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  1. This park is amazing! It has a great amount of scenery and is incredibly realistic! The rides selection is great and has a decent balance of family and thrill rides, though I'd think about adding a Looney Tunes kids area where it could possibly fit. The incorporation of CTs and in-game built tracks works very well. I don't know if I'd keep the arches on the Vekoma Looper's corkscrews, since I don't think Vekoma ever had the arch supports on any of their coasters. The park's layout fits greatly, and there seems to be some expansion room by the junior invert. The whole park is one of the better RCT3 parks I've ever seen.
  2. I love the look of the painted racer! Fury 325 model looks fantastic as well!
  3. The new expansions are not what I expected, but that is in a good way! The park looks like it will be better to handle more people in the future. I wonder when the Ferris Wheel will be returned to the park, and if the kiddie coaster idea will ever become a reality. Keep up the good work!
  4. I haven't been to many parks, so mine are: All Disney parks Universal parks in Orlando Busch Gardens parks SeaWorld parks Texas Six Flags parks Kings Island Kings Dominion Cedar Point Canada's Wonderland Holiday World Hersheypark Lagoon Silver Dollar City Knoebols Dollywood SFMM SFA SFStL SFOG SFM Adventuredome Europa Park Alton Towers Port Aventura Parque Warner Madrid Heide Park Efteling Walibi Holand Nagashima Spa Land Phantasialand
  5. Is Batman already repainted? In those pictures, the yellow track looks brighter than the last time I saw it, and the blue supports look like a lighter shade.
  6. It looks good! The coasters seem to have pretty solid layouts for the time. The park does not seem to have much room but it will have to make due. Also, S&S freefall rides (Like the yellow one you have in the center of the park) did not come around until 1994. Great themeing job as well.
  7. Cool seeing a park not based in America or the U.K.! I like the side friction coaster as well as the decent selection of rides. The scenery looks good too.
  8. Still looking great! The "circles" idea is really interesting.
  9. Krater looks great and like a fun ride! The park seems to have both Krater and Broca landscaped very well.
  10. It looks pretty fantastic! Though there are only a few rides, the rides you have fit pretty well together and look really nice. It's also good you have lots of room for expansion!
  11. Wow! This is insane! You must have a very skilled hand to get all that detail on a computer.
  12. Just a question, why are you using B&M connectors? Otherwise, it has a pretty interesting start on a nice hill setting, I like it!
  13. I like the idea (it looks quite nice), and I'd buy the racer model or other ones you come up with, an idea for a model I'd definitely purchase is an Arrow shuttle loop! Arrow coasters themselves tend to look nice in real life so they are good ideas for models, such as the shuttle loop as I mentioned or the corkscrew. Larger Arrow rides such as Viper from SFMM would be more expensive but would look awesome!
  14. ^I think that it is because of the seats being over the side themselves, which means all the weight of the riders is put onto a bar extending back into the chassis instead of it going straight into the chassis itself like normal coasters. The bar that supports the seat is going to be shaky at higher g-forces since the weight isn't put directly into the main chassis/wheel boogies, because the bar has less support than normal coasters. Sorry if it sounds like I have no idea of what I'm talking about, this worked out a lot better in my head haha.
  15. I like the layout of the bobsled! In terms of actual RCT2 playing, it looks like you're also having troubles keeping coasters popular like me, but removing Coyote's 3rd train and saying it's for maintenance is a good idea. Anyways, the park looks great!
  16. My friends and I tend to ride the Ferris Wheel as the last ride whenever we go to Elitch Gardens.
  17. Both Tennessee Tornado and SFFT's Road Runner Express were built towards the end of Arrow's life, when they finally started heart-lining the track and used better, computer designed transitions that were not geometrically based like their older rides, as well as the new coasters also using a new form of tie on the track that is more sturdy and requires less maintenance. Even with the old-style trains, the fixes to their coaster designs proved to make the rides smooth. It is sad that not many more of their coasters were built when they were on their decline because they had finally fixed the problems.
  18. Rocket has a really nice layout! Cool that your park now has a twister woodie and an out n' back woodie to round out the lineup for this time period. I do think it is a bit weird that the turnaround is so low to the ground compared to the hill before it but it has no banking, but that is my only nitpick. Good that you added the Beetle Bugs, it is a nice family ride. Great job!
  19. Looking nice. Good that you are doing a prep-mock up first to finalize the layout and tweak it to what you want, even though it takes longer. I'm excited to see more of this!
  20. I really like the change that happened to this park! Though it is sad that the fire happened and the park closed, odds are it would not have made it through the depression and the war. I do believe that the fire struck the park in 1929, and it reopened in 1956, so it is not 23 years from the fire as you stated in the reopening post, but 27 years. Coming back in 1956 is quite interesting as most parks that have done similar closings during the depression in the RCT3 world usually reopen right after the depression or the war (basically somewhere in the 1940's), so it is cool that you choose to bring back Appleton just after the opening of Disneyland! The new attractions fit into the park very well and do a good job replacing lost attractions. The Wonderwheel is a nice replacement for the parachute tower and who knows, maybe we'll see an Intamin version of that ride in the future. Also, where did you find the Wonderwheel CTR? I'd love to have it. Thanks and keep up the great work!
  21. Wow! This looks great so far and it looks like it will be really in depth!
  22. The Rocket looks great and is a very good first roller coaster, it fits well into the park!
  23. The Dodgers, The Towering Parachutes, and Rotor all look fantastic! They are very well integrated into your park.
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