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  1. Sorry to bump but I just though of this.. Kemah Boardwalk and Galveston Pleasure Pier! Galveston Pleasure Pier needs more rides/space and a woodie, and Kemah needs a steelie. Perfect boardwalk/pier combo!
  2. I'm genuinely curious as to why all of you who want Rocky Mountain to refurbish racing coasters only want them to do one side. What's the point?!? I know right! I personally think that would look hideous, and one of the sides would be much less intense than the other.
  3. I'd say Arrow corkscrew, but that's because my first looping coaster was the first modern looping coaster, Corkscrew at Silverwood.
  4. Silverwood's Timber Terror was originally called "Grizzly" but to prevent conflict with Paramount, the ride was renamed.
  5. I've asked this on a few other sites, but I haven't received any help. In a new park I'm making, called Marine Gardens, I have 2 shows. The Killer Whale Show and the Dolphin Show. The problem is, when I open them, they allow people on but they do not let them off. Also, the shows never play, even if I made one in the mix master creator. Any solutions?
  6. What if you get a Sky Screamer? I know SFMM hates flats, but maybe it'll be a 400ft on like at SFOT and SFNE, so they'll be able to advertise the record.
  7. So what I'm getting out of this is a giant expansion with something bizarre that nobody has done before (probably involving the planned RMC). Makes me VERY excited!
  8. Oops. Totally missed that. Glad to see construction continuing, hope everybody stays safe because it still looks pretty cold.
  9. ^I think they'll finish it at the rate they're going at, which is great for all you LV people.
  10. ^That's cool! Hope they get an large amount of people so they can fill all their needed spots the first season!
  11. Which is totally sad… Yeah this is sad to hear about. Doesn't KI have a person who checks all the social media stuff and actually suggests some of the things said to management? Or was that some place else?
  12. I've always wanted to ride one of those windstorm rides because of that crazy mid-ride drop! Nice little park, with an adorable little log flume! Reminds me of Silverwood's flume.
  13. Can't wait to see the batwing finished! Everything else looking pretty great too.
  14. I've only been on an Arrow corkscrew (the original at Silverwood) and I liked it pretty well. It had a nice pop of air in the back seat on the first drop, as wasn't that rough either (no headbanging). I still have yet to try a Vekoma corkscrew but I'm fairly certain it'll be the one at Playland PNE in Vancouver.
  15. ^You can find the Freefall CFR here: http://www.customscenerydepot.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=1904 On the subject of my use of CT's, well, I really prefer their realism and looks. Yes using in-game tracks could be considered more fun/interesting, but I honestly hate how ugly they look. One of the reasons I didn't play RCT3 at all during my middle school years is because how hideous I think the in-game coasters are. It takes a while to make an in-game track actually look good and even then most can't compare to how a CT would look in the same place. CT's may be barely customize-able and less effort (if you didn't go into NL, make the track yourself, then go to the process of importing it, blah blah blah) but I prefer them 100x to in-game tracks. And, with the number of CT's growing and even customize-able versions being released as they become more advanced (see Coaster-Inc's Impulse CT, SLC CT, and Flying Dutchman CT), I honestly only like using CT's. Yes I'll do In-game tracks from time to time, but personally it'll only be smaller stuff, like Little Dipper seen here at FVAP or a kiddie coaster that you'll see when I start the thread for another one of my parks I am currently working on. Thanks for the feedback, though!
  16. Sorry for not updating for a while, I'm waiting on a CT. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It's late in the season here in 1986, so I'll show you just a little update. Shot0105.bmp You should recognize this by now. Shot0106.bmp Looping Star doing it's thing. Shot0107.bmp Really is a nice ride. Shot0108.bmp Sneak shot of Freefall. Shot0109.bmp Happy Mountain looks like it's ready to go! Shot0110.bmp Hey it's Little Dipper! Shot0111.bmp Time to go! See you next update! So for 1987, we've been working with a famous roller coaster company for a brand new attraction next year! We aren't going to announce what it is, so you'll just have to wait till our next update! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do you think this brand new roller coaster will be?
  17. Tatsu & Scream look so faded that it's not even funny anymore. Glad to see Viper running!
  18. ^I think if they move the Moon Cars, they should replace it's old spot with a kiddie coaster.
  19. ^^^^^ How long ago was that filmed? That was before Python got it's first Vekoma trains so it must have been a while ago.
  20. Nice to hear about all the improvements! Ricochet should look nice in a Deja Vu-style color scheme.
  21. Elitches. Last major coaster was 2004, and they've removed one since then (Flying Coaster). I know they are out of space, but if we go off of what Grona Lund is doing then there will always be room. Honorable mention to Silverwood, last major coaster was 2008. Hopefully that RMC works out!
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