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  1. I'm currently thinking of doing a short trip at the beginning of 2021 to SFOT since I'd like to utilize my SFMM membership that I haven't gotten to use yet. I'd be able to get a couple hours at the end of Jan 1st, all of Jan 2nd, & a few hours in on Jan 3rd. For the 2nd, I currently am budgeting for at least the gold Flash Pass, but does anyone know if it'll be busy enough to just go for the Platinum? I also know that SFOT is using a ride reservation system, which I assume is one-at-a-time, does anyone know how the Flash Pass "connects" to that system? I am also curious if anyone has insight on what the weather could be like, as well as rides usually down for maintenance during that time.
  2. Thank you for bringing up Tidal Wave. If the rumors of the SFMM Raptor coming in the next few years to that area are true, then Tidal Wave would have to go either way. Makes sense that it'd likely be Magic Mountain's pick for these removals
  3. Bombora at Lagoon #55, back in August. Very solid family coaster!
  4. I'm thinking either small/mid-size thrill coaster (A raptor really would be such a great fit for this park) or a large flat/tower ride, like a SkyScreamer or Screaming Swing
  5. As an Elitch local, I have very little desire to go back. Sidewinder is my favorite coaster in the park, and most often closed, followed by Half Pipe in both those regards. I've been plenty of times, and with the likely hood that nothing significant (or even any new rides at all) will ever be added again at its current location, it's not very enticing. I do hope they relocate again, as it'd be a great opportunity with how much Denver is growing/will continue to grow over the next few decades, but that's pretty unlikely. Lakeside on the other hand is a lot of fun for good value, and Cyclone is my favorite coaster in the state. I'd like to go see their Pinfari Zyklon if that opens this year.
  6. Posted this on Reddit, but figured it'd be good to do here as well. Let me know if this should be somewhere else! I will be attending Bassnectar's Basscenter XII event in Hampton, VA for Labor Day weekend (show is Saturday, August 31st + Sunday, September 1st). Many fans, including myself, were expecting it to be a three day event including Friday, August 30th, but as it did not (and I don't want to try and change my hotel reservation), I've started seriously considering going to Busch Gardens Williamsburg that day. Some questions I have: >I figure I'll need Quick Queue, and I'm looking at either Unlimited ($55 for that day) or Unlimited Plus ($68, but also includes Invadr, Tempesto, and one ride on the new S&S Swing). Which would you recommend? Should I buy beforehand to avoid it selling out? Do Quick Queue lines merge before entering the station or do you have to use the exit ramp? >My hotel in Hampton is 23min from the park, do you think it'll be easy enough to uber/lyft both ways? I'm not sure how late I'll stay into the evening if ride back opportunities are sparse towards park closing. There appears (on Google Maps) to be one small road connection from the entrance road to the exit road before the parking tolls that should allow the driver to turn around, will it be easy enough to let me hop out there quickly? >Any coasters/rides that you have to ride with someone? I'll be traveling solo unless anyone wants to meet up from the few coaster groups I'm in on Facebook, and it'd be good to know if I need to find a single rider line for any of the coasters/major flats/log flume. >How much do food/beer cost during Bier Fest? Any good restaurant recommendations? I haven't ever been before (I'm traveling from CO), and this is probably the only time for quite a while that I'd be able to take this detour and visit BGW. Would love any advice/answers! Thanks to anyone that responds.
  7. I believe the only one I've done is Railblazer this year at CGA (taking the bonus points for it not being my home park).
