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  1. ^Found that out about Sidewinder yesterday. On Thurs. the 3rd I decided to go for a Season Pass as I've been solo commuting to work with my car (used to always carpool and/or light rail), and with the park being a 10min walk from my work as well as it being likely my last year in Denver, I figured it might be worth it. That day, it was essentially the same as PianoJohn's experience. However, I went again yesterday and even though they were closed in the morning & midday, both Sidewinder and Half Piper were open by the time I got there after work. Rode the former 3 times with about 10-25min wait each, the latter once with a 70min wait that featured two breakdowns. Sign out front for closed rides was exactly as pictured above, so I figure they just can't be bothered to update it.
  2. Okay valid.. was definitely keeping a lid on being too frustrated since it's absolutely no fault of any help center employee. Just hoping to hear something official regarding the 15th soon.
  3. Congrats on graduation! For Elitches tickets, may see if there is something on Groupon. There tends to be pretty good deals on 2-4 tickets for either Elitches or Lakeside under normal circumstances. Even as a local, I'm not so sure about any specific places for food. Illegal Pete's is a CO-local Qdoba-esque chain if you haven't been, and the downtown location closest to Elitches has a bar!
  4. For any other out-of-state-ers wondering, I just spoke with a representative from SF's national support center via their website help chat function. They said that the current plan is to lift the in-state only restriction on June 15th with the rest of the state's COVID restrictions. Unfortunately, the rep couldn't really answer as to why SFMM is keeping the limitation for now while other SoCal parks are already beginning (SeaWorld & Universal) to allow out-of-state vaccinated guests, and after LA County specifically updated their policy reflecting that almost a month ago, other than that they're just "waiting on approval from the Governor." Almost made it sound like Newsom is targeting them alone, lol.
  5. Happy Birthday to the park! 50 years is a big milestone. I know they're really just trying to reopen, but anyone know if they've put up any signage celebrating the anniversary? Speaking of birthdays, I was originally going to postpone longer, but flights and other pricing worked out that I just set in stone my first trip to the park on my birthday. It's only a couple days after the currently-scheduled date that CA lifts all their restrictions (June 15th), so I went ahead and made my reservation & got a Platinum flash pass since I'm sure it'll be pretty busy. I know the park hasn't officially lifted their in-state only restriction, but with Disney doing so recently and the (hopeful) lifting of all restrictions coming up, I'm a bit doubtful this park will hold out much longer.
  6. I feel fortunate to have been on a few historic coasters: Corkscrew - Silverwood: The first modern inverting coaster was my first inverting coaster. Batman - SFGAm: First fixed-seat inverted coaster/inverting inverted coaster. Roller Coaster - Lagoon: 100 years old as of this year. Switchback - ZDTs: World's only wooden shuttle coaster. There are, of course, more specific ones (first or last of a manufacturer, first ride of its model type, etc) but I felt these were the most notable.
  7. I'm hoping for a Raptor, whether it's a clone/variant or a new layout. There marketing seems to be more in line with a larger high-thrill coaster, and with Twisted Cyclone just 40min away, I think a Raptor makes the most sense. Definitely a park size that could benefit from one without being outside of their cost or capacity needs, too. I'd say a family hybrid model is next most likely, but not sure just how well that adds up to the "HUGE" advertising.
  8. Interesting that they gave the new track that went on to Tremors a separate name, I would have thought that they'd just use it as an example of the versatility of normal Ibox. Unless, of course, it's actually different from Ibox in gauge as well as the shape of the track structure, which I always thought Ibox was near identical in those aspects to the traditional wood stack track. Maybe with that new method of attaching it to the structure, it's varied enough that they felt the need to differentiate with a new name. New family option would be fun, but not sure of the market for it in comparison to family rides already available, unless it's cheaper in some ways. The layout pictures would certainly be a good moderate-thrill coaster. Also interesting they're listing both the original and extended Standard Raptor layouts with 12 car trains, as even Stunt Pilot is only 10. Might make up for the loss of the third 8 car train that the prototypes had.
