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  1. Since Skyrider is up for sale it shows that the park/Cedar Fair isn't planning on using the ride for parts for KD's Shockwave, which means that ride will probably be out of there soon as well.
  2. I chose Wicked Cyclone because it looks more complete and I feel it utilized the land and old layout of the old ride much better. It really irritates me how much of the old Colossus structure is getting removed, and each individual side is pretty much half the length of the original. Now the plot of land that the ride sits on seems very open and bare. I do like the connection of the layouts though.
  3. ^Brain Drain at Elitches (Also a 70ft super loop) is actually pretty awesome and has great hangtime. Most of the footage for these rides came from that ride.
  4. I like that this will be a multi-person project! A little weird that it's on 2 different platforms, but that is also going to make it interesting.
  5. It's unusual that you don't get that feeling since Aftershock (A G.I.B. at Silverwood) has the stomach drop feeling and on it you're also facing downward on the drop.
  6. Whirler looks much better and so does Ladybug Run with the new trees! Maybe the expansion is a new flat or water ride?
  7. ^Agreed, I've always wanted to ride a mine train in the dark. Coasters After Dark would be awesome and these are some great coasters to run at night!
  8. ^Good, because it's sister coaster here at Elitches is awesome
  9. ^That's a very nice combination ya got there Catapult is the perfect addition for a park the size of Frontier Forest, as it's not too expensive but very thrilling and it covers a lot of line up positions at your park (looping, launched, shuttle, & major steel). I'm excited to see what the new entrance is like next year as well as whatever the park has planned next!
  10. You're right, Whirler's color scheme IS ugly! I do like they way you used the in-game log benches.
  11. I like your buildings! They're very diverse and well done. On that inspiration note, I've also tried my own hand at a mostly-NCS park similar to Laguna because of you (Also a beach-side type park, but starting in the mid 40's). I'll start my own thread for that later. "Scary Dark Ride" also looks very good! I like the amount of detail you have on it. Can't wait to see how the story line progresses!
  12. ^I actually do remember one day were Twister 2 was running one train, and I had visited the park the day before and it had been running two. I haven't seen it do so since, and I've been to the park 8 times this year in total. I've only been to Elitches in the past 2 years so I guess I'm lucky. EDIT: Along with the economy and Colorado's population increasing, I also noticed that locals and many Coloradoans have seen the park get better. Last year about 3 of my seven visits the park was almost completely dead on some weekdays in the summer, but this year every visit I've had, the park has generally been moderately full, even on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, with all the major coasters and attractions having at least 30 minute lines. I've heard my friends and their parents talking about how much better the park is now. Also, Brain Drain has been a big help to the park as well.
  13. But with Darien Lake being run this way, it's unusual that Elitch Gardens is currently being run very well, with all the rides being run at max capacity except for Tower of Doom but that's it. The park has been doing very well fixing the rides when they break and they have also repainted every coaster in recent years. Elitches' customer service and general employee attitude has been great on every visit of mine, and the park itself looks very nice and well taken care of. Brain Drain is an excellent addition that looks very nice and natural at the park as well as being run and maintained well. It's sad knowing that Darien Lake has so many issues.
  14. I like your park, it is very small and adorable! I really like Avalanche and its layout, though the train seems a little large for it. If there is a way, you should also try building some sort of cover for Ladybug Run's station. Anyways, this is a decent start out!
  15. I like that you choose a unique incident for the closing off of the bay in the storyline instead of the average route (a death). And honestly that bay is pretty large as it is, I personally wouldn't want to row further than the edge of it. Your park looks really great, especially for NCS! Laguna Cyclone may actual be one of my favorite RCT3 layouts now. Maybe for the beach you can have an attraction then have some actual beach things like a volleyball court if you can find out how to make one, or somehow find NCS umbrellas or canopy set-ups for guests.
  16. Yes. Not as reliable as B&M but way more reliable than a lot of coaster companies out there. I don't really understand why intamin gets such a bad rap for reliablility. In my experience I have seen more B&M coasters break down than intamin coasters. Sure, there are some cable accidents, but those are still very far and few inbetween. I know they were some of the first of their kind, but Tower of Doom and Halfpipe at Elitch Gardens generally have an issue every 30-45 minutes that will cause the ride to be down 10-20 minutes. And that's in a park that as of late has been maintaining their rides pretty well. But I guess that doesn't speak for the whole company either.
  17. ^Tremors was the first coaster to get Topper Track, and it only has a few sections of it on the ride.
  18. So it's quite clear that it is two rides now, so either a roller coaster and a flat, a flat and a water ride, or a roller coaster and a water ride. And one of these is made by a European manufacturer. Hmmm...
  19. My question: Will this be another roller coaster or a flat ride, or maybe another water ride?
  20. That's an awesome looking dive coaster! It looks great and is a good fit for the park's line up.
  21. ^SpinCycle is so much fun. Not too intense, but totally awesome, and very rerideable.
  22. Lol Ricochet had one derailment and nobody even got hurt and they removed it but not the same with Mind Bender in Canada or Expedition GeForce
  23. Those additions actually look totally awesome and well themed compared to other Six Flags additions of the era!
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