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  1. So as nobody else has updated about Brain Drain, I'll just say something from today, my 5th trip to the park this season and 4th time on the ride. The ride is very fun, much better then the often-sketchy Fireball/Ring-O-Fire fairground rides. I looks very professional from the queue to the ride set up and the park did a very good job on this attraction. It also has a slightly better capacity compared to the fairground rides, which helps with lines. It has been popular with guests, with the ride never getting a line shorter then 30 minutes even on a weekday (But this may be due to the fact that the park has been doing very well recently, with most major coasters and rides still getting hour lines on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, even with the popular water park open). The hangtime and flipping is an awesome experience, and it has a good length ride cycle. I'd actually like to see more parks buy the park-model fireball ride as it is a popular addition and is a great ride. Sorry, no pictures for now but maybe if I bring a camera next time I can get a few shots. Thanks!
  2. Comparing to my recent two-days-in-a-row trip to the park (I live in the Denver area and this was my 4th & 5th time this season), this looks pretty decent. Things I noticed: -Orientations of rides are messed up, but that's RCT3's limitations. -Most of the queue rails are actually blue or purple. -Half-Pipe's queue cover is yellow-red-yellow, not grey-red-grey. -Twister 2's transfer track isn't there (It may have been a space issue). -It looks like you had trouble fighting Twister 2's actual line inside the structure, because you only have the flash pass queue right now. -The stair well to the station of Twister 2 is off set by a in-game unit, it is currently a square too far away from the track. -The stairs themselves are also all on the right of that section of the line, with the left side being flat to the ground. -Part of Twister 2's queue goes under the ride station. Good stuff: -Twister 2 looks great! It would be extremely hard to build that layout and its supports in-game, so you did pretty good for it! -The other rides are really good looking and their queues are pretty exact. -Glad you are using a CT for Boomerang (makes the ride fit better) and hope you use one for Mind Eraser as well. -The Shipwreck Falls area looks really nice! -I like the paths and foliage so far and I'm excited to see them finished. Glad you are recreating this park, because it is a pretty great so far. keep up the good work!
  3. Has anybody else see this video? i really love this song and the video has great footage of the park.
  4. Since Elitches is now run by Premier, they also had a Zendaya concert, which I went to. I sometimes listen to that kind of music (similar to Ariana Grande), so I enjoyed. It also had a HUGE crowd, similar in size to the one you saw at Frontier City. Anyways, I'm glad the park seems like it's going in the right direction with fixing rides, repaints, and larger crowds. Sad to hear about Wildcat but it looks like they have a decent ride collection.
  5. Mind Eraser @ Elitch Gardens on Opening Day, but that should change this week when I go again.
  6. ^For the 2 coasters that have 2 trains, Elitches also uses this system and it works out well!
  7. As a current Coloradoan, I actually love Twister 2. It runs pretty fast, at least it has this season and last season (the 2 seasons that I've been in CO). I actually like the roughness because it adds to the classic "rough & tough" feel of the ride. Anyways that's my opinion, and it does look amazing with new paint . Zeus in summer 2011 still holds roughest for me.
  8. ^There have been a few custom tracks made from Cedar Point and most custom tracks are clones of real rides. I like your park, and that you're using a lot of CTs!
  9. I'm loving this! Just a few questions: Why does the Impulse only have 5 cars instead of 7 or 8? Why don't you use the Deja Vu CT also at RealTycoon3? It looks much better.
  10. Very interesting park! I love the similarity to other Six Flags parks by building 2 coasters at once! Can't wait for the next update!
  11. Elitches' 20th anniversary in its current location is in 2015 so I'm hoping for a new coaster.
  12. I haven't ridden any coasters in their opening season, but I rode SpinCyle at Silverwood in 2013 for its opening season and I will be riding Elitches' new flat ride Brain Drain later in the season since I didn't ride it last Saturday when I went for opening day.
  13. I'm loving the supports with the correct connectors (I've seen a lot of Mack launchers using Arrow or B&M connectors). I don't have a problem with the colors. I like it!
  14. Those look great! Why does the star flyer only have 1 seat per swing though?
  15. Great TR! Sucks that you had a bad ride on Stunt Fall. If you ever get to Silverwood, Aftershock is a pretty great ride and also very reliable for a G.I.B.!
  16. @David0069151: Safari J's Skyride Covers (www.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=1402) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I recently visited Greywood again for 1988, and I'm happy to say they added a new ride! Wave Swinger is a new family swing ride located by Greywood Log Chute. Here are some pics of the new ride! Always start with an entrance picture! Tea Cups got a more vibrant repaint. Here it is! Wave Swinger! Here is the line and ride sign. Another picture! I'll leave off with a picture of the Log Chute. Interesting news, the park has also hinted that they're looking into building a new steel looping coaster for their 10th anniversary in 1990. I wonder what it'll be.... ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thoughts on Wave Swinger? What do you all think the new roller coaster will be?
