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  1. ^I knew that Rotator was reminding me of SpinCycle! A very great ride!
  2. Love that both Cornball Express and Hoosier Hurricane still have single-position buzz bars, reminds me of Timber Terror at Silverwood
  3. ^Tennessee Tornado doesn't have a butterfly element. It has a loop with twists at each of the vertical points, but it is only one inversion.
  4. I think people tend to forget that the Hurlers were not made by CCI, and that CCI actually has some pretty good rides (Timber Terror, Tremors, NM Rattler, Rampage, etc.)...
  5. Wow! Alabama Corkscrew and the surrounding area look incredible! It has such a big presence on that midway. Keep up the good work!
  6. Wow! This looks great! The layout for Alabama Corkscrew is shaping up to be pretty unique, and I like the color scheme, though you can see one piece of track on the lift is still shaded blue . All the buildings are very nice and I'm excited to see what else you plan to have in your park.
  7. Yeah, the weather must be incredibly difficult to work with and has to be hampering attendance and ridership as well. Pray it clears up!
  8. Looking pretty nice. The rides all fit in well with each other and your scenic abilities are only increasing! There are also impulse CT's on realtycoon3 if you'd prefer to use those, I think they have TCM's impulse cars already. Good work!
  9. That inversion looks great! A bit off topic, one thing I noticed is how big Viper looks in the second picture. You'd think that it would appear smaller since it is all the way across the park, but I guess that 188ft does a lot to make it look really tall even from so far away. Maybe my perspective is just messed up, haha.
  10. Wasn't Shipwreck Falls the ride replaced by Apocalypse back in 2012?
  11. The first coaster is Impulse at Knoebels ad the second coaster is Huracan at Belantis. It took me over ten minutes to figure these out, haha.
  12. The new coaster looks very nice and it fits well into a park that is the size of yours!
  13. Looking great! It seems like it takes so much time to do this, and I'm glad you put in so much effort into it!
  14. Well I'm "The Great Axel" on the BGW name generator.... I much prefer "Mega Bobsled" on SFMM's
  15. The new section looks nice! Those are all decent family sections and I like how they are all stacked in to that small space.
  16. The park layout looks great and you have a decent ride selection, too! I'm glad to see all the unpopular things that the park has been removing to make room for new attractions as well. The only thing I'd add is queue covers for all your major coasters if they don't have them already, as I can see the park is about to get pretty popular pretty quickly.
  17. This park is amazing! It has a great amount of scenery and is incredibly realistic! The rides selection is great and has a decent balance of family and thrill rides, though I'd think about adding a Looney Tunes kids area where it could possibly fit. The incorporation of CTs and in-game built tracks works very well. I don't know if I'd keep the arches on the Vekoma Looper's corkscrews, since I don't think Vekoma ever had the arch supports on any of their coasters. The park's layout fits greatly, and there seems to be some expansion room by the junior invert. The whole park is one of the better RCT3 parks I've ever seen.
  18. I love the look of the painted racer! Fury 325 model looks fantastic as well!
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