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  1. Has this RMC Mean Streak stuff really been going on this long?? I can't believe that it's finally happening. . . I can confirm from Winter Chill out Feb 2015. Jason McClure & Tony Clark were clicking through slides, going through the slideshow and 1 slide was a picture of Outlaw Runs double barrel roll. They both go "Whoops!" and quickly clicked to the next slide. Later in that session there was a Q&A and if anybody asked about that slide before the people asking could finish their question Tony or Jason would respond with "I don't know what you're talking about"
  2. While sitting in the brake run of an SLC my hands and feet can touch the support beams to the right side of the train. Just barely, but they can touch.
  3. 2 Season so far at Cedar Point I've spent both my seasons on Millennium Force. One of the greatest things about working this ride is how excited all the guests are. At the unload station when I get to say "Welcome back riders, how was your ride?" 100% of the time the train is screaming & yelling from excitement. That never gets old. You really get a good back workout from having to bend over to check the seats here. The music & the atmosphere of the station never gets old for me, everybody is just so darn excited to ride it makes the day fly by. I consider my shift is almost over when there's 5 hours left. That's how fast time flies there. I've spent a little bit of time at Gatekeeper and wow that ride is a blast to work! In order to keep the dispatches going you have to RUN while checking your seats. The station there always has a nice breeze coming from the lake. It's also nice from the control booth and most positions you can see the layout of the whole ride so you can see where your trains are/ how fast your're going.
  4. What's crazy about Rougarou is they were up in dispatches for the season but down on riders. Plus I guess towards the end of the season Bizarro crew was hauling. I only swung by it once the day I visited but they were hailing.
  5. Thant's for bringing all the great coverage, I turned on twitter notifications on my phone for all the updates your're posting. That's exactly what I was thinking too!
  6. Closing day went very well for my Girlfriend & I. Goliath was our first ride of the day and our last ride of the day. I was surprised, at most of the rides I felt the ride ops were pushing to move at a decent pace. Overall way faster than my 2015 visit. This visit was my first time on a Justice League and it was awesome, way higher quality than anything I expected to come from a Six Flags park. Also most of the bigger rides had groupers in the station, and all groupers were nice when we politely asked to pick our row all of them let us go to the row we wanted. I left that Sunday very impressed and I felt the park improved from my 2015 visit. Also talking to a ride op at Goliath he told me X-Flight reached 1 million riders for the season the previous weekend. Which I'd say is an improvement than no rides reaching 1 million the previous year. Final tally America Eagle x1 Viper x1 Whizzer x1 Raging Bull x1 Whizzer x1 Superman x1 Batman x2 X-Flight x2 Goliath x2 Justice League x3
  7. Better late than never. This trip was my first time visiting Great Adventure, and my girlfriends first time in a Six Flags park ever. We woke up bright an early to get to the park. The day of our visit the parked opened at 11 so we found ourselves pulling into the parking lot at 9:45. When the gates opened we couldn't contain our excitement and headed straight for El Toro, smart move because that resulted in the first ride of the day and staying in our seats for four more rides. Next was Bizarro, which you have all said has the worst crew in the park. But something interesting happened when we were there. The line was short enough for us to walk directly into the station. With my girlfriend wearing her Raptor crew hoodie and me wearing my Millennium crew hoodie a ride op spotted us and starting talking about friends he has that work with us at Cedar Point, and then the crew proceeded to go into turbo mode. During our ride, when we were in the cobra roll there was a train on the lift, and as we hit the brakes the floor was dropping for the next one which resulted in us pulling right into the station on 3 train operation. I guess we were really lucky. Using the advise of everybody we rode mine train, skyway to the other side of the park, and hit Skull Mountain, Nitro, & Batman. All of this was done in 1 hour and we had tackled quite a