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  1. That porta potty and Twizler theming is amazing! This theming blows Disneys away!
  2. Sorry if this has already been mentioned but does this coaster have three trains or two trains?
  3. From other people's experiences' how crowded is Cedar Point on a July weekday in the summer? Like possibly a Monday and a Tuesday but weekdays in general. Will Fastkane plus still be needed?
  4. If it's anything like SkyRush I will s**t myself. It's my all time favorite coaster. I think we have a chance for this one to be an intamin.
  5. Mine was the Hulk at age 8. My sisters was Fury 325 last weekend. She's 9.
  6. They should use all the Dinosaur Alive animatronics and build an awesome jeep themed get away ride.
  7. My Carowinds review from Friday night and all Saturday This is a really amazing park. It had southern hospitality and a great collection of rides. If it wasn't for Intimidator , Fury and Afterburn I would have probably not have gone to the park. But even without those three it's a very nice park and we had an amazing time. I think I may visit again this summer because it's such an amazing park. The food also did not disappoint here. Hopefully I will also be able to get a few more laps on Fury. Fury x6 10/10 All I can say is wow! I am an Intamin lover and I would go anywhere on the east coast to ride an exciting Intamin. When I normally make my theme park trips I always got o the park with an amazing Intamin because I know it will not disappoint me. This is the first time I have ever made a trip to a park for a ride that wasn't an Intamin and I am in shock. Many people wrote about how Fury is a forceless floaty coaster and I have to disagree with them. My definition of a forceful coaster would be Maverick, Bizzaro, El Toro, Kumba, etc. And a forceless coaster to me would be Gatekeeper, Steel Force, etc. Fury is definitely a forceful coaster! The first drop in the last row gives you ejector airtime that can be comparable to an Intamin. The front row hits you with 95mph winds that yank your face back. Riding it felt like I was on a Millennium Force mixed with Maverick. (When I went to ride I305 it was broken all day) But this coaster could put just about any other B&M to shame. The only thing I would change about it would be the turn after you come out of the tunnel. It's to wide and it feels like it could have been a snappy turn to fling your body. The trim is noticeable but if it wasn't there lots of the GP would be freaked out. The helix is long and it does feel like it could be better but it gives you a few seconds to breath before you hit the two airtime hills. The ride in general is phenomenal. I rank it better then Millennium Force and every other B&M. I may be back to Carowinds this summer just to get a few more rides in on Fury! Everyone needs to get there butt out there and experience it! These workers were also the fastest workers that I have ever seen. I clocked them while waiting and they were sending out a train every 30 seconds at the latest. I'm going to call Carowinds and let them know how good there workers were. Intimidator x1 8/10 Intimidator had a longer line then Fury all day. Intimidator is also a ride that I have been looking forward to for a long time. Ever since I heard about it being bigger then the mighty Goliath and Sheikra I wanted to try it. Well I finally did try it and it was a really good coaster. Goliath was still a better coaster then it but it came in a close second. They both beat out Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure. I wish I could have gotten a second ride on it but I only got one ride in the last row which gave me great airtime. Definitely an amazing coaster. Afterburn x2 8/10 I have been on many B&M inverts and at this point they have all started to feel the same. The first time I ever heard about the immelin inversion on a roller coaster it showed a photo of Afterburn and I was intrigued by it. I waited in about a 30min line for it and it turned out to be amazing. I love in Florida and I haven't gone to Bush Gardens Tampa in about two year so I forgot what the amazing Montu was like. This sure did bring back the memory's of it. Afterburn shows know sign of slowing down throughout the corse. It rips through the course at a fast pace and inverts insanely fast. When you go through the batwing underground it roars in the tunnel and it shakes your ear drums. What a good powerful coaster! It would probably beat Montu if it was a little bit longer, but this coaster comes in close second to it. Carolina Cobra x1 6/10 This coaster had the new Vekoma trains on it so that you have nothing to bang your head against. It pulls good G's like all boomerangs but it's still a boomerang. This and the boomerang at Hershey are the best boomerangs that I have been on. Carolina Cyclone x1 3/10 I have been on the Anaconda and Corkscrew so I know how they ride. I rode in the very front and it did make the ride a little better but it was still rough. At least it looks nice. Ricochet x1 4/10 It's your standard Mack wild mouse. I liked the layout of the one at Kings Dominion and LegoLand better. Scream Weaver x2 6/10 I'm not crazy about spinning rides but I do like Enterprises. I don't know who made this one but it was a really nice and fun ride. Drop Tower x1 7/10 If was my first second generation Intamin drop tower and it was really good. It rode better then some of the other drop towers. But