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  1. Sorry I haven't updated in a while, here's update #8. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Berik here, and oh my goodness it has been quite a while since I've updated you! 2 operating seasons, in fact! Here at FVAP we've just started our 1990 season and I would like to show you pictures, including those of 3 new rides that have been built since Cyclone. Most of the pictures of those 3 rides will be from their opening years. For 1988 we opened Oinkers!, a spinning flat ride for families! In 1989, our 5th anniversary, we opened Fresno Flume, an Arrow Dynamics log flume. It has the steepest drop of any log ride, sending you down a 60ft drop at 60 degrees!This year we opened Pirate Peril, a swinging ship ride! Hope you enjoy these pictures from an amazing 1990 opening day! Shot0129.bmp Welcome back! Shot0130.bmp Here is Oinkers! from 1988. Shot0131.bmp It is an adorable little family ride. Shot0132.bmp Here is Oinkers! in 1989 with the then brand-new Fresno Flume! Shot0134.bmp The 65ft tall Fresno Flume reaches 40 mph on the main drop. Shot0135.bmp It has a very nice placement in the park, by Cyclone and Oinkers!. Shot0136.bmp It has a relatively simple layout. 1 long lift and 2 short lifts, with 3 drops. Shot0137.bmp Our newest attraction, Pirate Peril, is located by Happy Mountain and Freefall. Shot0138.bmp It is a large family ride. Shot0139.bmp The ride in almost full swing! Shot0141.bmp Lastly I leave you with this pretty picture. Stay tuned for a new major attraction next year! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you think the new ride will be?
  2. You do realize that the 4 TGG woodies (5 if you count Dauling Dragon as 2) in the top 20 are all above the 6 GCI woodies. Even if the Voyage shouldn't be there, still Ravine Flyer 2, Fireball, and Dauling Dragon are higher rated than the top GCI contenders. If you count CCI woodies along with TGG woodies (I do, because they are made by the same designers except Ms. Dinn herself, and TGG would still be CCI today if she hadn't closed so it wouldn't be involved in her divorce), than Boulder Dash is also included with TGG woodies above the GCI's. As Robb said, GCI's are solid B+ rides, but don't offer the airtime of TGG, Intamin, RMC and many CCI wooden coasters.
  3. I love how it completely dominates everything on that hill!! Wish I could visit Liseberg.
  4. Has anyone seen any new information on Anaconda's & Volcano's upgrades/rehabs?
  5. I really hope it is a Giga, as the world needs more of those. Since BGT & BGW are fairly similar on their additions (Like Falcon's Fury and Mach Tower are both drop rides, Griffon & Sheikra are both dive coasters, Cheetah Hunt & Verbolten, Alpengiest & Montu, etc), If BGT got a Giga, could BGW also be a likely candidate for one?
  6. Exciter looks awesome and is perfect for that spot. Also loving that you saved Fireball! Can't wait to see Exciter open and thrilling passengers. Keep up the good work!
  7. Now days Tilt-a-Whirls cost almost $600,000 I think, so I wouldn't be surprised if an enterprise cost $500,000.
  8. Hopefully Fireball doesn't get removed because that would be 2 major attractions removed for one ride. Also I like Fireball.
  9. The park must have done some work, because when I rode Zeus in 2011, it was 20x worse than original Hades I enjoyed Hades back then but I haven't ridden it since it's transformation.
  10. ^Dude, there are many rides that pull 6+ G's, like Tower of Terror at Gold Reef City or Mind Bender at SFoG. Heck, Boomerangs all hit 5.2 G's.
  11. For recent things, all the coasters at Elitch Gardens were a lot better than they were/are regarded.
  12. I hate to say this, but it seems like you have gotten to the point were you can't have fun on a decent roller coaster. I mean come on, I even have fun on rides like Iron Wolf and Twister 2, coasters largely regarded as boring/rough. Some people need to learn to enjoy themselves. On the subject of SeaWorld, I am glad they and the other trainers are calling Blackfish out on it's crap.
