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  1. @Geauga Dog: Yes, the brown is there to add more of a rustic/organic/old-timey feel. Thanks for the feedback! Update #1/1982 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey subscribers, Michael Graham again. I recently visited Greywood, and nothing has changed from last year, but that isn't a bad thing. It seems they have fixed some of the downtime problems for Thunderhawk, as it only broke down twice during my visit. All the other rides were also running well. For some news, the park has announced a new ride called "World War 1: Fighter Pilots". It is a new WW1 Plane-themed family ride, slated to be built next to the tea cups. Exciting that Greywood is finally expanding! Here are the pictures from my visit, plus an artist rendition of World War 1: Fighter Pilots: I really enjoy this classic-style entrance area. A picture of Thunderhawk running. Greywood Express. Corkscrew flipping it's riders. Another picture to show Parachute Drop's dominance. Streamliner. Paratrooper in full tilt. And lastly but not least, World War 1: Fighter Pilot's artist rendition! I'll be visiting again next year for pictures of the new ride. Stay tuned! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FVAP will probably get a closing post within the next 2 weeks. Possibly a download as well.
  2. Hello again. Many of you saw the teaser pictures of this new project, and I'm glad to say that the opening post to Greywood Amusement Park is ready! Enjoy: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey Y'all, I'm Michael Graham. I moved to Iowa a few years back, and I was super excited when a well-off business man announced a new amusement park that he was going to open up in 1980! Well that was last year, and boy what a rush this park is! A couple of y'all saw the pictures I took of Greywood last year on grand opening day. Those pictures were used in advertisements all over the country! Such an honor to be helping this great new little park get more popular. So far the park hasn't added anything for 1981. Anyways I took some pictures on memorial day of this year so I hope y'all like 'em. Here they are: The entrance area is very nice! Apparently the park may get an award for having one of the best fountains in an amusement park! The park has a building that surrounds the entrance plaza. It currently contains the only bathrooms in the park (A full-sized men's & women's bathrooms on each side), the season pass processing center, and the guest relations office. The park only has one food building at the moment. It serves hamburgers, fries, hot dogs, drinks, and ice cream. Here is a look down the midway to the left. This is a brand new prototype "Aviator" from Chance Manufacturing. The ride, dubbed "Thunderhawk" is a swinging ride that flies high above the ground, and you can use a "control stick" to fly either inwards or outwards while the ride is in motion. Like all prototypes though, Thunderhawk has many breakdowns and maintenance issues. It is very fun when it is running! Orbit is the park's Schwarzkopf Enterprise. This is the park's Tea Cups ride. Here is the park's main attraction, Corkscrew. The feature of this ride is it's double corkscrew element, flipping riders upside-down twice! The ride was built by Arrow Dynamics. It stands 70ft tall and reaches speeds of over 40 mph! Looking down the midway to the right, you get this view. This first ride you get to going this way is Greywood Express, the park's mine train family coaster. The ride stands 52ft tall and is longer than 1700ft! It reaches speeds of over 30 mph! Greywood Express has two lift hills, both reaching the ride's max height. This is the ride's big drop, producing airtime in the back of the train. After the big drop, the ride curves upwards, does a little dip, and then turns hard to the right. After that, the ride hits the brakes. The nice Ferris Wheel. Paratrooper, a fun family ride. Streamliner is the park's kiddie coaster. It is built by Zierer with decorative trains. It has an oval layout. Parachute Drop is built by Intamin. Though it has a similar name to Paratrooper, the ride experience greatly differs. It is Greywood's tallest attraction, as shown here by this skyline shot. Over 130ft tall! The last attraction is the Skyride. It stretches from in front of the Ferris Wheel to the end of Corkscrew's side of the midway. Well, it is time for me to get going. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thoughts and constructive criticism?
  3. Thank you guys! While currently the park isn't a Cedar Fair park, that is were I plan to head with it, so glad to know I'm on the right track. FVAP may get the 1995 season closing post and possibly a download if I can find out all the CS sets I used.
  4. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hate to say this, but yes Fresno Vista kinda fizzled out. I got bored with it and it really lagged on my computer. I've recently started this new project in FVAP's replacement. Check in soon for this park's opening post.
