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  1. It could also be that there 'Autumn magic by the sea' festival is on, locals etc where probably waiting for that to start (think it started on the 13 or 14th Oct. When it is on many people will probably arrive later (after school time) for the lights and parade midweek.
  2. Funny you should say that actually, because a few years ago I saved some of the details of rumours that popped up on Screamscape around the 2004-2007 era. Of course these were just rumors and unsure how true they were....... like I say - copied word for word (at the time) from screams cape:- 2007 - Unknown Project - (6/18/04) Sources tell us that the next big plan 
for the park won't open until 2007 to coincide with the 40th Anniversary of 
the park. Along with the plans for the P1 site, we've heard that an all new 
main gate area will be built and could be open in time for the 200
  3. They are a rare breed, but would you visit a Cred-less theme park? I know this will divide opinion as many theme park fans also like a 'culture cred' ...whilst other people won't see the point in going out their way if there's no creds to be had! The coaster is seen as the beating 'heart' of many theme parks and amusement parks - but a roller coaster isn't needed to be a 'theme' park in the true sense- this throws up some good questions about what constitutes a theme park... an amusement park... a 'visitor attraction'. Also worth a note that Disneyland was Cred-less for it's first 4
  4. from my observations over the years I've always thought in my head that theme park fans come in 3 groupings:- 1, Roller Coaster Fan:-.... exactly that, someone who loves roller coasters in all there forms, ages and sizes..... classic credit whores 2, Thrill Seekers:- Similar to above but is in it for the adrenaline buzz, prefers more intense roller coasters, but also loves intense flat rides, tower rides etc - anything for the rush. May be bored on 'family' coasters and rides or think of them as lame. 3 'Theme' park fans:- loves the art side of theme parks, special effects, dark
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