bit by the time noon hit. By 1 that day the crowds started coming in and for the rest of the day lines were about 30-45 minutes long. We sadly skipped the parachutes, the 1 ride op working was just moving so slow with a decent line we couldn't stand waiting in that line. Kingda Ka & Superman never opened all day but not a big deal. If you told me to pick one of the Intamins to not work all day I would have picked Ka. With Superman we knew we were going to Great America 3 weeks later so it didn't effect our trip. This park as a whole has a fantastic lineup of coasters. But man the layout is awful, dead ends every way you go. It's easy to see each expansion was just tacked onto the old "edge" of the park. Operations at the beginning of the day were very quick, but as the day went on they got slower and slower. While there were crowds that day we didn't see any line jumping and we ran into TBPony414 for a little bit. Great Adventure is awesome and we will be returning on January 2nd. Bizarro x1: Great floorless coaster one of my favorites in that category. Bonus point for fast operations when we rode. Runaway Mine Train x1: It's a fun little ride, the second half was a lot of fun. Twister x1: I love these flats but this one had a very short cycle. Skyway x2: I love how long of a distance it spans, and just like any sky ride you get excellent photos and views. Houdini's Great Escape: It was a fun little ride, we enjoyed it. Sky Screamer x1: This was our first sky screamer and I found it way more thrilling than the Windseekers. While I find the Windseekers very relaxing but with the chains the Sky Screamer I thought was more thrilling. The operations here were the slowest in the entire park. Also -1 for someones hat flying off and hitting me directly in my face mid ride lol. Skull Mountain x1: THIS. RIDE. WAS. AMAZING. We were so happy when we found out VR wasn't running or else we would have had to skip it. Theme 10/10 Music 10/10 First drop 10/10. We rode back row and were not disappointed. We got off literally screaming at each other "THAT WAS AWESOME!" If we had more time we would have ridden it more. Joker x1: Rode the green side & flipped twice. It was a lot of fun, but like everybody else says I wouldn't wait more than 15 minutes for another ride on it. Green Lantern x1: Oh God. Why did we ride this. You all warned us, but we didn't listen. Horrible, just horrible. I don't ever remember Mantis being nearly as bad as this. Tons of headbanging, and just all around not fun. Won't be riding this anymore. Zumanjaro x2: It just keeps falling, and falling, and falling, and falling. That's what it felt like. With the length of the drop so long I liked this more than Falcons Fury. This is my favorite drop tower, and with Ka not running operations were very quick. One of my favorites of the day. Batman x3: I love how much punch is packed into a short amount of time. I love positive G's and Batman clones always deliver. Nito x5: This is now my favorite B&M Hyper. I find these to be so much fun, great floater air, the funky helix before the MCBR, & a great layout all together. It's a ride you can ride all day long and it would never get old. 2nd Favorite coaster in the park. El Toro x9: We came to this ride with our expectation sky high, yeah we came for the whole park but we really came for El Toro. It is one of the single greatest coasters I've ever ridden on this planet. Ejector airtime, quick transitions, positive G's on turns, everything I love about an Intamin ride. This is the star of the park. I wish I could take this coaster home with me, it's that good and then some. I just want it to be next year so I can go back and ride again on a really warm day. El Toro is a spectacular ride. My totally original shot Joker Looking at the front of the park. There's a lot of tree's here. Which I liked. Before our ride on the mountain! Joker looks great! Before riding Green Lantern, my face didn't look like this afterwards. El Freaking Toro Night rides! Ended the night at Nitro.
  8. Wow I would have never called this. Doesn't Maverick usually do one million riders a year as well? Now that I think about it yes, Maverick usually does have one million riders each season, I don't have the final number for Maverick, I'll have to get back at a later time on that one. However I do know that Maverick was re-programmed early in the season this year which reduced it's already low (for CP) capacity, and it had lots of downtime. We joke around at CP that Dragster steals the show for most downtime but Maverick is down a lot too.