  9. I can't wait to compare Stunt Pilot to the prototype raptors, it looks so good and fits nicely into its location. Hard to say now what the different profiling will change. Will have to post my thoughts after my visit! It's crazy they're aiming to open it in 25 days when they just finished the track, but if they get all the electrical in fast and the trains prepared, I bet they could test like crazy to make sure they finish the testing requirements. Glad I'll be giving them about two months past opening date to work out the kinks until I get to visit. Anyone know how late July Fridays usually are? I unfortunately don't have a lot of leeway for the date.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Dollywood is very recognizable and is almost certainly the most well known non-chain-branded park when it comes to the non-enthusiast people I know, at least for being halfway across the country from it. The name in itself is a draw with Dolly's popularity nation-wide, and it'd be unfortunate to lose that.
  11. Saw an article with the OC Register that said SFMM was going to wait on out-of-staters for now, so I'm gonna wait until December after I graduate. Probably will have a better time then if capacity restrictions on rides are lifted and the park is in a better operational state. As for that IP trick, aside from the ethical violations and still the potential risks, I have a Platinum membership tied to my address here in CO, so can't really order it from CA even if I wanted to.
  12. It's not on their instagram anymore, but that does look like the first helix-type area of Tremors, right after where they originally had topper track. On Twitter they have a photo installing what appears to be an I-box piece when you zoom in (I hadn't noticed originally, it's a bit distant so it a first glance it looks like topper), and this track certainly looks like I-box. That Twitter picture is the one where they say they're installing topper, but it actually seems to be I-box onwards from where the original topper was, and not certain yet for how long. Weird how Titan Track was in some ways GCI's response to Topper Track, but if RMC can really just retrofit I-Box onto parts of wood coasters in the same way, then it could be their follow-up answer.
  13. So glad you have a good time! I left SFFT with IRat as my favorite coaster too, it definitely deserves the hype. Glad you got the Poltergeist credit, it was closed for me, so I gotta get back there!
  14. ^On the app right now, it shows Poltergeist, Joker, & Wonder Woman as closed. If its raining, lines might not be that bad, and the park is open until 9. Doesn't say if they're temporarily down or not, so there's a chance they could open, but don't expect it. Scream is a combo tower on all sides I believe. Might want to go and see what you can get on if you have a season pass or membership, but be weary of what might happen if the rain increases. EDIT: Might not need a fast pass if the rain cleared people out, but you could check too.
  15. So I originally wasn't going to do a trip report for my visit on Saturday, March 6th, primarily because I was being lazy, but after my previous post here and having some time, I figured I might as well. This was my first time in San Antonio, and thus my first time at the park. I got there about 9:40ish, & the Covid & security checks were a breeze. My platinum card/quick queue/dining pass were set up at guest relations, then into the line to get into the dry park itself, all before 10. It was not a very busy day at the park, and with the quick queue & multi-train ops most of the time, I never waited more than maybe 10min for a ride. Food lines weren't too long either, again waiting maybe 10min max, and I got four or five uses out of dining deal (VERY worth it). All the food I had was delicious, particularly the barbecue grill place near Texas Stingray. For Covid procedures, they were spraying/wiping the trains down every hour or so (wasn't able to discern the actual timing), and Wave Breaker was the only coaster loading every row. I also split may day at the park with a quick pop over to ZDTs for Switchback, leaving about 2pm and getting back at 5pm. It was certainly a quaint little place, definitely an FEC, but one that managed to shoehorn in a great unique coaster. Switchback was running one train, with the middle seats closed, and being wiped down between each cycle. Fortunately, since it wasn't much to do, the ops were still able to clean, load, and send the next train in under a minute each cycle. The line was never more than 12-15 people, but I waited about 15min max for one of my front-row rides due to an amassing of kids there that took up probably four cycles. As for the rides themselves, here are my thoughts in the order I rode them. I only rode the major coasters between the two locations, but with not much else for my tastes at either, I was very satisfied with the amount of rides I got in. I'm going to rate the coasters by listing where they stand in my current rankings. Steel Eel - 5x This was my first-ever Morgan coaster, and though my first ride near the front did not give as much airtime as I was told there'd be, all my subsequent rides across the train did. I think I prefer the back of the train, as though the airtime was better