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  1. You could here those things across the park lol. I will never forget, back in 2001 (opening year). I was working XLC's photos. I came in to open like a regular morning, walked down to the Grove and maintenance was everywhere. Apparently during testing that morning, the train was traveling around the curve and a support popped out of the ground, it was CRAZY! She was down for weeks.
  2. Kinda true. The park was suppose to get a Stealth Flyer in 2000 (located where the go-carts are now) vs XLC in 2001, but plans changed....R.I.P (2001-2007) Hypersonic's Back Story: "S&S Worldwide", which was the company's first prototype coaster of its kind—Kings Dominion named it Hypersonic XLC. Bringing many screams and disappointments to the park starting in 2001. It was a love/hate type of coaster amongst many. Launching from 0 to 80 mph in 1.8 seconds up a 90° incline, XLC crested a 165-foot hill, and without fully slowing, plummeted down an 90° dive. Next, the coaster performed a banked left turn, went through a smaller banked right turn, and came to a abrupt stop before heading into the station. Was an amazing experience for many fans, but it suffered extended downtime, very low capacity/extensive wait time and was closed for nearly three months at the beginning of the 2002 season. Went through multiple of trains throughout its suffering lifetime. Over years of screams and overwhelming maintenance, XLC took its last lap on October 28, 2007.
  3. KDGY FACT: Built in 1988, Avalanche is still the only ride of its type ever constructed in North America. Here's a photo taken on media day (March 1988) when the ride had 4, 6 car trains and each train was a specific Country. The trains were changed later in the year to have 7 cars along with multiple countries per train. (the France car was then added too)
  4. No problem! Hope you enjoy your visit in June and make you give us an update!
  5. Which is currently Water Works (waterpark). Here's a look back to 1977 of Lake Charles. This particular shot was taken from the film "Rollercoaster"
  6. Here's a look back at Smurf Mountain from the early 90's. As other members stated, the station is still visible till today...even parts of the swing gates.
  7. Well, Yes, but aren't there lions in cages? That the car drives by? You're right, now that I think about it..I guess it was just a whole different way of thinking "safety" back then lol
  8. A friends of mine, presented me with a ticket. Employees of park received tickets to give out to family/friends for the event. Man, I need to get some friends who work at KD! I actually had 2, but conveniantly they both quit at the end of this past season... Well that's not good lol It's always nice to have a friend(s) that works in a park for little perks like this..
  9. Only time may tell! Well, I'm not sure..Great Adventure has there going for many years, but not sure about any incidents. Thanks! I'm not sure, I hope majority of the attractions are up this weekend..*fingers crossed* A friends of mine, presented me with a ticket. Employees of park received tickets to give out to family/friends for the event. No problem! i also love history about parks, especially abandoned ones. Sad but cool!
  10. Thanks! Yes, that's for backwards. No problem! No Problem! Yes, Monorail Safari is one of the most major attraction missed by many KD fans. Truly, a lot of history behind it. 1974 was the preview year of Kings Dominion with only Lion Country Safari, which at the time was a drive-thru safari and Scooby-Doo (only 2 attractions were open). 1975 was the grand opening of the park, and the drive-thru was rebuilt into a monorail, "Monorail Safari." 1993 was its last season. (pics below of the drive-thru and Monorail Safari, photo credit: Kings Dominion). 1974 & 1975 explains the reason why they park is having the 40th Anniversary over a 2 year period (2014 & 2015).
  11. Yes, its back to the original colors! I took all the photo's this weekend, from the preview day. ..and here's the rest of the Trip Report. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=67581 KD did actual put a teaser up some months back about the original colors, and the chaser lights are also back!
  12. Thanks! Yes, here's the link https://www.kingsdominion.com/ticket-category/Fast-Lane-Fright-Lane Thanks! I'll be there also! Yes, all the re-themeing, mushrooms, names..are here to stay.
  13. Thanks everyone, the park has really out did themseleves with the 40th! (I'll have better pics this weekend, the weather is suppose to be great. As myself, KD is my home park and been going to since I was 4(1984). To see them bring so much charm and character from what Paramount has taken away from us, says a lot about CF! I'm so grateful to see us going back towards theming...Happy 40th, KINGS DOMINION! *SIDENOTE* I just added more pics from the weekend!
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