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  1. My review for Six Flags Over Georgia I went to Six flags over Georgia Fourth of July weekend for three days. I thought it was a really good park but it needs to be maintained a little better. For example the railing that you have to zig zag through on Batman is terrible. There is no cut through if the line is going outside towards he parking lot and when you walk through the whole thing it just gets you tired and annoyed. Since I was there for three days I was able to ride everything and eat a lot of the food. The first time I ever went to the park in 2011 it rained all day and I only rode Goliath, Ninja, Great American Scream Machine, Superman, Acraphobia, Mine Train. On my last ride on Sunday night I rode superman in the very last row and I was wearing nike shorts so my pockets were lose. When we went through the pretzel loop my Galaxy S5 shot out of my pocket and landed on the grass along with my season pass. It took about two hoes to get all the information for everything and it basically ruined my last day at the park. We couldn't wait till closing because I live in Florida and we had to drive home. I'm still waiting for my phone even though they apparently sent it already! x6 Superman- I think B&M flyers are B&Ms best coasters. The pretzel loops on this and Manta are just amazing and super intense! There obviously not the most intense but they are very unique and I do like them a lot. On Friday night they did the Fireworks by Superman so everyone say on the ground where he Superman sign is and the line for it was reaching out apast the actual entrance for the ride. I didn't ride it on Friday but I got three rides in on Saturday and three rides on Sunday. 8/10 X5 Goliath- I rode Goliath multiple times and it is by far better in the back then in the front. On Sunday morning with the early access I went and got to sit in the vey lat row and they didn't make me get up and walk around. The worker was cool to do that. The two things I don't like about this coaster are that after the helix the trims like ruin the ride on the way back. The train drags over the hill after the trim brakes but it then picks up speed on the camelbacks. I also found that it is getting that B&M rattle. I really felt it going down the first drop in the last row and it does feel quiet uncomfortable. Also the turn into he actual brake run bothers me. It's looks awkward and it shifts your body. It just doesn't fit in with the rest of the rides spread out layout... But this is definitely the best coaster in the park. 10/10 x3 Ninja- so the last time I rode Ninja in 2011 I wasn't impressed. It felt a lot like the Arrow loopers such as the one at Cedar Point and Kings Dominion. But I gave it another chance and I'm happy that I did. The first time I rode in the Takis train and the ride felt smooth. It wasn't B&M smooth but it wasn't as bad as an Arrow or SLC. I only had head banging on the corckscrews but other then that it wasn't that bad. The second time I rode in the regular Ninja train and it hurt so bad! My head slammed against the harness and I felt as if I was being shock like a rag doll. I wasn't going to ride it after that but I wanted to see if my theory was true and check if the Takis train was better then hat one and I was right. When I rode in the Takis train the ride was a lot better. 6/10 x1 Great American Scream Machine- ride it in the last row and the airtime was really good. I got the credit in 2011 so I went on it and didn't ride again. I also found it kinda rough, but not as bad as the Cyclone. 5/10 x1 Georgia Cyclone- I rode the Coney Island Cyclone and I expected this to be a lot better but boy was I wrong. My body slammed against the harness on the airtime hills and it vibrates until you can't feel your legs anymore. If you keep your back off of the seat it won't be as bad. Never again will I ride this. 2/10 x2 Georgia Scorcher- It was my first time on this and it wasn't that bad. It is definitely a lot better then Mantis but may not be as good as Green Lantern. I rode in he front and it allowed a lot smoother ride. Defiantly give this ride a try the next time you go to the park. 7/10 x2 Dare Devil Dive- this was my first Euro Fighter and I thought it was great! It's not the most intense ride in the park but it's cool that it does all these inversions with only a lap bar and it is really smooth! The G forces on the loops are great and it rides really well through the tight turns. I only got to ride it in the front both times so I don't know how it is in the last row. 8/10 x3 MindBender- I had very high hopes for this ride and I sat in the front so that the G's would be strong but I wasn't that amused. It rides just like the Scorpion at Bush Gardens and it has a little bit of a rattle to it. I rode it in the last row later and I thought it was better then towards the front. I just don't understand why it is always ranked so high up in the Golden ticket awards. 7/10 x3 Batman- rode just like all the other Batman clones and offers an intense ride. I still like Talon, Montu and Raptor better. But it is way better then the terrible invert at Hershey park. 8/10 x2 Sky Screamer- it goes a lot faster then the Windseeker clones but I do like those better. This is a cool ride to get views of the park but it is just way to short of a ride. And not worth a 45minute wait. 6/10 x1 Dahlonega Mine Train- it was a little rough around the edges but not that bad. I do think at the very end on the last drop it gets really rough in the tunnel. It shakes you and it feels like they ran out of ideas and just put in that track segment. 4/10 x2 Acraphobia- I like this drop tower a lot but they need to learn how to load it quicker.the first time I ever rode this in 2011 I came off shivering but this time it felt not as strong. But being up there is kinda scary. I still like the Arm drop towers and the one at Kings Dominion better. But it is better then any of the S&S drop towers. 8/10 x1 Thunder Run- got soaked going under a waterfall, cool water ride. I also managed to todo the whole water park. The Tsanumi Surge is awesome and it actually gives you some air.