in the second half in the front, the first drop and larger hills were genuinely intense in the back after the ride warmed up. For not actually being a hyper it still felt plenty tall and fast, too. Overall, I was impressed and look forward to comparing it to other Morgans when I'm able to get them. #17 of 68. Wave Breaker - 5x I was very excited for this ride, as it was the latest new-to-me Intamin coaster I'd ridden since first riding my local Half-Pipe, an eight-year gap. The riding position was interesting, as it felt very exposed but still comfortable, and being able to hunch over & grab the handle bars was unique. I'd heard people bash this ride for being boring, but I thought it was a wonderful family-oriented coaster, with more intense launches and laterals than I was expecting. Flying over the water was cool too, and it was perfect to just let go and enjoy the ride. #30 of 68. Great White - 4x I hadn't been on a Batman clone in almost a decade, not since last riding the original at SFGAm in late 2011. This coaster was fun, and though it slouched a little bit compared to its sister coaster a few miles down the road, I found it to still be plenty intense on the positive G's, while running smooth and having some solid whip. Truly can't go wrong with a B&M invert. You can tell Great White was adjusted for its' terrain, and I thought the coaster's color scheme, landscaping, and station design all worked very well together. #20 of 68. Texas Stingray - 22x This GCI was my most anticipated ride in this park, and that shows by how many rides I squeezed in. I think it's a work of art, and it (very) slightly edges out GoldStriker as my current favorite wooden coaster, though I didn't get to ride GS nearly as much as this ride. Definitely a back row ride, especially for that first drop, which provided increasingly-strong airtime as it went. Being a warm day, this ride showed its masterful pacing that held a sense of speed to the end, and it is still very smooth. I love the variety of sensations among the airtime and laterals that are packed in to this course. Night rides here were some of the best I've ever had too. I'm partial to enjoying wood coasters, and GCI has become my favorite manufacturer of them with the three I've been on, so it is no surprise I thought Texas Stingray was excellent. #6 of 68. Switchback - 4x Gravity Group really showed their engineering ability with both how this ride works, as well as how much they fit into such as small space. While this coaster was much shakier than the other San Antonio-area woodie, and the seats were a bit less comfortable (I'm not a large guy, but it surprisingly felt like a tight fit), the first half of this coaster was dramatically intense. The air hill after the first drop shoots you out of your seat, and then it feels like the train further pulls out from beneath you as it suddenly banks to the right. Going forward, up until the hill prior to the spike, is just jam-packed airtime and laterals, with the fun overbank too. I preferred the ride in the back, but the spike was better in the front, with just a second or so of weightlessness, and it is definitely weird for a wood coaster to suddenly just fall backwards and complete the course that way. Not a bad ride to have in rural Texas. #18 of 68. Now for some photos: The view from across the lake was great! I didn't get any specific photos of Wave Breaker, so this will do. Steel Eel's placement definitely makes that 150ft look very prominent. It felt like you could get very close to Great White's loop. Great White is such a pretty coaster. Definitely glad this park has, what I consider, a truly stand-out coaster. Spike! Was weird coming upon this coaster that not just dominated the park, but this whole section of town. Got this photo of the entrance at night. I left SWSA with a high opinion of it, and think that with the ongoing investment, this park will continue to be a worthwhile visit for those visiting San Antonio. Will probably do a trip report soon for my visits to SFFT in the two following days.
  16. So as I wait to hear about whether the park will accept out-of-state vaccinated guests (thanks to everyone for the reassuring that they probably wouldn't check but.. don't really want to risk it when travelling halfway across the country), I want to get some more insights on what to expect. I fully understand that visiting in about a month from now means the park may still be a bit of a wreck in terms of operations. I plan to get Flash Passes for the two full-ish days I'm there (Mon & Tues, May 17-18), though the former I wouldn't be there until roughly 11:30. I've heard some people say the Flash Pass line has been 1-2 hours every day, even week days, and that ride lines themselves have been similar. I know its hard to predict, but has anyone actually had a day since the park reopened that didn't have crazy lines? I'm also expecting that a few of the coasters I may only get on once or twice, even with two days, due to breakdowns/operations/lines, but it's been good to hear that pretty much every coaster has been up at some point thus far since reopening. Even if I get to visit in May, I may return in mid-December to also visit Knott's. A longer trip then would probably go more smoothly, but I'm being a bit impatient, lol.