  13. I honestly think that this has been almost every coaster lover's dream for a flying coaster, so I'm not surprised.
  14. Update #7. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey all! A look at the park from later in the 1987 season. Shot0128.bmp What a view! Shot0129.bmp The nice midway. Shot0130.bmp The park has been doing very well recently, mainly because of Cyclone. Shot0131.bmp A picture from the exit of Looping Star. Shot0132.bmp Today has been slower, as you can see by FreeFall's line. Shot0133.bmp Happy Mountain has been a kiddie favorite since opening. Shot0134.bmp As you can see in this picture, AstroWheel (along with the rest of the rides) got chain links at their ride boarding entrances so people can no longer try to walk into a ride area while it's operating. Shot0135.bmp Octopus is a very fun family ride. Shot0136.bmp Haven't seen much of Little Dipper in a while. Still fun though! Shot0137.bmp Fancy Shot. Shot0138.bmp Cyclone has also been doing very well, though today it is quiet. Shot0139.bmp It's line recently got updated so that you don't have to walk through the whole switchback on a slow day. Shot0140.bmp Guests love the 6 inversions on Cyclone, the most in the world (Along with it's sister coaster). Shot0141.bmp This batwing is one of the most intense parts of the ride. Shot0142.bmp When the ride hits it's brakes, most people have already decided that Cyclone is their favorite coaster! Shot0143.bmp Soon the park will be adding rides to Cyclone's area, making it less lonely. Shot0145.bmp Many love the view from the top of the world's tallest roller coaster (along with it's sister coaster)! Shot0146.bmp See you next time! Can't wait for next year! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Feedback is nice!
  15. I don't have a Nvidia card and getting the same problem, but someone said it was an Intel graphics card problem. I'm on a laptop so I don't think I can get a Nvidia card.
  16. I know the park could be better, but honestly even with all the hate from locals, I still want to visit. I have to deal with Elitches, and I love that park, which has 6 coasters and only 2 aren't clones (Those are Twister 2 but it is modeled after the original and the kiddie coaster is pretty similar to a significant amount of other kiddie coasters). A quantity-over-quality coaster count may not be what we want, but still 19 coasters is something to brag about, even if 4 are kiddie coasters. Just gives the kids and families that do visit more to do. You guys don't even know how much I'd love to ride coasters like Viper, X2, Goliath, Ninja, Riddler's, Terminator, Tatsu, Goliath, etc. It does suck that they've removed a lot of their flats at an extreme rate and they could add more but as stated many times before in this thread: What they're doing works for them. So just saying, even if they're all mediocre (and a few of them look a lot better than mediocre), 19 coasters really isn't something to complain about. Your bickering is funny though, I guess, but it can get irritating since that's basically what this thread's 3000+ pages are about. I say if you try to enjoy a visit to a park and have friends doing the same thing, you will have a great time. I mean, look at the TPR trips to Fuji-Q.
  17. 1.) Elitch Gardens - 1 hour 2.) Lakeside - 1.5 hours 3.) Cliff's Amusement Park - 8 hours
  18. ^I have to agree. The Arrow mega loopers were so massive of rides it amazes me. I personally hope to ride Viper one day.
  19. ^^Will do. ^Thanks! Yeah, Cyclone was meant to be a larger scale investment type similar to that new Zierer coaster in Austria(?) that goes around the entire little park. This isn't that extreme, but doubling the park size was pretty crazy for me. More feedback is appreciated!
  20. Sorry I accidentally hit "Submit". ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shot0115.bmp The ride has an elevated turn at it's high point, giving nice views. Shot0116.bmp Then it sends you speeding down the drop at 55 degrees! Shot0117.bmp It's second turn is taller than Looping Star! Shot0118.bmp It flings you through it's intense double loop. Shot0119.bmp It has a turn before the MCBR that is high above the ride station. Shot0120.bmp It has a double corkscrew that goes through the double loop! Shot0121.bmp After that it throws you into a batwing. Shot0122.bmp The coaster ends with a forceful helix. Shot0124.bmp The coaster is so massive that the ride and the new path area it's on has nearly doubled the size of FVAP. We think the ride will be a hit! Shot0125.bmp There is a new bathroom building across from the entrance of Cyclone. Shot0127.bmp Lucky for Looping Star, it's loop is still the main centerpiece of the park. Shot0129.bmp That's it for now! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you think of FVAP getting Cyclone? And yes, djboss3012, I will add more family rides in the park's near future.
  21. Here is Update #6, 1987! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey it's Berik here, and I'd love to show you pictures of opening day of FVAP's new coaster, Cyclone! Shot0107.bmp Welcome! Shot0108.bmp As you can see, not much has changed from the front entrance view. Shot0109.bmp They have extended the path past the Vista Cafe. Shot0110.bmp Here it is, Cyclone! Shot0111.bmp Cyclone is a brand new Arrow Dynamics looping coaster, and is currently the tallest roller coaster in the world! It will soon be tied for that record when it's sister coaster, Vortex, opens at Kings Island next month in April. Shot0112.bmp Cyclone stands 148ft tall with a 138ft drop. It reaches speeds of over 55 mph! It has almost 4000ft of track. It is slightly longer than it's sister coaster due to different station and brake run placement. Shot0113.bmp The ride's massive switchback has a very modern looking cover. The switchback was able to be placed here because of the extra space provided from the brake run configuration, unlike Vortex.
  22. I think Twister II is great! Anyways, for me, driving up to Silverwood and seeing Aftershock is pretty awesome, along with the 2 woodies as well. Not my photo.
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