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  1. That was 17 secs of my life that I will never get back...
  2. The second roller coaster in hear shows a pov of deep space. This video shows all of premieres coasters.
  3. I would take a coaster anyway over theming. I would always go to a six flags park over a Universal park because the ride is what matters to me and the theming generally does nothing for me. I would take the parking lot coaster any day!
  4. I rally don't like the Great Bear at Hershey park. I would much rather ride just about any other B&M invert. I don't hate it it's just Montu is at my home park and it puts Great Bear to shame! Great Bear has no G hugging helix and the weakest Zero-G roll of any B&M invert. Also it's so short I was like, where did the mid course break run go! Its so short avid very weak. I wish Heershey would have gone with something better then that because all there other coasters are way better!
  5. Pirates plunge at Rapids Water Park used to scare me but I rode it. And the Bomb bay at Wetn Wild used to sc re me. But in general none scare me anymore.
  6. This ride looks weird! It does look like a weak layout but hopefully it will be good!
  7. This ride is going to be sick! I can't wait for testing to start!
  8. I can't see the Incredible Hulk leaving but I can see some major work being done on it because of its condition now. It is so rough and not very rideable, I could see B&M giving it harnesses like GateKeeper. I really don't like those harnesses but the Hulk hurts at certain parts. And I still ride it like 5x in a row if I can but it would be nice to get rid of the head banging on the ride. I can see a B&M stand up being scraped soon because they do make your legs feel like jello...
  9. This ride looks amazing! We need one of these in the U.S. so badly. If we get one of these in the U.S. I would be the first in line for it! It reminds me of Possessed at Dorney which I rode 27x straight!
  10. I'm just going to express my opinion hear but i think Banshee is going to suck! With those harnesses the ride is going to be very unenjoyable. And in no way have I ever experienced a bumpy B&M invert. That is just BS like when people say that Maverick is rough and it hurts, they are just being a pussy. I was hoping for a something else but I can see that is not going to happen. With those vest harnesses you don't feel anything and it makes the ride very boring. That is just my opinion of it but I definitely will not be planning a huge trip to Kings Island just to ride Banshee. I will have to wait till they get there next coaster and hopefully it will be something worth traveling for.
  11. I am so excited to hear the news for a giga at Carowinds! But it better not be a B&M coaster. At this point B&M doesn't do crap of me. I have been on 113 coasters and majority of them are B&M. There older coasters are god and there are a few exceptions like the flyers but most of there coasters are boring. Intamin on the other hand blows me away like 99% of the time. There is still a chance that the coaster could be winged. Hopefully it will have a train like SkyRush and have the intensity of Maverick and I305. B&M hypers, Gigas are cool but they don't do much for me. When I went to CP I ride Raptor once, Gatekeeper twice and Mantis twice. And I rode all the intamin coasters like 20 times! B&Ms latest coasters have been disappointing.... Especially with there vest harnesses, they don't let you feel anything and it makes the ride boring.... The vest harness is another reason why I am not ecstatic about Banshee. I can sadly say that it looks like it will suck. God forbid B&M from putting those trains on Montu or Talon! Whatever Carowinds gets will be good but please let it be a B&M!
  12. So did they annonce that a train on Superman Escape is going to be put forward again? I have been waiting for that annoncment for a while now....
  13. Are there any rumors of the slammer leaving? Did it get any spare parts from catapult?
  14. That looks like a fun ride. Don't be expecting to get a lot of airtime on that hill because the harnesses on the wing coaster are very good at holipding you in tight and not letting you move around a lot.
  15. So excited for this! Might have to make a stop to Great Adventure next year.
  16. If Deja Vu is scary I better get my ass on it pronto! The only coaster that scares me is SkyRush but only in the last row. I have been on the Gigas and Strata coasters and Skyrush still opens them all. The first time i rode it on the last row left wing seat my knee got launched into the air with the airtime and it hit me in the face. That's what I call intense!
  17. This trip looked very fun. I wish I could have made it. I think Hades won't get any better over time......
  18. I was hoping for this to be B&M,s first launch coaster. I guess not....
  19. So how was Mr.Freeze? Is it better then a lot of other shuttle coasters? Also does it have a lot of airtime?
  20. All the coasters at Hershey Park are amazing and spectacular except Great Bear. I have been on so many B&M inverts and this one did not do anything special for me. I much rather ride Montu or Talon or another B&M. The best coasters at Hereshey in my opinion are Lightning Racer, Fahrenheit, StormRunner and SkyRush. I love StormRunners launch. It is by far my favorite intamin accelerator.
  21. I went to hersheypark a few weeks ago and it is my second favorite park of all time. Behind Cedar Point of course but every coaster they have is terrific. They are all amusing andi loved SkyRush! It is my N.1 coaster now! It has such intense airtime in the left side wing seat. The harness give you a lot of room and let you feel free so that is what I like about them. They hurt a little but nothing major. I give it a 10 out of ten. I just hope they build a coaster like this at one of my local Orlando parks!
  22. This is probably going to be a small wing coaster. Could this possibly be a launching B&M wingrider?
  23. Thanks for the coverage Robb, it all looks so cool! I cant wait to see a pov of Screaming Condor. If you guys go there but keep posting because all your reviews are just perfect!
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