  8. Haven't done a trip report in a while, and finally gathered the motivation to talk about my trip to CGA on August 5th. I'd never been to California before going out to visit family earlier this month, and had an amazing time. Though I hoped to visit CGA while I was there, I didn't expect that we would, as it hadn't been brought up much prior. It was very exciting finding out that my family would be cool with going to the park, as I haven't been to a new park since I first went to Lakeside here in CO (back in 2015 I think ). I'll also note that I've been to SFGAm, so it interesting to see the other "Great America". THE PARK ITSELF I was genuinely pleased with the park's appearance as I'd heard from many people that it would be a little sketchy. No such vibe was found, as the park was clean and had few areas or buildings with any sort of "run down" look. It wasn't super crowded, but enough that after riding the coasters with shorter lines, we decided to buy Fastlane for the remaining rides. Staff were mostly friendly and operations were a miracle in comparison to Elitches. The landscaping was great and I think the park looked very well put together. The layout of the park was a lot smaller than I imagined (I guess I thought it'd be closer to SFGAm's size), but was a convenient loop. Food wasn't amazing, but better than what I'd get for the same price at Elitches, and was sufficient. The workers at the American Cafe gave my family member some difficulty regarding their veggie burger to the point where they got it refunded, but other food staff were pretty kind and quick. Another grip would be not getting to pick your row on most coasters, but I see why it worked for station crowding/capacity. Overall the park had a really nice, relaxed atmosphere and I had a really good time. COASTERS Gold Striker (x2): We rode this coaster first, and it was another genuine surprise. It was my first GCI, and a lot more out of control than expected. I didn't think it'd be tame or mild, but I also didn't think it would become my favorite wooden coaster (surpassing Timber Terror & Tremors), or to be such an awesomely wild ride. I'd say it whooped my ass in a good way. My first ride was in row 4 I think, and the second was front row. Both were filled with crazy pops of ejector air, hard laterals, and had me all mixed up with the amount of direction changes. For those who've been on other GCI's, let me know if a lot of them are a similar experience, because that would definitely raise their priority on my want-to-ride list. 8/10 Patriot (x1): This coaster was a mixed bag for me. Iron Wolf, this ride's sole B&M predecessor, was my favorite roller coaster back when I lived near SFGAm (hence my name). Patriot is similar but obviously is no longer a stand-up coaster. It was also my first floorless coaster experience. I was expecting a rough or rattle-y ride as many people had noted since the conversion (and prior), but found the ride to be completely smooth in my one ride in row 4. I did enjoy the bit of positive G's from the first drop into the loop, as well as the snappiness of the corkscrew. On the flip side, I thought the layout overall was lackluster and short, and didn't think the floorless aspect contributed as much to the experience as standing would have (though that may be to me not riding in the front row). Patriot to me is the perfect "average" or "meh" coaster. 5/10 Demon (x2): As the only coaster at CGA that has a counter part at SFGAm, and also giving a kick to my Arrow nostalgia, I really enjoyed the Demon. I oddly found the roughest part to be the loops, which now makes me curious how Sidewinder's loop is so smooth. Definitely bumpy but not as bad as the nearby Grizzly or Elitches own Twister II or Mind Eraser. It was a classic with a fun drop, retro themeing, and hardcore SFGAm flashbacks. 6/10 Psycho Mouse (x1): First proper modern wild mouse (only previously been on Mount Olympus' Opa or Lakeside's Wild Chipmunk), and a rarer Arrow one at that. Brakes were on a little bit with a few of the MCBR's but didn't really detract from the experience. All the turns had more laterals than I thought there would be, and the drops were sharp and fun. Definitely a perfect family coaster. 5/10 Flight Deck (x2): We rode this after buying Fast Lane, as it'd been down all morning and the line was long after it reopened. This was my most highly anticipated coaster of the park, even with Railblazer, as I don't remember a lot of B:TR at SFGAm, haven't been on Aftershock since 2013, and have been subjected to a sub-par invert in Mind Eraser for the past 5 years. This was the only coaster where we got to choose our seat, and we got a solid back row & front row ride. People don't lie when they say this ride gets very intense, very quickly. The turn over the station is the only break you get, as the rest of the ride is crazy positive G's and two incredible snaps in the zero-g roll and corkscrew. Aside from the snaps, the ride is smooth as butter and lots of fun. It joins Patriot with being on the shorter side, but makes up for it with doing more and doing it better. Thought it was right alongside with Gold Striker as a really solid coaster. 8/10 Grizzly (x1): This ride was on the disappointing side, but not outright awful. The layout is boring but kinda aesthetic, load times were abysmal but not much worse that Twister II, and definitely some pretty harsh jolts and consistent bumps but not unbearably rough. I did not expect great or terrible, and received neither. I think it is a great step up from kiddie rides to the more intense coasters. 4/10 Railblazer (x3): We were a little worried that we would not get to ride this, as it had a 90+ minute line all morning and went down just before we bought the fast lane (we didn't know it when we bought the passes). It stayed closed most of the afternoon and fortunately we got a decent use out of our fast lane with the Flight Deck rides, our second Gold Striker ride, Grizzly, and our second ride on Demon. Around 9:15 (the park closed at 10) the coaster reopened with one train, and since we were at Demon we literally ran over. All I can say is WOW. First RMC did not disappoint. Every second is jam packed, and you go through every element so fast it doesn't look or feel real. The best airtime I've ever experienced, crazy positive G's, feeling the Zero-G throughout that whole roll, a killer transition going through the dive loop, everything about the ride was absolutely incredible. Fast crew with the one train, and cool themeing that added to the night rides. I really hope more of these Raptors pop up, as Railblazer is assuredly my favorite coaster thus far. 10/10 OTHER RIDES Drop Tower (x1): What surprised me the most here was this ride being a walk-on. Tower of Doom, another Intamin drop tower at Elitches, always has one of the more significant waits in the park, so being able to get on immediately was great. May have something to do with capacity, as this ride was running 5/6 sides with the sixth car sitting in its spot on the platform, while Tower of Doom runs 2/3 sides and the third car hasn't been on the ride in years. Mass Effect: New Earth (x1): Never been on one of these "4D" rides, but I really enjoyed it. The "host" was funny and didn't break character, and the actually effects were really interesting with a few surprises. I don't know if these always have the same program, but it'd be cool if they could switch up the routes/effects/something to not make it appear as a one-and-done. Carousel Columbia (x1): I never got to ride this ride's twin at SFGAm, so of course we had to ride it on the second deck. Was cool to be elevated like that on a carousel. The ride was running a dreadfully slow and short program but I don't think most kids would notice. Orbit (x1): Loved the Orbit at SFGAm, and was under the impression that CGA removed this ride (maybe because I believe SFGAm took out theirs). Was a very short cycle, got to fully inverted and then came back down, but very fun and the most dizzying experience of the day. Tiki Twirl (x1): Also never been on any of these "Disco" rides, and I actually really enjoyed it. It was odd to feel the spinning motion while facing outwards on the motorcycle-esque seats. Definitely a good (and popular) family ride. Didn't ride anything else but I would like to try the Berserker next time I visit, hopefully next summer. May upload some pictures at some point, but I didn't get any very good shots. Hope you all enjoyed!
