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  1. Do you plan theme park tours for individuals also? So if I wanted to plan a North America theme park tour for next year, would it be possible to go through Robb to help organise and book it, or is it just group tours Robb does?
  2. Out of Six Flags it will only be Magic Mountain and Great Adventure. BTW, how do you get the users name in the quotation box when using quotes? lol
  3. so let me get this straight, they make the tickets ridiculously cheap, yet slug you inside the park with food/drinks, merchandise etc? isn't that what all the parks do? lol. I am in 2 minds about visiting Six Flags parks because i have been hearing a lot of negative reviews about the business but yet they have such wonderful coasters.
  4. hey guys, being new to most of this i have a question about the six flags season pass. i am a little confused about the pricing. why is it so cheap??? lol. i am heading to the US later in the yr and looking at going to at least 2 or 3 parks, so would i be better off just purchasing a season pass than general admission each time i go to a park? thanks guys
  5. thanks for all the help guys, much appreciated. sorry for the late replies, been hectic this part of the world but i have narrowed down my picks for the parks to visit. since we have pretty much planned where we are to stay for the duration of the trip, its made it easier to pick which parks to go to yet its still such a tough decision picking which parks in that area. with a trip to Toronto instead of Vancouver on the cards, this may mean i can hit Canada's Wonderland also which would be fantastic as i always liked the look of that park. Like i have stated in previous posts, i am travelling with 3 other people who although like the theme parks, aren't as crazy about them as myself. In saying that, i'm more than happy to hit more parks than what we will be seeing, so if anyone out there is willing to show me around to a few parks, or just the aera in general, that would be awesome. i don't want to sound like a desperate person but i like meeting new people especially from other cultural backgrounds so don't be shy to PM me or send me an email just saying hi, it would be nice to meet people with the same interest for once. I always seem to like the things that normal society doesn't lol. so these are the dates on our schedule LA - mon aug 25- sat aug 30 - (will be doing Six Flag Magic Mountain & Disneyland) Toronto - sat aug 30 - thurs sept 4 (maybe Canada's Wonderland) NY thurs sept 4 - mon sept 15 (Six Flag Great Adventure or Hershey Park) orlando - mon sept 15 - thurs 18 sept (Universal Studios & IOA, Busch Gardens & either Magic Kingdom or SeaWorld) miami - thurs 18 sept - sat 20 sept Las Vegas - sat 20 sept - wed 24 sept (AdventureDome if time permits)
  6. just saw these dates......... missed out by 1 week!!! il be leaving LA the weekend before lol. really would have loved to joined this bash! argghhhh!!!
  7. I reckon 2 days in disneyworld is enough for me. Well thats a lie i could spend 2 weeks there myself haha but my travelling companions wouldnt want to spend 4 days at the same park. Hersheypark is high on the list for me. Its a park i think all my friends would enjoy considering its run by a candy company lol. We may be changing our arrival date to the middle of august just for the fact we can do these parks during the week.
  8. thanks RCDUDE, that would a really imforative post. much appreciated. ive decided against seaworld for the trip. we have seaworld here in australia and although its better in the US, it is very similar. i guess il stay away from universal hollywood, been hearing the same things about the place lol. might have to add a few extra days in florida and do an extra day at WDW and universal. i do have a few questions about the Cali parks. i didnt book the trip but if i had known i was going to visit the US i would have booked during the summer so the parks are open during the week lol. in saying that, the big parks like magic mountain and knotts, do you know if they are open during the week during this period? what are the crowds like that time of the year on weekends? any suggestions on best days or times to go? what rides to hit first?
  9. which parks would you suggest instead of them? im open to any ideas i would love to spend 4 days at disneyworld but it all comes down to timing. i dont think we are spending much time down in miami and orlando so i dont want to use all that time up for disneyworld. again i have to consider my friends and they have other things they would want to do while there. hence why doing universal studios hollywood would be better suited for our trip since we are spending more time in LA. but yeh i agree Universal orlando does look better than the Hollywood park lol we dont plan on driving across the country just from the city we staying in to whatever destination. we will be flying out from the major cities but driving around from there. im still learning where everything is in america but how close are NYC,boston and Philly roughly from each other?
  10. Thanks for all the info guys. Ive narrowed down my searches and although i want to see them all, i have to be realistic abd choose only a select few. 10 should keep me happy lol. Ive decided to do disneyworld instead of disneyland. Been doing alot of research and it seems disneyworld has more to offer. Same with universal studios, both seem similar so ive choosen world of adventure in florida and US hollywood. LA SIX FLAG MAGIC MOUNTAIN UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD KNOTTS BERRY FARM FLORIDA UNIVERSAL STUDIOS WOA BUSCH GARDENS DISNEYWORLD ( 2 days) NY/NJ SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE CHICAGO SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA CEDAR POINT HERSHEY PARK OR KINGS ISLANDS POSSIBILITES DOLLYWOOD & SILVER DOLLAR CITY Im going to hire a car which seems the best option for some Of the parks. I will post dates soon once we have finalised all our flights and itenary so if anyone is keen to show us around and is in the area around the same time feel free to let me know
  11. Ok wow wasnt expecting such quick responses lol thats soo cool! I totally forgot about busch gardens!! Again its such a tough descion to make especially since going to theme parks is a whole day trip. So i cant visit them all which sucks so much! Lol Heres what im thinking, given parks are disneyworld, six flag magic mountain, universal studios orlando, six flags great adventure, busch gardens., knotts berry farm. Now cedar point is high up there but depends on the travel arrangments we have. Not to sure on where everything is but is cedar point near indianapolis? Because i may be there for the NHRA nationals . Also if there are any nice folk out there who would like to accompany me and my friends ( 3 lovely aussie ladies) to any of these parks feel free to let me know. Would be awesome To have an experienced guide to help us enjoy the best the US theme parks have to Offer
  12. Hey, first time posting here, have lurked for a while but not i guess i have some input. Not sure I'm posting in the right section but im sure il be redirected to where ever. Ok so here goes, Me and some friends just booked a trip to the US and A ( sorry had to do it in the borat accent) and my first thoughts were of course which theme parks to visit while on the trip. I have been a huge rollercoaster enthusist since a teenager but here in australia we dont go too many of them. For years ive been looking on the net at all the theme parks in america, and like a little kid i would plan my visits, which rides to go on, which attractions to see etc and do itenaries for them all lol. I know loser right!! But when it finally set in that i was indeed traveling to the US and A, ive come to a huge problem..... Which parks do i actually go to?? Obviously i cant be selfish and spend the whole 5 week trip at theme parks since im with others but i do want to do a fair share of them. Now we are planning to stay in LA, vegas, miami, san fran, new york, new jersey, canada and maybe chicago. What i would like to ask you lovely folk is which are the better parks to visit in these cities. I gotta toss up between disneyland or disneyworld, universal studios cali or orlando, seaworld san diego Or orlando? If i get the opportunity to travel elsewhere in the country do i do cedar point, silver dollar city, dollywood, kings domain? Arghhh too many choices!! Lol. I know this is an opinion based topic but would love thoughts on it. I think ive given enough info on the trip. Oh yeh and we travelling in late august through to the end of september. Thank you
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