for the last ride, they had transferred off to one train and actually got a 3/4 full train. I was lucky enough to be on the last 2 trains of the season to finish my day, and I had an absolute blast! I didn't get to see much of the Christmas lights since it wasn't dark when the park closed, but my sole goal of this trip was to get some rides on some awesome B&M's and that's exactly what I achieved. All in all a wonderful trip and I can't wait to visit Great Adventure again! Scorecard: Skull Mountain x1 Green Lantern x1 Skyway x1 Batman x10 Nitro x12 Just arrived, I was the first car in the parking lot Took this just thinking "I'm about to ride Nitro in January" Superman had ops in the station, but I don't think it cycled at all that day Just setting of off on Skyway Joker side of the park I love this view, Kingda Ka & El Toro are such a beautiful sight together The park was completely dead Still haven't ridden Kingda Ka yet, next visit! Last shot I took before leaving, see you next time Great Adventure!
  10. Awesome report! USJ looks like an amazing park to visit! The Flying Dinosaur is a coaster I must ride one day.
  11. Hey that orange car is mine! The place is a ghost town, so far I have 10 rides on Nitro, 10 rides on Batman, and 1 Skull Mountain. Thank you Great Adventure's re-ride policy!
  12. Anytime! I'm excited for the Waffle Cart, Spiked Cider, & Holiday In The Park, and of course some rides! I'm getting really excited for Monday!
  13. It's official, I'll be visiting the park on January 2nd! I'll be coming solo so if any TPR members will be at the park it'd be awesome to meet up! Nitro in January? I'm Excited!
  14. This is such a great TR, It's great to hear a new opinion of Shanghai Disneyland and the inside perspective on culture differences. Keep it coming!
  15. Thank you for posting all these photos! I look forward to this TR each year! It's very exciting to see how many places you travel to each year.
  16. I loving reading these TR's! I think it's so awesome that you've gotten to ride all the RMCs. Love the detail you go into. Keep it up!
  17. Same here, I love coasters heavy on positive G's. Anaconda along with Tower of Terror makes this park look awesome for a visit.
  18. I think it's always a good Idea to take 37 consecutive rides on I305 On the FastLane conversation, I say if you want to hit the major rides once with one or two re-rides you're ok without fastlane. However you have to spend almost your whole day in line. If you want to relax, go at your own pace FastLane+ is a must. If I was only visiting once or twice a year I'd go for FastLane+
  19. I think all these concepts look great. I'm really fond of the Mine Cart one, I think a Donkey Kong mine cart ride would be a ton of fun!
  20. Last year I believe the price for Winter Chillout was $50. I don't remember the Coastermania price.
  21. The 2016 Gatekeeper crew did a phenomenal job this season. Every time I walked by the ride the crew was always pumping the trains out! 1.9 million just shows how good they really were!
  22. I think this ride looks awesome! They packed so much action into a very tiny footprint. I haven't been to the Kissimmee location, but this makes it a must visit for me now.
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