  9. I like the wood coaster a lot! Definitely is a classic-esque ride.
  10. Hey all! Do you think I'd need Fast Lane on a Monday at the beginning of August? I will likely be visiting by myself.
  11. I love that CT! Seems like it should be a good fit with the other coasters that you mentioned will be in the park, a solid coaster line up!
  12. I would do something that would fit well in the Colorado environment, since Elitches is out of space. There is going to be some influence from Silverwood, as it is my original home park and I think a park similar to it could do very well in competition with the Denver parks. Roller Coasters: Vekoma G.I.B. Gravity Group inverting wooden coaster (Custom layout, only 1 inversion) Gerstlauer Spinner Model 380/4 Vekoma Junior Coaster 335m Major Flats: Scrambler (Possibly indoor) Zamperla Power Surge Larson/A.R.M Drop Tower (140~150ft) SBF Visa Maxi Dance Party 360 Zamperla Endeavor Funtime Star Flyer (~230ft) Zamperla Air Race 8.4 Zamperla Suspended Windshear Intamin Coaster Wheel Kidde Rides: Assorted (Don't feel like listing any out, 6 different rides would probably be good) Water Rides: Intamin Log Flume
  13. That's a really good looking parking lot so far. More intricate than most people will go for, which shows effort. Hope to see soon what the park will look like!
  14. Anyone else have yesnt's Billboards 2.0 set? I can't find it anywhere inside the game, looking in-depth through all my scenery options. If anyone else has it, have you also had this problem?
  15. Well if they had not gone bankrupt and had put wave turns on new coasters like Tennessee Tornado, it probably wouldn't have hurt very much at all. But who knows
  16. My park would be based in Colorado, likely between Denver and CO Springs and near I-25. The roller coasters would consist of: - A G.I.B., as they are one of my favorite coaster designs. Since the park wouldn't be the largest, the lower capacity would be fine and Vekoma has proven to be able to make them more reliable (ex. Aftershock & the G.I.B. in China). - A Gravity Group wooden coaster of the larger kind, standing somewhere around 130ft tall. I envision as a longer coaster with at least two tunnels, starting more out-and-back style and ending with more twisty sections. I also like for the ride to have PTC buzz bar trains and be well maintained like what Waldameer does with Ravine Flyer II. - An Indoor Gerstlauer Spinner Coaster 380/4 with heavy theme elements, likely themed something similar to Laff Trakk. - A Zamperla Family Gravity Coaster 80STD as the kid's coaster because it is a nice start-out coaster. As for other attractions: - A log flume from Hopkins. - A drop tower from A.R.M./Larson. - Some sort of spinning flat ride that is indoors that has lights and music like Astrosphere at Funtown Splashtown. - A S.B.F. Visa Maxi Dance Party 360 (33m), like SpinCycle at Silverwood. - Other various rides ranging from children's rides to thrilling rides.
  17. Your park is absolutely gorgeous!! Though a few of the rides have timeline issues (In 1976 there was 2 years till the Vek. Corkscrew and 6 till the FreeFall, 16 until the Vek. Mine Train),all the attractions fit incredibly well in your park and are fantastic looking! The buildings you have are incredibly nice and detailed, too. Keep up the great work and can't wait to see more!
  18. I personally like Timber Terror because its airtime + single-position buzz bars. Plus it was my first major coaster, so nostalgia from that.
  19. It's weird hearing that Aftershock has had so many problems recently, it usually works pretty well.
  20. The Wild Chipmunk at Lakeside would be my most recent credit.
  21. I like the new wooden coaster, though I'd bank the turnaround. The Ferris Wheel looks good too. I hate to be a timeframe nazi, but the first Chance Chaos rides came about in 1996!
  22. Six Flags Mexico also has no wooden coaster since Medusa got converted.
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