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  1. I'm about 98% phone 2% desktop. I bought a phone with a giant screen and now don't you my desktop nearly as much.
  2. I'm so excited to hear that the Ghostrider refurbishment is turning out to be a hit! I really want to get out to Knott's sometime during the off season to ride this.
  3. I also got to ride Valravn 3 times today for the first time during special ride time for park associates. A few things -The new midway and entrance plaza looks so good I didn't even feel like I was in Cedar Point anymore. -The view from the top is beautiful, test riding Millennium Force every morning I THOUGHT that was a great view but truly the view from the top of Valravn is not only the best in the park, but you get to experience it longer since you have the right hand turn. -The layout is phonomenal, riding Sheikra & Griffon I never thought the ending came to quickly, but on Valravn there truly is a second half to the ride. And the airtime hill delivered some good floater air. Seriously comparable to small hills near the end of B&M Hypers. -Being 6ft tall I've had the same problem as others with vest restraints digging into my collar bone, I'm happy to report the vests are a lot looser on Valravn and there was no collar bone pain at all. -With that said about the vests I'm happy to report in the back row my butt was completely out of my seat and there's just as much airtime in the back row as the other dive coasters. -The 270 degree roll is a VERY fun inversion. In the back right it's a blast. -Final Thoughts, stellar addition to CP's lineup and it ranks #1 compared to Sheikra & Griffon in my book. I'm looking forward to riding it many times this summer! Come check it out!
  4. I'm really excited to get on this new train, my last visit to Darien Lake was in '14 and this new train is an easy excuse to get back to the park. Well that and Rolling Thunder.
  5. It was exhausting but after knowing about the stellar Woodie collection for years Thunderbird sold the deal that we HAD to visit. Friendly Staff, awesome rides, even though we don't have nearly enough time to explore the whole park we thought Holiday World exceed all expectations and I can't wait to go back again this year!
  6. A friend & I last summer made a 1 day trip to Holiday World from Sandusky last summer 6 and a half hour drive. Left at 6AM eastern and got there at 11:30AM central. Spent a little over 5 hours in the park, 6 laps on thunderbird first then we went to the front to do Raven, Legend, & Voyage in that order with Voyage being my 100th coaster. Left the park at 5pm arriving back at 12:45 eastern time. That was my first visit to the park and I loved it so much I wouldn't hesitate to take a trip like that again.
  7. Yes, I noticed that there's no zero car. So that confuses me to on the generation. But I'm happy they went with t-bars! Those are the same t-bars Dragster has!
  8. After seeing the report for the VR I think it looks pretty neat. I'd give it a try whenever I get the opportunity too.
  9. Goliath without a doubt is the best RMC I've ridden, here's my list. 1. Goliath Hopefully I'll add Storm Chaser & Lightning Rod to the list this year.
  10. Take note, this year CP is limiting the amount of people that can attend coastermania since people said it was getting crowded. I don't know what that number is but they specifically cited so the ERT's will have less people so you can get more rides in.
  11. Actually I don't remember, I'm pretty sure it's something anybody can buy but I can't remember for sure.
  12. I'm not seeing anyone talk about this. Cedar Point seems to be following in the footsteps of BGW's Griffon backstage tour by offering their own, and that's a VERY cool thing, considering you'll get to climb to the top of Valravn's lift hill! That opens up a whole new opportunity for amazing views and photos! This might be one of the most exciting announcements for this season! I must have missed out on the details of this. All I have seen mentioned about it is: "-New pre-opening backstage tour of Valravn" Which really doesn't provide many details about it. So that's probably why no one is talking about it. It's along the the lines (though smaller) than the BGW tour. The only confirmed parts are: -YES! You will be able to stand on the top of Valravn's lift and take pictures -You will be able to see the full start up procedures including transferring trains on & safety checks for Valravn
  13. Cobra's curse is shaping up to be really awesome! To mirror what others have said the 3 distinct sections look great, I also loved watching the live stream Robb! Those supports also look great, sleeper hit for sure. I'll get to see it in person when I visit on March 2nd and I may be visiting Florida again in September to ride it!
  14. This is a fantastic trip report! It's so cool RMC is new on the scene so you can try and do all their coasters. The thing that amazes me about RMC is I have only ridden Goliath, with everybody says is the least awesome RMC and that coaster easily made it into my top 5. I can't wait to see how you stack up the rest of the RMC's!
  15. If you ever get a chance, check out the piece on the underside of the train that holds the car for the drop. Compared to the rest of the train it's such a tiny piece of steel plate. It's especially amazing considering the fully loaded weight of a train. I've been fortunate to spend time under Griffon. B&M engineering is impressive. The articulation and bearings in the arms that hold the train onto the track are the key to the smooth ride. I'm late to respond, but I got to take that tour of BGW in 2014. The underside of Griffon's train is amazing! The holding mechanism on the train as they described and showed us is just a chain dog in reverse. 1 dog holding the weight of the entire train! I have some pictures buried somewhere, and yes the amount of articulation on B&M wheel assembly's are quite a bit. While under the train we got to move and flex them all around.
  16. I'm really looking forward to seeing Valravn in person at winter chill out in 2 weeks. Dive coasters are so massive in person. Every one of my non-enthusiast friends is stoked for the coaster. Every time I tell them about the holding break they open their eyes wide in amazement.
  17. When I took the behind the scenes tour of Busch Gardens Williamsburg they said when Alpengeist was built B&M allowed a 1/8 of an inch margin of error in track manufacturing, while when Griffon was built there was only a 1/16 of an inch margin of error allowed. Griffon was 10 years ago so I could only imagine it's even more precise today.
  18. I agree Magic Mountain would cost a lot less than 1 Billion. Remember in 2006 Cedar Fair bought all the Paramount parks for 1.24 Billion so I thinking it'd be doable. What would I do with the money? Re-Open my home park Geauga Lake, restore Big Dipper and for now add a mega lite. Take Holiday Worlds business model. Free parking, free soda, reasonable admission. I haven't thought this through very much but the goal would be to provide an atmosphere similar to Holiday World & Waldameer.
  19. Totally agreed. Put some new wood down, but don't neuter those turns! I also agree, those underbanked turns are what made me fall in love with Legend on my first ever visit last year.
  20. Arrow: Double Loop B&M: Batman: Knight Flight (Dominator) CCI: Villian Dinn: Raging Wolf Bobs E&F: Ravine Flyer 3 GCI: White Lightning Gravity Group: Ravine Flyer II Intamin: Superman: Ultimate Escape (Possessed) Mack: Avalanche Miller: Big Dipper Morgan: Phantom's Revenge Premier: Flight of Fear RMC: Goliath RCCA: Son of Beast (with loop) Schwarzkopf: Scorpion TOGO: Shockwave (KD) Vekoma: Serial Thriller (Thunderhawk) Zierer: Verbolten
  21. I feel the same way about The Legend. (Maybe voyage was too overhyped, but it's still an excellent coaster) I rode Legend for the first time this year and wow was it amazing. I loved those insane laterals, that's what made the coaster for me.
  22. 1. Kraken 2. Dominator 3. Rougarou I think Kraken is a superb coaster, the for me what made it stand out the most is the pacing, I love the order of the elements.
  23. 1st Batman: Knight Flight (Dominator) opening year in Ohio.
  24. Yes! Winter Chill Out is awesome, you should definitely go. I went for the first time last year and had a blast, even met some TPR members!
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