  17. Update #5/1987/ Greywood Log Chute ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Michael Graham here from Greywood in 1987. I missed an update last year, but a new attraction opened up this year! Greywood Log Chute is a new flume ride that the park built to soak riders on those hot days! It wasn't too popular the day I visited, but it's the middle of March and I heard that it was packed on opening weekend. In other, sadder news, at the end of 1986 the park chose to remove the Skyride. Noted reasons are that is was the least popular ride and was more expensive to maintain then other, more popular rides. The stations of Skyride were saved, with the Corkscrew end being turned into a bathrooms building and the Parachute Drop end being turned into a currently popular midway games building. R.I.P. Skyride 1980-1986. Now onto pictures of 1987 and Greywood Log Chute! The entrance area, now with Skyride no longer looming above it. The new midway games. This side is facing Parachute Drop. This side is facing the Ferris Wheel. The former station turned bathrooms building. You can now turn right after walking past World War 1: Fighter Pilots. The station for Greywood Log Chute! The new log ride has a switchback as well as Stuntman's Dive. Most of the ride is located in a densely-wooded area, so it is hard to photograph. The ride has 1 drop, and you hit 30 mph before splashing down! Here's to many more years of family fun at Greywood! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Feedback Appreciated!
  18. ^Demon Drop is at Dorney Park which also has a S&S tower ride called Dominator.
  19. Update #4/1985/ Stuntman's Dive ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I visited the park on Memorial Day of this year to see the opening of their new ride, Stuntman's Dive! I think the park did a very good job with the new attraction and the ride itself is terrifying! It was the perfect addition at Greywood to pull in more of the thrill-seeker market. Here are the pictures! Welcome back! This is one of my favorite pictures that I have taken so far. The ride sign. Author's Note: I will fix this sign as the end of "Stuntman's" is barely readable. The ride area. Stuntman's Dive is the first ride in the park to get a new type of queue line, called a "Switchback". Early in the day, it was completely full! The ride has a very long area, extending past the edge of Streamliner! In the ride experience, you first get pulled up the 131 ft tower. Once at the top, you slowly inch forward... Then you drop! After the drop you hit the brakes.. And then you are corrected to an upright position before being pushed back into the platform. The ride has a significant impact on the skyline and is a great addition! That's it for now! See you all next update! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thoughts on Stuntman's Dive?
  20. ^Do you mean between Gladiator and RattleSnake? Because Black Stallion and Gladiator are on opposite sides of the park from each other.. I don't know if you noticed JonnyRct3 (You may have already done it), but there is a new version of the Freefall CFR. It is less than half the poly of the original and is recolorable. The best thing is since it has basically the same everything as the old version, all you'll have to do is replace the old files with the new ones (They both go under the same name). When you open the game,Towering Inferno will suddenly be less poly (Noticeably less lag for me) and recolorable! It also keeps all the info from the ride such as amount of total riders, were the entrance/exit are, mechanics and loading/unload times, etc. It helps a lot if you haven't already done so! It's on CS Depot and SGW. Anyways I love your park and it has a very nice vibe to it! What did you use to make the station for the kiddie coaster in Kid Town?
  21. I'm impressed by the park's improvements! Wish that Anaconda had gotten the new Vekoma trains, but at least it is running smoother (according to KDGY75). Since this anniversary is apparently lasting through next year as well, I wonder what we'll see then.
  22. @JonnyRCT3: Thanks! Update #3/1984 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Michael Graham here, and I recently took my annual trip to Greywood. Nothing new this year, but they did announce a new ride! You'll have to see it at the end of the pictures. Back again. Dining Area. Skyline picture. World War 1: Fighter Pilots. Streamliner. Here is the artist rendition of Greywood's new-for-1985 attraction, Stuntman's Dive! A new Intamin AG designed & manufactured "Freefall" attraction, Stuntman's Dive will be 131 feet tall and reach speeds of 55 mph! I personally am super excited for another thrilling ride at Greywood! It is rumored to be located somewhere on Parachute Drop's side of the midway. Check in for the next update! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I'm excited to put in Stuntman's Dive. What are your opinions?
  23. Update #2/1983/ World War 1: Fighter Pilots ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Once again I visited Greywood to take pictures. After riding the new World War 1: Fighter Pilots, I must say it's a perfect addition for the park. It is another fun family ride that was cheap, is easy to maintain, and has decent capacity. Guests to Greywood have received the new attraction quite well. Hope this leads to even more expansion in the future! As always, pictures: This is getting familiar. Thunderhawk is also being received well since most of the issues have been fixed. Something new down this way! It's World War 1: Fighter Pilots! As I said, a fun new ride for all ages. In other news, the park has finally installed Greywood Express' brake run catwalk. They even added a catwalk from the station to the first lift! Once again, it is time to go. I can see a bright future ahead for Greywood, and hope that they expand more! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thoughts on the new ride?
  24. I like the idea! Maybe SFMM will put the concept on YOLOcoaster.
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