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  1. I really like the new map design, I'll be taking my first ever trip to Kings Dominion this year so seeing the walkways clearly will be a big help.
  2. Intamin, for me they make some of the most exciting coasters out there. At Cedar Point my friends & I are always re-riding dragster, maverick, & millennium force. Also my most anticipated coasters for this year are almost all Intamin like i305 & Skyrush.
  3. I think this new restraint system looks great. I've always preferred Intamin's lap bars to their OTSR's
  4. Ohio: Maverick Florida: Dragon Challenge: Fireball Sadly, these are the only states I've rode coasters in but that will triple after the 2014 season.
  5. I never understood why flying coasters never really took off. My only flyer is X-Flight/Firehawk but I think the first drop and first turn make an excellent flying sensation. After watching the POV for Sky Scrapper I feel this coaster shows the potential of how good flying coasters can be.
  6. Thanks Robb, It's very much appreciated.
  7. Hey Robb, sorry I feel like such a nuisance. I was registering for Club TPR and when I went to pay I had a problem with my Paypal account that couldn't be fixed for another day so I was unable to pay. Now it says I'm registered but I've been unable to submit a payment. Could you please reset my registration also?
  8. Mostly a rider and a little bit designer. The whole reason I got into coasters is enjoying the experience of riding them. For some coasters I have specific spots I ride in, some the front, some the back, or some 5th row on the left. I will definitely re-ride sub par coasters to get a better ride in a different seat. On the designer front I love taking pictures of coasters with beautiful designs. My phone backgrounds have always been of a coaster.
  9. Wow, I just spent the past few hours reading this entire thread. Everything is great but I really love the Geauga Lake stuff. The first roller coasters I rode were at Geauga Lake. So many great memories at Geauga Lake & Sea World. My last trip there was in 2006 the last year with all the coasters and I specifically remember riding Batman. . .err. . .Dominator 7 times in a row. It was sad as the place was dead the last few years.
  10. New Parks: Kings Dominion Busch Gardens Europe Hersheypark Kennywood Michigan's Adventure Six Flags Great America Waldameer Conneaut Lake Revisiting: Cedar Point (Home Park) Kings Island This is gonna be my first year breaking out from the normal parks, I'm excited to get out there & ride a ton of new coasters.
  11. This is the same thing that happened to me the first time I rode Maverick. 300ft coaster, 400ft coaster then just 100? I remember the day I came to Cedar Point in 2007 thinking "Where is that new coaster?" I was blown away and that first season they had all those lights that turned on in the tunnel launch. It was an amazing first ride. My biggest disappointment recently is Gatekeeper. Prior to the beginning of the 2013 season begging I wasn't aware of new B&M's being forceless, so I was expecting a Raptor like experience and of course that's not what I got. But hey, it's the smoothest coaster I've ever been on!
  12. I like the addition of the twitter feed on option 1. Yes, I could live with option 2 but the front pictures just seams to big for me for some reason.
  13. In car 5 of Vortex at Kings Island 3 of my friends and I greyed out in the middle of the Double Loop. That's only happened to us in that specific car, anywhere else on the ride we're all fine.
  14. Cedar Point: 1 hour Waldameer: 1 hour 30 Minutes Kennywood: 2 hours and Kings Island is 3 hours and 30 minutes away since I go there more than Waldameer or Kennywood.
  15. Hello all my name is Josh, I'm from Cleveland, OH My home park is Cedar Point and I also like to claim Kings Island since I regularly visit there too. I've been on about 40 roller coasters at the moment and in summer 2014 I plan to almost double that number.
  16. First Coaster? Probably one of the kiddie coasters at Geauga Lake. First "big" coaster I really remember? Thunderhawk (well back then it was Serial Thriller) at Geauga Lake.
  17. The first coaster i'm going to ride in 2014 will be Banshee. It'll be great starting off the season with a brand new coaster.
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