  2. I think the MindBender at six flags over Georgia is over rated. It's not that smooth and it doesn't have the insane G forces that people say it does. For me it's one of those rides that you get he credit for and then go to the next ride.
  3. That looks awesome! How does Kirnu compare to the Green Lantern or Insane?
  4. Looks like a sweet Intamin. Now if we could only get those trains on Volcano The Blast Coaster...
  5. This is a really nice TR! How long did it take to drive from New York to Canadas Wonderland?
  6. I'm going to guess it will be a S&S screaming swing. Imagine another Chance Morgan hyper Lite being built at this park?! Only one can dream...
  7. I thought this was cool. It's a mirror image pov of NightHawk.
  8. A knock off I305 sounds scary. If people grey out on the I305 in America. What do you think the Chinease knock off I305 will do?
  9. I'm suprised no one has mentioned the one at Old Town in Kissimie. It is only like 20-mins from Disney and is a bad ass drop tower. I wonder how Falcons Fury will compare....
  10. So I am planning on visiting SFOG for the second time this Friday. The first time I went was four years ago and it rained all day. The only things I rode were Goliath, Superman, Great American Scream Machine and Ninja. So is there a specific attack plan for this park? What rides do I hit first? On Friday will there be a big crowd? I wanna ride everything and do some of the water park. By everything I mean all the coasters and maybe some thrill rides. What is the best way to get around the park? Also, is there a place to get cheaper tickets for the park? Any information will help.
  11. This video was posted an hour ago. It seems as if every time I see it test it goes faster. It looks like such a badass coaster!
  12. Doesn't look like a high capacillity ride. So does anyone know if the seats spin or something? I think it will look weirded with seats facing both ways.
  13. This looks like a cool trip. I don't know how you can take a three day drive because I can't. Just make sure when your in Florida that you go to Bush Gardens, Seaworld and Universal IOA. I like Disney but if your looking for thrill rides then it's not the best but you definitly have to go. I live in Florida and Bush Gardens is my personal favorite. But my over all favorite park is Cedar Point with all it's coasters and. Intamin love. Make sure you stop there!
  14. This is magnificent. I'm hoping its not like match towers and breaks 2/3 of the way up the tower. What if they give you a choice of having some seats stay normal and some 90*. I'm almost certain that most of the GP will see this and go 'HELL NO!' But that won't stop me from rideing!
  15. Whoa! It's a coaster!!! I'm thinking about going to Canadas Wonderland this summer. I always go to New York every summer and I think I can drive to Niagra falls and then keep going to the park from there. Is it really far from New York, New York? Also when is the best time to go during the summer and what rides have the longest lines?
  16. What is the big deal about all these popcorn flavors? We have more in the U.S. Have you heard of a place called On And Poppin? They have over 100 flavors of popcorn. There all over Jacksonville Florida.
  17. Do you know if any other hypers have seat belts? Or does Leviathan have seatbelts? I hope not because I'm planning on hitting Canadas Wonderland this summer. And when the giga opens I'm hitting Carowinds. Please don't add seatbelts!!!
  18. If anyone follows SFGA on Instagram they posted something called drop wars thursday. So look for something on Thursday.
  19. I've gone on random trips to BG on the weekends and the wooden bridge leading to the station and the actual building you wait in before you get to the bridge is filled up completely. Yet they only run one train... Do they even have a second train? If not they should just get new trains like sooper dooper looper at Hershey park. The ride was ultra smooth the last time I rode it. I'm a regular to BGT and Scorpion is good but don't get to excited for it. I find it jerky and it does throw you around a little but it's still very smooth for a coaster. I like he front better then the back because going into the loop is more forceful.
  20. I wonder how the trains will look. Will they have Banshee harnesses or regular inver harnesses or something new?
  21. It looks like they added a tent or a building or a tent at the entrance of SuperMans queue. Or that's what it appers to look like on the map.
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