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  1. ELITCH GARDENS: 2015: S:UF (SFDK) Clone on the old flying coaster's spot, with dual stations. 2016: Rehab Tower of Doom & Half-Pipe to be more reliable. Return Tower of Doom's third side to operation. Retrack majority of Twister 2. 2017: New waterslide wherever the could fit it. Possibly a looping capsule-drop body slide that somehow goes around Ripcurl. 2018: Remove some of Disaster Canyon's unused queue in the middle of the ride area and replace it with a SBF Visa Maxi Dance Party 360 (SpinCycle at Silverwood type ride). Have the entrance & exit cross over Disaster Canyon between the Panda Express and the scenic tower piece. 2019: Remove Dragon Wing (Chance Aviator) and maybe sell it to Lakeside or another amusement park. Replace it with a 235ft Star Flyer. 2020: Reinforce Ghost Blaster's building and put a Wild Mouse or other family coaster on top of it. Keep queue switchbacks on top of building also and find a way to bring the line down to the ground, maybe having ramps replacing part of Ghost Blaster's outdoor queue. SILVERWOOD: 2015: Kids flat (Already announced by the park IRL) 2016: Large Skycoaster or Slingshot, or both. 2017: RMC Wooden coaster that the park has planned, for 30th operating season. 2018: Larson Fireball park model (Brain Drain type ride). 2019: Hopkins Shoot the Chute 50ft model, Chance Swinging Ship family ride. Tie-in themes together for these rides. 2020: Enclosed Intamin Half-Pipe coaster.
  2. An Enterprise! I can tell from the base, because that's what it looks like in-game.
  3. I can see a water park expansion and a wing coaster sometime soon, but I still think the park has a GCI woodie sometime in it's future, since CW hasn't had a new wooden coaster since the park opened.
  4. I love the wooden coaster, and it fits the park perfectly! Your park looks really nice! Keep up the good work.
  5. I actually do really like this story even though I haven't commented before. I'd like for you to continue the park
  6. G.I.B.'s first spikes, and Sidewinder (Elitches)'s backwards drop in the front car
  7. Steel Rides' Drop Tower also has 5 cages, but it's closer in height (Taller by about 30ft instead if 70ft). Also, it doesn't have the base platform that RR's has (ToD doesn't have the base platform either) and the magnetic brakes on Steel Rides go up about a little more than a third the tower's height (like the real ride), unlike RR's unrealistic 1/6 height for the brakes. The cars, tracks, lifting mechanisms, brakes, and pretty much everything look about the same (so just as good) as RR's tower. I can email you the files if you'd like.
  8. Which Drop tower CFR are you using, RR's or Steel Rides'?
  9. For those of you who know what the "Oculus Rift" virtual reality system is (If you don't, you should definitely look it up), someone put Helix into the program, as seen here in one of "Jacksepticeye"'s videos: EDIT: Warning, the video is verbally explicit.
  10. The Rockport Power plant is 20 miles away. That is still $6-$10 Million if we go by what KevinM says the cost would be, which would be a large portion of the current cost of the coaster.
  11. For some reason my computer can't take screenshots (It's from like 2006 so that may be it), so if you could take a screenshot of Twister 2 in Google maps or something and email it to me I can trace the line in Paint and send it back. I'll PM you my email.
  12. I like your park very much! The two coasters that you've showed us look great! My only bug was the prices for the looping coaster, saying it was 15 million and that a new mega looper was 35 million. Viper at SFMM, the world's largest mega looper, was only 8 million. So I think your prices are off, but otherwise it's a really nice park!
  13. Shipwreck Falls looks great! A lot more realism with what you did there! Also, the blasters wall part of Disaster Canyon looks pretty good as well. I'm glad you found the Ghost Blasters layout as well, it makes that a lot easier. I don't know about your wishlist, because CT waterslides have not came out yet, and you may want to get NL1 for Sidewinder. I also don't know what to do for the entrance, either, but I'll guess you'll have to look. Anyways, you're doing pretty well right now! P.S. I'm jealous of your job!
  14. Those supports look much better! I like your park, it has pretty good scenery and what rides you do have look very nice. But that brings me to my only issue with the park, it is lacking in attractions. I know it is explained, but 8 is still pretty small for the park's current used area. Luckily we all know that more attractions will show up over the years, so this issue will be resolved. Keep up the good work!
  15. The layout for Disaster Canyon is decent. In scenery, it is lacking the waterfall section prior to the portion that goes under Shipwreck Falls and it lacks the water shooter-thingy (water blasting of the side walls) that is the portion under Shipwreck Falls. Also, the trees are not nearly that tall in the Disaster Canyon area. I'd also use a variety of colors for the rocks, like the current red, plus grey and tan. The queue line path is going to be really difficult to accurately recreate so I may have to draw in paint what the path is along with Twister 2's line with a map from google maps. Otherwise, it's going well! I'm excited for more updates
  16. I think even 5-10 minutes are good signs for parks when it comes to major coasters, because that means that the trains are at least sending out full trains and are running at full capacity.
  17. I don't know about that.... http://rcdb.com/81.htm (1980) http://rcdb.com/897.htm# (1981) Unless Vekoma was representing Arrow in Europe, but then again why wouldn't it say that Python was Arrow designed and Vekoma built? I guess that this is only one example though.
  18. As of yesterday and today, Half-Pipe has reopened. It may have reopened at the beginning of this week but I'm not sure. The park still has the ride listed as closed on the signs at the entrance of the park showing which rides will not be operating, but they have managed to open the ride a few hours into the day and keep it going the rest of the day. It's still a kickass ride
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