  5. That looks really fun! I wonder what wheels they are running it with, because I've never seen a ride lose speed so quickly.
  6. Loving how practically perfect you have the shaping for this ride. I prefer the color scheme in your first post to all blue, but that's a personal opinion. I'm excited to see more!
  7. Sidewinder's (Elitches) backwards drop is insane and terrifying. Plus following that being an extremely forceful loop, it's quite a crazy ride!
  8. ^Sorry, I have had my school's musical performance (I'm in the pit orchestra) recently, so I haven't had time as we have been going to 9pm each night. This week I may be able to update though.
  9. I never really had a bad experience on Hades in 2011 (The only year I went to Mt. Olympus) and the drop into the tunnel plus the tunnel itself was my favorite part. Especially at night! I also really like Twister 2's tunnel and Tremors' 4 tunnels.
  10. I really like your park! Such a great use of the in-game scenery! Your realism is fantastic, and I love your flat ride selection. Your wooden coaster is my favorite attraction in the park with a very nice, realistic layout. Is there a timeline and/or location your park is set in? That could help with the naming process.
  11. Colorado - Sidewinder Idaho - Aftershock Illinois - Raging Bull Massachusetts - Goliath (Had a bad experience on Bizarro unfortunately) New Mexico - NM Rattler Wisconsin - Cyclops Yeah, haven't been on much :/
  12. @tarheel1231, SFGAmFan1976, & boughtontroy: Thanks! @JohnnyRCT3: Thanks! I am slowly improving on foliage and will include more terrain textures soon. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wow, Gunslinger seems even larger in person than we could have ever planned! Though it is only a foot shorter than Cyclone, Gunslinger looks much larger with it's massive wooden super structure. Reaching into the air 147ft and reaching speeds of over 60mph, this new wooden coaster is sure to be a hit! We designed this ride in-house at FVAP though all the ride parts and construction was done by PTC. We also based the ride off of the Mr. Twister roller coaster at Elitch Gardens in Colorado. Now onto pictures of some employees testing the attraction a day before it opened, on Memorial day 1994: Shot0172.bmp Something's majorly different here.. Shot0173.bmp Gunslinger! Shot0174.bmp The logo. Shot0175.bmp You have to climb up this elaborate set of stairs to get to the ride, which is why the ride is unfortunately non-wheel chair accessible. Shot0176.bmp The ride is very massive, rivaling Cyclone. Shot0177.bmp It has huge turnarounds.. Shot0178.bmp And unparalleled helices... Shot0179.bmp Gunslinger's main double helix is main element of the ride, circling around the station. Shot0180.bmp The ride also has 2 tunnels, this being the second. Shot0181.bmp The ride has it's dominant presence by Freefall, which received a repaint this year. Shot0182.bmp I'll end with this picture of Cyclone. Gunslinger and Cyclone are going to be the main attractions of FVAP for a long time running! In the mean time, next year we will be adding a HUSS breakdance and a food court over by Cyclone to expand that area again, so stay tuned! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you all think of Gunslinger? I think it changes the game for FVAP once again. Feedback is again appreciated!