I still prefer Drop Zone at Kings Dominion and Zumanjaroo to it. Thunder Road South/North 6/10 This was probably the surprise of the trip. I expected this to be a credit coaster but it turned out to be pretty good. It a had a few pops of air and it's just a fun coaster to throw your hands up and scream on. Not to bad on the rough side but it was a little shaky. NightHawk x2 6/10 I was excited for this considering how much I love B&M Flyers and I was excited to see how it would compare to Batwing but it turned out to be terrible. It was very jerky and there were no good forces on it. We rode it on Friday night because there was no line and we even sat in the last row. It still had weak forces and shook the crap out of me and my friend. Vortex x1 6/10 I don't really care for standup a but this one was nice and smooth. We rode in the front row and it was cool going through the Helixs on it. Not as good as the Georgia Scorcher but better then Mantis and the awful Apocalypse. Windseeker x2 5/10 Really cool ride. I got some sweet pics at the top of it. This is the third Mondial Windseeker that I have been on. But for some reason this one felt slower. Boo Blaster x2 5/10Cool Sally dark ride. Very fun shooting ghost and competing with friends. Carolina Goldrush x1 2/10 It was a pretty bad mine train. Very short and simple. The ones at Cedar Point and Six Flags Over Georgia were better. Hurler x1 2/10 It was a boring ride. Had a very shaky lift hill. The turns shook us to death. We also didn't get any airtime. I would not care if it was knocked down or destroyed. Southern Star x2 6/10 I love pendulum rides and I find these Intamin looping starships amazing rides. If it weren't for there old harnesses I think much more people would rave about how awesome they are. The only downside to this one was how the ride cycle was shorter then the one at Bush Gardens Tampa. Hopefully the park will remove Dinosaurs Alive and replace it with something good. I wonder how much money they make with that junk. I didn't see anyone go to it the whole time I was at the park.
  8. So I made it to Carowinds at 8:15 and got the after 4pm ticket because I am dieing to ride Fury and just finsihed a 6 hour drive so why not? I rode Fury 3x and it is amazing! It has fast transitions like Maverick and airtime I could almost compare to an Intamin. Its not no Skyrush or El Toro airtime but its great airtime! Im going tomorrow for the full day. I will be weareing a shirt that says size matters and shows Kingda Ka on it. If you run into me say hi. I shall also post a full trip report soon. And ine last thing... NightHawk tried to break my whole body. Its not the worst coaster ever but its really bad... But still an awesome ride!
  9. How long is the current wait for Fury right now? And how long do you all think it will be tomorrow?
  10. I'm scared about the crowd on Saturday but hopefully the rain is gone. Any first timer advise for this park? Is there a certain order I should ride the coasters in? I can't get Fast Lane plus so I hope the lines aren't that bad...
  11. Hey, I'm driving fRom Jacksonville Florida to Carowinds for the very first time this weekend and it says that it is expected to rain. I wanted to know what is Carowinds rain policy. Will they give me money back if it rains to much or will they still leave the rides open in the rain? Or do they offer rainchecks?
  12. That looks beutiful. Why couldn't Six Flags have gotten these instead of the Super Loops..
  13. I rode SkyRush over 23x in one day. I rode possessed at Dorney park 17x in one day. Ive ridden Manta and Kraken at Seaworld Orlando probably 200+ times. I ride them atleast 15x minimum when I go. I did Daredevil dive like 6x without getting off during Holiday in the park last December. And I have ridden Superman at SFA 5x in a row. I did Gemini about 15x in the last row one time. It has great airtime.
  14. So does anyonEm still talk about elevator Johnny? Or any other scary stories? Are the cables really back there in the woods? I found an article about this when I was driving home from vacation, sorry to bring it back up.
  15. This looks Really cool. I'm hoping that Inwill be able to ride this coaster for my Birthday in April.
  16. I say Fury because Giga coasters are just amazing! wicked Cyclone looks exciting also because it will be my first RMC. Sorry if people are going to hate me for this but I don't think that Thunderbird looks that promising. After rideing GateKeeper these B&M wing coasters do not excite me.
  17. Maverick restraints are definitly going to improve the ride. Even though I don't have a problem with it... Please build a 200ft Intamin woodie Cedar Point!
  18. SkyRush is my number 1 coaster so I have no problem with this! Imagine sitting in the winged seat 500ft in the air!
  19. WoW! This is just pure awesomeness! I wonder what type of coaster Intamin will use for this.
  20. That would be amazing but what I have been hearing lately is that it will be a Mack. But I think it could be possible that we will be seeing a Intamin spinner because they have a. Good relationship with Bush Gardens. I think the main problem with an Intamin is that it can't hold a lot of people. Could it handle the parks crowds?
  21. Imagine if the project gets changed into a giant aquatrax! Haha But I could see an Intamin Spinning coaster car on this. That would be awesome going down and spinning!
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