  9. This is indeed surprising. I knew it would be down from last year since they lost early entry and Halloweekends Fridays this year but it's still a surprising number. Yeah it's just not that popular, we keep track of dispatches & ridership so we know the full efficiency and Rougarou was way up in dispatches this season (less down time) but the crew told me on a normal 10pm, 11pm, or 12am closing by 5-6pm the were sending trains out with 4-8 riders per train.
  10. Wow, congrats! The most Toro has done was about 1.6 million back in 2010 when the crews were allowed to sprint on the platform. I've always wished we could have the staffing your park has. It's a rare day in hell when we get more than 2 people to check any of the trains at our coasters. Do you know how many riders Valravn and Gatekeeper did this year? Gatekeeper was the most ridden roller coaster this season with 1.9 million this year. Best was 2 million opening year. Valravn was third with 1.6 million. Millennium was 2nd place this year. Magnum, Raptor, Gemini, Top Thrill Dragster, CP&LE Railroad, & Skyride all had over a million riders this season. I wish Six Flags would spend the money on staffing to have 4 people check the train. When I visited I saw a lot of ride ops moving fast, but they have double the amount of seats to check as one of CP's ride ops.
  11. There's no verification system whatsoever on Millennium Force you can dispatch a train in full auto mode with the lapbars up. However if someone actually did that you could kiss your job at CP goodbye. If the seat belt can fasten the guest is good to ride. You all know we have the notoriously short seatbelts. Fun fact: all seat belts on Millennium are the same length, which makes it fair for everybody but the ability of each ride host to buckle a guest of a larger size varys from person to person and that's how we have the rumors that the seatbelts are all different lengths. Millennium had another 1.7 million riders this season. The highest on Millennium was 1.9 million in 2001 I noticed you said you can unlock each car individually, I'm so jealous of that, if we need to unlock it's all the seats or none.
  12. 1. That's awesome that you get the crew hustling like that, congratulations! 2. Interesring note about Intamin's capacity. Even though Millennium runs 3, adding an block (and train) between the final break run and the loading station doesn't increase capacity at all. Millennium Force's max number of cycles per hour is also 36. Thanks! and wow that's interesting. I guess that makes sense with the way the blocks are set up for Millennium Force. But i would assume having that unload station probably makes it easier to hit the 36 cycles. Sometimes we will miss an interval due to people taking forever to exit the station. Plus with the unload station, I would assume it makes loading the trains much faster because there is no delay while loading guests wait for the exiting guests to get off the train. I've always wanted to work Millennium Force, I love the way it is set up. And a quick question, does the computer make you wait to send the next train until the train on the course is at a certain point near the end of the ride? El Toro will not give you a dispatch light until this hill right here. [attachment=0]AF1QipOLTrel6ctuZHRQXhTDESicZh3vGf5eSgJR-4CX=I-U.jpg[/attachment] Millennium gives you dispatch lights as soon as the catch car is back in place. That usually happens sometime between the train descending the airtime hill next to the station or as late as the front of the train entering the straight track before the final overbank. If the trains are running normal speed we dispatch the second that light turns green. If the trains are running slow (during halloweekends or just the beginning of the day) the train will take a little while longer to go through the breaks. Because of that we still get lights but it's up to the person in controls to wait a few seconds before dispatching. If we dispatch too soon the train will set up for a few seconds on the top of the lift, then automatically go over once the train in front gets into the unload station. It's pretty common for us to dispatch to early when the trains are running slow, in the CP thread a week or so ago someone's TR said they stopped at the top of the hill for 5-8 seconds, that's a result of dispatching too early. And we also get that really loud sound of the anti-rollbacks droping when the train stops. And yes I'd definitely say it's easier having separate platforms for loading & unloading. I feel like we get a lot more time to check our trains because of it.
  13. 1. That's awesome that you get the crew hustling like that, congratulations! 2. Interesring note about Intamin's capacity. Even though Millennium runs 3, adding an block (and train) between the final break run and the loading station doesn't increase capacity at all. Millennium Force's max number of cycles per hour is also 36.
