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  1. Wow, that recreation Is beautiful! I like it a lot and I hope that Cedar Point is looking at this forum.
  2. I watch El Toro like all the time, I love the airtime feeling and try to imagine it. The I305 video is also really cool because of the fast turns. The B&M flyers videos are also addictive because of how awesome it looks when they do a pretzel loop.
  3. If I go to Holiday in the park next week on a week day will it be crowded? Also, do they only operate one train on all there coasters?
  4. I hate how they don't let you pick rows on Goliath. I rode it three times when I went over the summer and I had the 8th row twice and the 7th row once. If you sit on the inside seat it helps a little but the ride is still really bad. It's Loudness is almost comparable to Kumbas. SFNE really need to work on this coaster. It's a shame a good ride can turn into crap. And why did they even pick premier to design the trains. All the trains that they have designed have been pretty rough. Do they even have any coasters with shoulder restraints?
  5. How is holiday in the park? They added Superman and the Dodge city bumper cars to the list of available attractions at holiday in the park. I hope they open up Batman and Mind Bender also!
  6. This looks exciting, does that station look like it will have enough room for three cars?
  7. ^ Do you think they would add nets under it like Thunder Dolphin? Would it solve the problem?
  8. So is Great Adventure planning on doing anything to get Kingda Ka to run with Zoomanjaro? When I went about two years ago I got on Kingda Ka in about an hour. I went to Great Adventure again over the summer on a week day and thank God that I got two of those skip the line tickets for haveing a bad experience at SFNE. I got to go in through the exit and got on in no time but the line was literally 3 hours long! I waited in the single rider line for Zumanjaro because no one in my party wanted to ride it. And I waited about 3 hours. It ate up my whole day and I was pissed! I used my other skip the line pass for a last row ride on Toro. And even El Toro had a 2 hour wait! I waited around 2 hours for Nitro and after the first ride there was an extra seat on a train so I just sat in it and got 2 rides on it. I'm from Florida to so its not like I get to go here everyday. My total ride count came out pretty bad... I just got my season pass for six flags so hopefully I stop at GA again this summer. My home six flags park SFOG has way better operations... Kingda Ka X1 Zumanjaro X1 El toro x1 Nitro x2 Batman X1 Skyscreamer x1
  9. 1. Montu 2. Raptor 3. Talon 4. Batman: The Ride 5. Ice: Dulling Dragons Montu is by far my favorite though! And The Great Bear is the worst. It like dragged through its course...
  10. Bush Gardens Tampa is stacked with Sheikra trains. I dont see why this Bush Gardens wouldnt be stacked with them also. Considering no one buys them... And for the new roller coaster it does look really out of place. They should have put it at an angle for it to rap around the lift hill.
  11. Any ideas on how the layout will be? And is this considered a family thrill ride?
  12. This Is amazing! I'm praying that groundbreaking occurs soon! I hope this doesn't end up as another Orlando Thrill Park!
  13. When I was at Cedar Point two years ago Raptor barely made it through the cobra roll and stalled going into the brake run. I still can't believe Goliath at SFNE didnt stall while I was there. It seriously looks like it makes it through the Cobra Roll at like 5mph.
  14. This addition looks great and it gives me a reason to go back to the park. This is a little off topic but before I305 was installed in the park wasn't there a plan for a Vekoma GIB to be installed? I don't know if it's just a rumor or whatever but I thought there was suppose to be one in the place of Hypersonic XlC. But instead we got the amazing I305!
  15. This addition looks great and it gives me a reason to go back to the park. This is a little off topic but before I305 was installed in the park wasn't there a plan for a Vekoma GIB to be installed? I don't know if it's just a rumor or whatever but I thought there was suppose to be one in the place of Hypersonic XlC. But instead we got the amazing I305!
  16. This looks amazing. I hope they build another B&M flyer in America soon! Can anyone find a photo of how the layout will look when done?
  17. This is exciting. I was kinda hopeing for a Zamperla Air Race or an inverting flat but this will fit in well. And from the photos on Instagram it will be themed fairly well.
  18. This is a wonderful addition to the park! I rode the Air Race at Coney Island it was awesome! I hope to ride this one soon.
  19. Six Flags New England Review 7/10 I was at SFNE last week on Tuesday I was disappointed on how all the rides at the park closed around 30 minutes before the park closed. I wanted to ride Bizzaro one last time and get a ride on the Sky Screamer. Sadly i did neither... Do they always do this? And is the park planning on doing anything to Goliath's train? There so rough and it's a shame that it rides like that. x1 Thunderbolt- 3/10 - I rode it in the last row and got decent air time. It hurt so much when my body went flying and hit the buzz bars. x1 Pandamonium- 6/10 - very smooth ride and my first Gerstlaur spinner. I liked it a lot and I would definitely ride it again. I only had time for one ride but it seemed really good. It would be nicer if it was a little bigger but I guess they were a little tight on space. x1 Batman The Dark Knight- 7/10 - I have now completed all the B&M Floorless coasters on the East Coast! I thought this one was a weak ride even in the last row. It even had a strong B&M rattle and also had one of the longest lines in the park. Probably my least favorite B&M Floorless on the east coast. x2 Bizzaro- 10/10 - amazing coaster! It totally exceeded my expectations! Sadly the audio was not running but the mist was. I came with high expectations and the coaster surpassed them. It blew away Millennium Force and wasn't quite as good as SkyRush at Hershey park but it still had amazing air time and it is way better in the last row then the front. The front gives you nice speed but the last row throws you like a rag doll. Amazing amazing coaster! x3 Goliath- 9/10 - Goliath is a great coaster and a coaster that I have been looking forward to for a long time! It had great drops and very strong g-forces. But the train rattle like no tomorrow. It had a really bad rattle at the bottom of the loops and it was very uncomfortable at certain points. The first time I rode it I had my hands up and my back slammed against the back of the seat and I felt a pain that I have never felt on any other coaster. It felt as if my spine got hit with a baseball or something like that. Going backwards isn't as bad as going forwards but it still is pretty bad. I only got to ride in the last row all three times I rode the coaster because they have assigned seating. Maybe it would have been better in the front. Always make sure you sit on the left side of the train for a smoother ride and the inside seats also provide a smoother ride. x1 Boomerang- 6/10 - it was my third boomerang and they all feel the same. It's an okay ride. x1 Scream- 6/10 - the drop felt kind of week because it's an S&S drop tower. I much prefer the Intamin drop towers. x1 Mind Eraser- 6/10 - just your basic vekoma slc. It was smoother then the other slc's that I have been on. It's not as bad as a ride as people say it is. x1- Catwomens Whip- 4/10 - it has to have the longest coaster train I have ever seen. I rode in the last row and it dragged me around the track at a nice speed. The park is good but I'm not in a hurry to rush back and visit it again. If they add more standout rides and if Iron Cyclone is really good then there may be a chance of me coming back...
  20. Yes, it is definitly worth it. I suggest as soon as you get to the park run to universal and do Diagonal Alley then hit the Hollywood rip ride Rockit. Then do Mummy and run around the whole Universal. Then take Hogwarts Express and hit the Forbiddeen Journey and the Dragon Challenge. After that Hulk and Spider-Man will have the longest lines. After those do what you want and have fun.
  21. If it's anything like Manta it will be amazing! B&M flyers may just be my favorite type of coaster.
  22. I left the park at 10:00 today after being at customer service. I will let you know the full story tomorrow...
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