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  1. Hey everybody I'm thinking of heading to Hersheypark on Labor Day, how are the crowds usually on this Holiday? I've never been before so I'd like to ride all the coasters and get a few re-rides in if possible.
  2. This year is the biggest for me adding 36 credits to the count. This summer is really my first summer as an enthusiast with first visits to Kings Dominion, Busch Garden's Williamsburg, Kennywood, Waldameer, & Conneaut Lake Park!
  3. It's nothing too special, I've done it twice, all you do is get taken back to Millennium 10 minutes before early entry for the first train of the day! They'll also let you go straight from the unloading platform right back into the station until a line builds up.
  4. The two I've ridden are RWB & Mean Streak so I guess Mean Streak wins? Still some of my least favorite coasters.
  5. I spent my Nation Roller Coaster day hopping from park to park! Spent my morning at Cedar Point, by noon crowds were very heavy so I said to myself I should go to Waldameer! But wait! I've still never been to Conneaut Lake Park and I'm not sure about the future of that park so let me go grab that Blue Streak credit while I still can! Then over to Waldameer! For only finding out about this holiday on Tuesday I think I did pretty good! Started my morning with 2 rides on Maverick! This was a great little ride! It was really cool seeing the hand operated brakes! Then ending my day with this excellent woodie!
  6. Just recently found out about National Roller Coaster Day, for me it was just a great excuse to get out to Cedar Point this Saturday.
  7. All the Arrow's for sure, the one that particularly came to mind for me was Firehawk at KI. If you're in the center seats on that ride the lift way to loud right in your ear!
  8. Yes, I've ridden both FoF's this year and Kings Dominion's was significantly smoother. The MCBR on KD's FoF also didn't grab as hard as KI's
  9. I've been following this thread for the past 150 pages of speculation for the new coaster. I just wanted to say how excited I am for the announcement tomorrow and while I've never been to Holiday World before, they've definitely claimed a spot on my must visit list for 2015!
  10. Exactly! It's hard to say CP is the absolute best when their wood coaster lineup is seriously lacking. That's why I'm completely against I-BOX but I'd be down for Topper Track, but really In my opinion I really just want it torn down and a new wooden coaster built.
  11. That's a great Idea! A total RMC redo of the coaster with topper track is an idea I can get behind. Basically I just want Cedar Point to have an awesome wood coaster back there.
  12. I'm for demolishing Mean Streak and building an all new Intamin, RMC, or GCI woodie in its place. I've rode Mean Streak twice this season so far and even with the re-tracking done it has done next to nothing to improve the ride quality and overall the layout is just plain boring. Cedar Point needs a big and awesome wood coaster.
  13. The Gatekeeper pictures with the rainbow are absolutely amazing! I can honestly say that those are my favorite pictures of that ride. I also agree with your opinion on the lake view on Ravine Flyer II, I've rode Millennium & Magnum dozens of times but the view going up on Ravine Flyer II is easily the best.
  14. Got conformation from my boss this morning that I have the day off! My ticket is purchased and I can't wait to have a blast with all of you! I really can't wait to hop on Banshee again since I've heard it's only gotten better since media day, and I haven't gotten a night ride on The Beast since last fall!
  15. I was thinking about swinging by this park this year. It's sad to see so many rides not operating. This was a great TR though!
  16. I haven't been on El Toro or Voyage, but they're two of my must ride coasters for 2015!
  17. ^^Yes I did ride Wacky Shack! Fun little dark ride! ^Yes they did make me walk all the way around even though I was the only person, but hey you can't fault them for following the rules!
  18. Great TR, Glad you loved Maverick, It's my #1 Steel! Oh, and the "official" term for Mavericks inversions are Twisted Horseshoe Rolls. I believe only one other coaster has them.
