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  1. Timeout lol. Next week will be my first time in the state if NJ I know the quirk about getting gas but what's this about left turns? Also TBpony414 I messaged you.
  2. Thanks for the info guys! I'm excited just over a week until my first visit!
  3. Question for everybody, is Great Adventutre fanny pack friendly? Is there any rides in the park I can't wear one while riding?
  4. I'm in the "have a twitter and don't use it" group. It's to much hassle to check all the social media's. I regularly check and follow TPR on Instagram & Facebook. I'm in the forums here literally everyday.
  5. I agree with those food trucks. I had the BBQ one and the Gourmet Grilled Cheese one and they were both delicious! The truck festival was very popular, most of the trucks ran out of of food to sell before the weekend was over. I also hope that means we get them again next year.
  6. Awesome! Have a great time. You deserve some time off, lol. Great meeting you the other day by the way. Thank you, it was great meeting you too. It's always nice to meet other TPR members in person.
  7. It's official, I bought a membership during the Flash Sale and I'll be visiting on October 12th! I want to thank you guys already being as I've seen you all post the "plan of attack" for this park many times over.
  8. October 12th is a major Jewish Holiday (Yom KIppur) and public schools are closed in NYC, not sure which districts in New Jersey have school closings, but someone at SFGAdv must have that insight. Thank you, I've never been to Great Adventure, but I've been itching to ride El Toro for years now and this flash sale with the Oct. 31 deadline is the perfect excuse to make it out there this year and some more next year.
  9. Hey guys, I'm seriously considering buying a Gold Pass in the flash sale and there's 3 days I can go to redeem the pass. Monday the 3rd Monday the 10th or Wednesday the 12th in October. The Wednesday would be the easiest for me since its in the middle of the week, but I wanted to ask what's the special occasion that they're open on a Wednesday?
  10. Yes, Melt Bar & Grilled is my favorite restaurant ever. The food is so delicious. Their menu is out of this world. Here's a couple of my favorites. The Dude Abides: Homemade meatballs, fried mozzarella wedges, basil marinara, roasted garlic, provolone & romano Chicken & Waffles: Crispy battered chicken, belgian waffle, sriracha butter pepper-jack cheese & maple syrup for dipping Mighty Macaroni / Creamy homemade macaroni & cheese battered and deep fried, layered with cheddar cheese sauce & your favorite Melted cheese Full menu can be found here. http://meltbarandgrilled.com/menu/melt-menu/ And while this has just been a seasonal item it's without a doubt the best sandwich I ever ate there. The 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon: This is a 10 ounce sandwich with hickory smoked bacon, black pepper-crusted slab bacon, Maple bourbon Glazed Smoked Pork Belly, Canadian Bacon, Herb cream cheese with bacon bits, in-house made mayonnaise infused with bacon, sharp cheddar, fresh romaine lettuce and sliced tomato! If Melt came to Cedar Point I would be beyond stoked!
  11. I love little facts like these. Thanks! On Toro's anti-rollbacks is there tires that spin to retract them up to make the lift silent? Is that how it works on Millennium Force? When those things drop it sounds like the entire train is breaking apart. You can hear it from anywhere in the park. Yes, there are 6 anti-rollback dogs on a Millennium train in pairs of 2 underneath car 1, car 4, & car 9. There's a separate tire for each rollback that spins a magnetic wheel causing the rollbacks to lift up. So when the train stops, a tire goes bald, or a tire goes flat the rollbacks drop and I agree it sounds like the train is falling apart lol. Or if the track is wet or it's raining the tires can slip causing the anti-rollbacks to drop at random spots going up the lift.
  12. I love little facts like these. Thanks! On Toro's anti-rollbacks is there tires that spin to retract them up to make the lift silent?
  13. Conneaut Lake Park has reported in bankruptcy court a $388,330 net profit loss on operating revenues for January through July of 2016. In other words, Conneaut Lake Park has grossed $388,330 less than they have spent in upkeep and general operating costs for the current year. This does not include costs incurred with the ongoing bankruptcy process, but simply what it takes to keep the place operational. From what I understand from an article I read (somewhere in the Conneaut thread I think) in the end of July through August their operating costs were $30,000 a week and they were bringing in $50,000 per week. That barely scratches the surface of all the debt their in but their still may be that little glimmer of hope for them.
  14. I last visited Conneaut Lake in 2014 and it really is looking a lot better than them from those pictures! It's great to hear the park is turning a profit. When I visited everybody I came into contact with was incredibly nice and friendly and they were all very hopeful for the future of the park. Hopefully they'll continue to do well and I'll make another visit next year.
  15. Hey everybody I just visited Darien Lake this past Friday and wanted to share some thoughts. My first ever visit was Labor Day 2014 and this was my second visit. -Operations have improved, even with the blanket 1 train operations, the trains didn't sit in the station for very long. The Ride of Steel crew was doing an excellent job pumping the train out in less than 90 seconds. -The park could use some cleanup, next to ride of steels station & in the queue for Viper there was just trash all over the place. Water bottles, souvineer cups big items, not just can't wrappers. -The new train on Ride of Steel is great, way more comfortable than the old one. -There's not much of an atmosphere in the park, it just feels like your on some land with some rides plopped down. -Lastly, just general aesthetics of the park, with half of the Mind Eraser supports painted, the other parts look even worst, some paint is so faded that it's white or even huge rust spots. Kind of all over the place, but at least the operations improved. I look at this park and see so much potential to be awesome. Like a lot of people I'd like to see CNL out the picture and an actual amusement park operator to give the park the love it needs. Scorecard. Ride of Steel x5 Viper X1 Mind Eraser X1 Boomerang X1 Predator x1
  16. Great report and awesome to see you guys had fun at Cedar Point! When you took the picture with that TPR fan at Millennium I was in the control booth and saw you guys. I'm sure you heard me mention TPR when I did the spiel for your train.
  17. Thank you everybody for the quick responses! I'm looking forward to this return visit! Even on weekends, I305 rarely has any sort of wait and you can usually wait a few trains to make it into the almost empty station. On the rare occasion the park is very crowded, they'll run both trains--but that's a rare occasion. Btw, were you working Millennium Force last Friday? I think I may have seen you. We were also last train of the night on Thursday if you were there. And yes! I was working Millennium last Friday! I'm easy to spot now since I wear a green shirt this season.
  18. On the subject of trains I'm heading to the park on Friday, my last visit in 2014 there was 1 train running on every ride except Volcano & Dominator. At this point in the season would I305 at least be running both? That's where I'll be spending most of my time.
  19. I'm having a blast reading about all these parks! It's really awesome & interesting seeing how different Europeanparks are.
  20. To get in you'll just need to show your platinum pass, and they'll go for 1 hour. In Millenniums case if we finish the regular line at 10:25 we'll open for platinum pass holders from the 10:25-11:25. Hope that helps.
  21. You're correct, Millennium still speeds up during Halloweekends as the day goes on, the temperature plays a roll on how fast it will speed up to.
  22. The outside temperature plays a huge roll on Millennium's speed. Once it gets to about 80 degrees it really lets loose and on those 90+ days that's the millennium Force you've heard all the hype for.
  23. The wind will blow the cables on the towers enough to cause the ride to throw a fault.
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