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  1. It looks really good. Do you think this will be better then the Voyage? Also what trains will this be useing?
  2. I like gwazi and honestly did not find it that rough in 2011 when I went on it. It's honestly not my favorite ride and sits there with trains getting sent off once every five minutes. They need a better loading system and maybe a RMC dulling coaster makeover. I wouldn't really hate to see it go as its not one of my favorites. But if they completely knock it down they would have room for something very big. I might be going on spring break weekend and I will try to check it out again. I went last January and I was going to ride it but lines were over an hour to ride it. I hope it gets better soon!
  3. I love sheikra and ride it all the time. I have been on about 80 roller coasters or so to the present day including kingda ka and el toro. I still find sheikra more intense because its so compacted and big and the drops are very tight which give you a ton of air time. Sheikra also drops underground and griffion does not. I like sheikra better overall.
  4. This looks very good. I always talk to funspot on Facebook and they told me today that they are painting wheelie from six flags over Georgia. Not sure what colors it eill be.
  5. I to agree that wild adventures is the craziest wild mouse. It's fun scary and I have an all year pass there!
  6. They have a rollercoaster called the wiener looping. Come on, for real?
  7. The drop on Sheikra and Rip Ride Rockit are really good. Also El Toros and nitros drops are good.
  8. I live and Florida but have never been. To knotts but I wanted to know has anyone ever been on the perilous plunge? Was it a good ride because it goes almost vertical. It looks insanely cool. Did you think they should of gotten rid of it?
  9. I finally rode one this summer at dorney park. It was steel force. It's cool but I like B&M hypers better and other 200ft coasters more.
  10. Mine was the Incredible Hulk. I didn't want to ride it but I had my cousins there and they made me ride it. It was awesome and I have now been on about 104 coasters to the present day. And I am only 13!
  11. ^ it actually runs a lot. It is a very amazing show seeing people eat bugs and such. If you would like to be a contestant in. The show you have to show up an hour early.
  12. Sadly I couldn't ride hulk last weekend because lines were to long but I got an all year pass. 3 weeks before that my school took a graduation field trip to IOA and me and my friends rode the hulk in the last row and I didn't find it to rough. I think after the turn around the launch tunnel it gets rough. Before that it is generally a very smooth ride. B&M also said that they are ready to start building launch coasters useing Lims. Could we possibly see that in the future for hulk? I hope so because the hulk has one of the slowest launches anywhere. Maybe it will at least gain speed faster.
  13. I don't work at any theme parks but I see a lot of things. I got off Popeye at IOA and went to the bathroom and a guy was screaming in there because he said he pulled out his nipple ring. His nipple was bleeding. I also saw a person get drunk in universal last week at a Steve miller concert grabbing his wife's but and his wife was screaming that if Steve miller doesn't sing jungle love she will take off her shirt. They were drunk. Lol
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