  14. Still 20 minutes until the park opens, we might have a busy day today.
  15. It could be different since different parks but I just processed my membership at Great Adventute 3 weeks ago. They scanned our voucher at the toll booths no problem and when we got to the front gate there was a "redeem vouchers" line or something like that. We hopped in that line where they scanned our voucher, took our fingerprint, handed us our passes and we were good to go. It was a 7 second process and I was surprised that was all we had to do. We didn't have to go to the processing center at all.
  16. Thanks for the answers guys, I'll figure out a way to "decorate" mine so it's not just plain. I'll be visiting on Sunday!
  17. I have a question for the regulars? I'm a first time Gold pass holder (already purchased at Great Adventure) and I got the dining membership that came with the souvineer bottle. My question is do all the rides here have those holders for the bottles or will I have to get a locker for them?
  18. Thanks for the compliment Bill! On a side note I'll have a small TR coming from my visit hopefully before the weekend is over.
  19. ^and^^ This. Half the reason I'm excited for my Gold Pass is to visit Holiday in the Park at Great Adventure. The TR's from last year look like so much fun. Plus I want to say I rode Nitro in December/January. Whenever I go.
  20. Kingda Ka can actually run 4 trains at once, they just choose to run a maximum of 3 because they're Six Flags and have only used 1 of the 4 available loading stations for years now. Now that Zumanjaro is attached to the ride, it's lowered capacity even further but they were only running 2-3 trains for years leading up to Zumanjaro. Dragster blows Kingda Ka away in that department. Rollbacks aren't overly common with people on the train. They generally happen first thing in the morning or right after a lengthy breakdown. Dragster can absolutely launch in cold weather (they probably don't run it below 40 degrees but that's rare at Cedar Point during their operating season) but it won't run in rain or high winds. It does have a higher wind threshold than something like Sky Ride or Windseeker though so it's very rare for Dragster to be down for an entire day due to wind. It's absolutely possible but not a major concern most of the time. Interestingly enough, there is some thought behind Dragster only running 5 of 6 trains during normal operation. When I worked there, the main reason was capacity. They found there was zero gain in capacity when adding the 6th train the the circuit. Eliminating the sixth train essentially cut down maintenance needed on trains and also left a spare to swap out when a train had to be removed. Another reason the remove the sixth is it cut down on idle time for riders waiting to exit the ride, improving guest comfort waiting to exit. They usually rotate the color that's idle for the season, you will notice it's usually the same color off track for the whole season unless another train needs a large repair. Wanted to add it was more than zero gain with the 6th train, the capacity is actually lower with 6 trains and more efficient with 5. I know the exact reason why but that falls into the grey area of things I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say. This past season all 6 trains were on transfer and they rotated a different train out each day. Green train was taken off late in the season after the cable snapped.
  21. My first time riding AE was last year, I rode both sides and really enjoyed it. I think it would be a good candidate for a GCI refurb like Ghostrider with new trains, and remove the trim breakers. Even as it is now it's a really fun ride and I didn't even get to race on any of my rides.
  22. Great TR! I didn't know IMG had that many good rides, and it's awesome to read fresh reviews on Flying Aces & Formula Rossa! Thanks!
  23. El Toro indeed melted my face off! We were on the first train of the day and stayed input seat for the repeat laps! I know these Intamins need time to warm up so I'm excited for more rides later! Also riding boldikus mountain was too much fun, I understand all the hype! Edit: we've also hopped on Houdini it was good!
  24. Great Adventute is really great so far. The day has started off great with 6 rides on El Toro, Bizarro Skyride, Skull Mountain, Nirto, & were in line for Batman right now! This park is awesome!
  25. Thank you coasterbill, michaellynn4, & boldikus for all this information about New Jersey roads. This really helps out in preparing for my trip next week. I'm happy to say I do have an EZpass so I'm sure that'll help out a lot from what you described.
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