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  1. Is Goudrix that bad of a coaster. Is it worst then Ninja at SFOG?
  2. What if these trains get repainted and go to funspot? I'm pretty sure it won't happen though.
  3. Are the trains done yet. Also I had a dream that there were stand up wooden coaster trains on this. This park looks so freak in good!
  4. Every theme park is now required to purchase one of these. It's smexy!
  5. Thanks for posting an amazing video on my Birthday! Rob, do you like the B&M wing riders or the Intamin Wing Walkers better? I know there is nothing really in common but which is better! I wanna win a bag of crap so badly!
  6. Sandstorm is going to have a super long rehab. They changed it and it opens towards the end of the year now. It is also rumored to be going to Sesame place for the next season. I hope it stays because it and Phoenix are the best flat rides in the park. Nothing has been heard about Phoenix moving as it better stay. It's a really sick ride.
  7. That doesn't look that bad. My Bday is tomorrow so I can't wait to see what you post. I wanna win a bag of crap so badly!
  8. Lol, that sucks! You should have asked for a refund. That's weird how just about all the coasters were closed.
  9. Awesome report. Isn't Hollywood Dream going to turn its trains backwards?
  10. Every time I go to Bush Gardens I forget about Sandstorm. It just doesn't go we'll with the park...
  11. Has anyone rember end the other B&Ms that we could see leaving? This sound s crazy but maybe DD at IOA because they no longer dull. There is no use for two of them there. How about Kumba? It's starting to get very rusty and is way to loud. But God forbid the removal of Kumba and its beauty!!!
  12. The FireKraker at Wild Adventures Valdosta Geogia is my favorite S&S double Shot. The one at Dorney Park and the Doctor Doom ones are good to.
  13. I wouldn't mind if the ride was an Acrophobia clone! NO BALL BREAKER!!!!!
  14. Intamin Prefabs are definitely the best woodies on the market. We need more!
  15. I'm hoping for the drop tower that we will have seats like Atmospher at Liseberg! I so hope they get rid of Gwazi because it is so rough. I was hoping for a RMC treatment but I see that is not happening.... I most definitely would not like to see a Dark ride because every other park has one. I would like to see a new giant coaster replace it and I would like to see some cool flats. Maybe a Zamperla Giant Discovery or something around that idea. There is no need for a Dark Ride because there are so many of them. Florida does not have any Cedar Fair or Six Flags parks so that means BG is are only big coaster park. I hope to see a new coaster and a nice new drop tower very soon!
  16. It's so nice to see a B&M invert that can compete with Montu!
  17. This looks good! What was your favorite coaster in Mexico Rob?
  18. She's brave considering I still haven't been on one. How old is she? She's a young thrill seeker!
  19. Can you also ask Rob for a Doctar Doom Pov and for Kraken at SeaWorld and Phoenix at Bush Gardens povs?
  20. I bought a shark pack and I put my iPod in it to get a good pov. Another thing people are starting to do is use those glasses that have the hidden cameras on them. I'm going to buy one of those later tonight. You could also use a watch with a camera on it for filming. Also if you have an IPhone you can buy a Mivue and you put your iPhone in it and it clamps it Doww real good. You should also know that the Mivue is a harness that goes around your chest. It's hand free!
  21. This looks like one heck of a trip. I hope to be joining you guys on one of these in the near future!
  22. Six Flags parks are amazing. It does mainly focus on the coasters but no other park just focuses on coasters like they do. Disney has an amazing theme but they only have 4 roller coasters and there kid coasters. Six Flags has giant coasters and the theme is not all that bad. If you want thrill go to Six Flags. If you want theme go to Disney. I have been to SFOG and SFGA and I really enjoyed them both. Stop being such critics and enjoy what each park has to offer.
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