  13. @willthegolfer: Haha nope, it's something else. Yes the tracks were imported from No Limits (except for the kiddie [which is a hand-made CT by SteelRides,] and the woodie), the stand-up and the looping star were imported by Cinipaes and the mega looper was imported by Coaster-Inc. @tarheel1231: Thanks! That means a lot actually. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello guests, we're back from a day late in the 1993 season! The park built some new things, and you can see them here: Shot0163.bmp Hello! (Author's Note: I finally got peeps walking in this section by using a peep generator CS piece.) Shot0164.bmp Midway 1993. Shot0165.bmp Looping Star is a walk-on today! Shot0166.bmp Cyclone still shows it's dominance over the park. Shot0167.bmp Fresno Flume. Shot0168.bmp This area of the park has generally stayed the same. Shot0169.bmp Python is still flipping people while standing up! Shot0170.bmp This is the area that was expanded (again). Shot0172.bmp Along with RPM and Pirate Peril.. Shot0173.bmp The area now has a restroom building.. Shot0174.bmp A food center.. Shot0175.bmp And Tilt-A-Whirl! A new family ride. Shot0176.bmp It spins you and up to 3 other people around rapidly in each individual tub. Shot0177.bmp This section of the park is quickly becoming more crowded. Shot0178.bmp You may be wondering what this HUGE piece of cleared land is for... Shot0179.bmp Well for the park's 10th anniversary, we are building a new large wooden coaster named Gunslinger! Shot0180.bmp I wish I could say more, but all I can note is that the skyline of Fresno Vista will be changed forever! Are you excited for Gunslinger? You should be! You'll have to wait and see how big of a ride this thing will be! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Feedback appreciated! EDIT: To let you all know, right after this I finally decided to turn on the out-of-park trees option and the background options, so now it doesn't look like Fresno Vista is completely in the middle of nowhere.
  14. That log flume has a very nice layout. For that ride and the mine train, I suggest DasMatze's wood support replacer, and it will make you rides look much nicer! I also like the placement of just about everything in your park, it all fits together very well!
  15. @KoasterKing48: I might have to do that. Thanks for the suggestion & feedback! @Geauga Dog: I thought that the park getting an Arrow mega looper was more unique/unusual/weird than getting the stand-up, but I see were you are coming from. Yes, the park is receiving 3 flats in upcoming years (up to 1995), one for 1992, one for 1993, & one for 1995. The year 1994 will be special though. @tarheel1231 & @IrishCasual: I would love to do POV's, but my computer can't run this park very well (only 5-10 fps at most times) so the POV's would be too laggy, Sorry. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy 10th Update! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Berik Mikingston here again, this time to show you some pictures from our 1992 season! These include our new-for-1992 ride, RPM, a used Shwarzkopf enterprise! RPM is Fresno Vista's first inverting flat ride so it is quite exciting! Enjoy: Shot0153.bmp Welcome back to Fresno Vista! Shot0154.bmp Looping Star is still a popular family looping coaster. Shot0155.bmp Rare picture of Looping Star's loop and the Midway from the other direction! Shot0157.bmp Cyclone's area still takes up about a third of the entire park! Shot0158.bmp Cyclone is probably going to be the park's most popular ride for a long time. Shot0159.bmp Must be a slow day today. Shot0160.bmp Fresno Flume is still dropping riders at a 60 degree angle! Shot0161.bmp Freefall is one of the scariest rides in the park. Shot0163.bmp RPM is located by Pirate Peril, and it is a very exciting attraction! Shot0164.bmp Python flies right past RPM! Shot0165.bmp The coaster has done very well with the public. Shot0166.bmp Pretty picture. Shot0167.bmp Time to head out once again! We are building a new flat ride next year, but you have to wait and see what it is. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you think the new flat ride is? Feedback appreciated!
  16. ^ Here is update 9. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey viewers! We have a new roller coaster this year! You'll just have to see my pictures to find out what it is! Shot0142.bmp The walk way up to the entrance! Shot0143.bmp Obligtatory Picture! Shot0144.bmp Very nice area of the park. Shot0145.bmp The world's steepest log flume! Shot0146.bmp Cyclone being the huge, popular ride it its. What's that in the background? Shot0147.bmp Freefall doing it's thing. Shot0149.bmp Pirate Peril is also doing well. Shot0150.bmp Happy Mountain! Shot0151.bmp Something's different here.. Shot0153.bmp This year's new ride is Python! Shot0154.bmp And it is.... Shot0155.bmp A 100ft tall B&M standing coaster! Shot0156.bmp This ride has a very similar layout to Iron Wolf which recently opened at Six Flags Great America. Shot0157.bmp It's main differences are some track shaping and the lack of the dip in the spine on the straight track before the corkscrew element. Shot0158.bmp The coaster flies around it's layout at around 55 mph! Shot0159.bmp The ride has two inversions, a vertical loop and this, a corkscrew/flat spin. Shot0160.bmp There is also a moment where you can get wet by a water sprayer! Shot0162.bmp Python is an awesome new experience, and many love the ride! Shot0163.bmp Here is the ride's station. Shot0164.bmp Python is definitely going to be a hit! Shot0165.bmp That's the end of this update, see you next time! Hope you enjoyed Python! Check in next update in 1992 for another new ride!