  17. ^ & ^^ Thanks for the inputs. I've made reservations with the park, a hotel, & rental car for May 17-19, but won't book flights until the park confirms that vaccinated out-of-state-ers will be able to enter. I know the park is a bit of a mess right now, but the cost of the trip would be fairly cheap. Fortunately I'll be getting my second dose next week, so if they officially lift the restriction, my immunity should be kicked in by those dates.
  18. Since it's up to the park to allow out-of-state vaccinated guests, anyone thinking SFMM will do so soon? I'm doubt out-of-state is a big draw for them but I think they'd probably want the extra guests. I'd like to go and use my membership there finally.
  19. It is interesting to hear about all the terrible operations, because I think I just go to visit them on a really good day. When I visited Sat., March 6th, Texas Stingray, Great White, & Wave Breaker all had two trains running, with two ops checking the train and an additional op at the dispatch panel. They were consistently putting out trains within 30 seconds of the previous train parking behind the station, and I had even a few roll-throughs on each without stacking. Steel Eel still had numbers on the platform so the attendant there didn't have to physically direct people where to go, just tell them the row number. That ride started and ended with one train on my day, but had two trains in the middle of the day with maybe a minute of being stacked on the brake-run before rolling in to the station. I'd heard on odd rummer that they weren't letting the train on the brake-run roll into the station after the previous one was over halfway up the lift, but that wasn't the case for me.
  20. After looking at the Park Journey pictures, the station & break run look VERY close to the ground compared to RailBlazer & Wonder Woman. Will be interesting to see other slight differences in the size of elements/supports compared to the original prototypes, we can already see that the supports for the lift/twisted turnaround are slightly adjusted for the terrain.
  21. Got my Six Flags membership with SFMM back in last May (I know I know.. probably shouldn't have thought the park would reopen in just a few months at that time.. lol), but as an out-of-state resident, currently hoping the in-state restriction will be lifted by the time I plan to visit in mid-December. I'll be happy to use the ~9 months of membership charges as a park credit when I finally get there, as that policy they emailed out can only be used at the home park. Actually got use out the pass itself at SFFT a few weeks ago.
  22. ^Thanks!! I already have it downloaded on to my phone, so should be able to do that with ease. I don't think it'll be an issue if I leave and come back then with those specifically. Will look at the park's website to see if they have anything about re-entry currently. EDIT: So the website does say that if a guest needs to leave for any reason and return later, we're able to get a handstamp and show that with our ticket when we come back. I'll of course confirm when I'm there but I'm guessing that I should be able to do that, and not face any issues with that or my other add-ons, especially if I'm back by 6pm.
  23. ^I don't mind getting there early as it'll give me plenty of time to get the dining pass/QQ figured out, ride Steel Eel a bunch, and get some breakfast.
  24. So I am considering hitting up ZDTs while I visit this weekend, and figure that it'd be better to split my full Saturday at SWSA up then my most-of-two days at SFFT. The only things I'll be doing at SWSA & ZDTs is the coasters anyways, where as SFFT has many more coasters and a few other attractions I want to ride. What I'd like to do is knock out a couple rides on all the SWSA coasters, leave around 2pm and take about 3-4 hours to drive to ZDTs and ride Switchback (don't know yet if I'll need/want one or two hours for 5-10 rides), and get back to SWSA around 5-6pm and get more rerides/night rides until park close. Does anyone know when the cutoff for SWSA reentry is, and if I'll need another reservation or just a handstamp of reentry? If I can do this, would I be able to keep my SWSA dining pass/quick queue all day, since I think they're wristbands?
  25. ^Its certainly not as big as some of the other parks on this list, but it certainly says something that 4/5 major coasters in the park place around lower & middle-tier mediocre. Even the best coaster being great doesn't hide that 1980 feeling, and the park barely ever staffs it. As an enthusiast that works across the street from the park, you'd think I'd be more happy about it being there, but it's hard not to treat it like its already gone since the city approved the redevelopment.
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