  19. First, let me start with Waldameer has the the friendliest staff I've ever experienced at an amusement park, every ride op and staff member was smiling, friendly, and energetic. Multiple times throughout our day walking through the park we would get a random "Hi, how's your day going?" from park employees. The atmosphere was very welcoming and very family friendly, I was really blown away by how nice everybody was there. Waldameer is my second "new to me" park this season. The day we went it was raining all day so the park was dead, and lucky for us no thunder or lightning so everything in the park was operating! Saying rides were a walk on makes the wait sound too long, for most rides my friend and I were the only people riding! We arrived at the park at about 1 in the afternoon and by 3:15 we had already hopped on everything with multiple rides on X-Scream, Steel Dragon and of course Ravine Flyer II. Musical Express: I haven't hopped onto one of these flat rides since I was a kid and man this thing is fast! I had a blast and the ride ops were hilarious. Comet: Decent Jr. Coaster but with me being 6' tall and my friend 6'6" it was a tight squeeze in the car. Steel Dragon: Only my second spinning coaster, but I find these to be really fun! X-Scream: Rode this twice once for a view of the park and once for a view of the lake. I loved that we didn't stop at the top and the tower just drops you, that took me by surprise the first time. Also it feels like the brakes kick in at the very last second, which is great! It was an awesome drop tower. Ravine Flyer III: I am a credit whore, great kiddy coaster. Ravine Flyer II: I knew this was going to be good but man I never knew a wood coaster could be so smooth! So much sustained airtime along with shouting 90 DEGREES every time I rode made it even more fun! Go to Waldameer and ride this coaster! I believe I have a new #1 wood coaster! Now onto what really made my day amazing. We left the park for lunch and returned at about 4. My friend wanted to do the water park but I felt it was too cold and rainy for that so we split up for a few hours. Having done everything in the park I issued myself a challenge. It was to ride all 24 seats on Ravine Flyer II! And you know what everybody, I accomplished that goal! And to put the icing on the cake for four of those rides I WAS THE ONLY PERSON ON THE ENTIRE TRAIN! That's the dream right there! The ride ops were counting down how many laps I had to go each time I returned to the station, and when I was walking around the queue between cycles they would unbuckle the next seat for me. The park ended up closing early at 6:30 ending my marathon but I rode Ravine Flyer II 26 times in a row, and total for the whole day was 29! So pretty much a perfect day. Forgive me for the lack of pictures but It was raining all day so I was hesitant on taking my camera out most of the time. The rain was coming down but we were getting close! We're Here! Because of the weather the park was nearly empty! This picture doesn't do the lights on this ride justice, this was the longest line all day, maybe 8 people in front of us. This was a fun little walk through. Great drop tower, we were the only ones on when we rode! We were the first car of the day on Steel Dragon My buddy Ben & I drying off in the arcade between being soaked walking though the park. Bumper cars, why not? A credit is a credit! Now this is what I came to ride! Such a great coaster. This was taken right before my 24th ride in a row. Such a great day!
  20. This is awesome! The second my request for the day off at work goes through I will be buying tickets!!
  21. I know Raptor's trains like said above are not very aerodynamic. I've been in the queue before they've closed Raptor for high winds and the train was just barely making it to the MCBR before they closed it due to the wind.
  22. This! My first time going solo to a park was 3 Saturdays ago for opening day at Cedar Point. My friend had to ditch last minute because his job needed him to work. I was nervous going in because I thought I would feel lonely and bored all day but it was the exact opposite! First, I walk at basically at light speed so nobody was slowing me down. Also because I was a single rider I was able to jump into empty spots all day! And the best thing was even without fast lane I got 18 rides on the coasters in one day! Of course some were repeats, but I've never pulled that many off with a group. This past Saturday I went to Cedar Point again for a few hours in the morning before the heavy Saturday crowds got there and got 12 coasters/flat rides in before I left at 1pm. Going solo is the way to go if you're trying to ride everything! Of course I'm still going to go with groups, but going solo is an awesome experience too!
  23. I think you're going to be fine on the woodies, they all have old school fixed position lap bars, and Thunderbolt doesn't even have seat belts.
  24. Hey everybody, for the Millennium walk backs for the first ride in the morning during the weekend, how do you get to the marina entrance? First, am I correct that the marina entrance is the one by Famous Daves? Second is there parking over there, or do I have to park in the main lot then walk around?
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