  17. I think Arrow/Vekoma coasters should get the new Vekoma trains if the old Arrow/Vekoma trains don't run well (Exceptions for Loch Ness Monster & Tennessee Tornado, plus maybe a few others). If the coaster has a good enough layout (which most of them do, even if they are cookie-cutter style), than better/more comfortable trains should improve ride experience drastically. The idea isn't bad, though.
  18. I say Disney Sea or the new Ocean Kingdom park are the best candidates.
  19. I disagree. Have an open mind or not, but if you go to Magic Mountain and experience great customer service, good operations, and well maintained coasters, you will exit the park with a great time. I seriously doubt anyone who reports here actually goes there and would continue to hate on the park if the park continues to do great things. I have to agree with SFMMGeek27, because just see how many people complain about Elitches' "terrible" coaster selection. But when I go I keep an open mind, good attitude, and am always with friends, and every day I go to Elitches I have an awesome time. If I'm having a good time I can stand: Twister 2 needing to be retracked, Half-Pipe and Tower of Doom's consistent break downs, Sidewinder's 4-minute dispatches, all the family flats having just one operator, and not always the happiest attitudes from ride operators. I personally think I'd have an amazing time at SFMM and continue to keep it on my bucket list even with all the stuff said about it on here. That being said, SFMM could still change a lot for the better, but a large portion of the hate towards the park may be just people going in and paying attention to all the bad things about the park instead of thinking about how the park has many decent/awesome coasters & rides and not an almost all clone coaster selection (Elitches).
  20. Sorry I haven't updated in a while, here's update #8. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Berik here, and oh my goodness it has been quite a while since I've updated you! 2 operating seasons, in fact! Here at FVAP we've just started our 1990 season and I would like to show you pictures, including those of 3 new rides that have been built since Cyclone. Most of the pictures of those 3 rides will be from their opening years. For 1988 we opened Oinkers!, a spinning flat ride for families! In 1989, our 5th anniversary, we opened Fresno Flume, an Arrow Dynamics log flume. It has the steepest drop of any log ride, sending you down a 60ft drop at 60 degrees!This year we opened Pirate Peril, a swinging ship ride! Hope you enjoy these pictures from an amazing 1990 opening day! Shot0129.bmp Welcome back! Shot0130.bmp Here is Oinkers! from 1988. Shot0131.bmp It is an adorable little family ride. Shot0132.bmp Here is Oinkers! in 1989 with the then brand-new Fresno Flume! Shot0134.bmp The 65ft tall Fresno Flume reaches 40 mph on the main drop. Shot0135.bmp It has a very nice placement in the park, by Cyclone and Oinkers!. Shot0136.bmp It has a relatively simple layout. 1 long lift and 2 short lifts, with 3 drops. Shot0137.bmp Our newest attraction, Pirate Peril, is located by Happy Mountain and Freefall. Shot0138.bmp It is a large family ride. Shot0139.bmp The ride in almost full swing! Shot0141.bmp Lastly I leave you with this pretty picture. Stay tuned for a new major attraction next year! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you think the new ride will be?
  21. You do realize that the 4 TGG woodies (5 if you count Dauling Dragon as 2) in the top 20 are all above the 6 GCI woodies. Even if the Voyage shouldn't be there, still Ravine Flyer 2, Fireball, and Dauling Dragon are higher rated than the top GCI contenders. If you count CCI woodies along with TGG woodies (I do, because they are made by the same designers except Ms. Dinn herself, and TGG would still be CCI today if she hadn't closed so it wouldn't be involved in her divorce), than Boulder Dash is also included with TGG woodies above the GCI's. As Robb said, GCI's are solid B+ rides, but don't offer the airtime of TGG, Intamin, RMC and many CCI wooden coasters.
  22. I love how it completely dominates everything on that hill!! Wish I could visit Liseberg.
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