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  1. That ride used to be called Typhoon at Santa's Village AZoosment Park. It's always been known in the coaster community for being an extremely rough ride.
  2. Skull Mountain at Great Adventure is one of my favorites. The back row has some of the most entertaining air. I also like the first drop on Intimidator 305, Skyrush, and X2.
  3. -Six Flags America -Lake Compounce -Kings Dominion -Assorted Ocean City parks -Universal Studios Hollywood -Knott's Berry Farm -Six Flags Magic Mountain -Disney California Adventure -Disneyland -Six Flags Great Adventure I'm hoping to add on a trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg in October.
  4. -X2 -Full Throttle -Tatsu -Apocalypse -Goliath -Ninja -Superman -Riddler's Revenge -Batman -Colossus -Gold Rusher -Scream -Viper -Green Lantern -Revolution
  5. 2013 Bonzai Pipelines--Six Flags America Full Throttle--Six Flags Magic Mountain Coast Rider--Knott's Berry Farm Pacific Flyers--Knott's Berry Farm 2012 Stinger--Dorney Park Skyrush--Hersheypark Cheetah Hunt--BGT(Within year of public opening) Windseeker--Kings Dominion 2011 Dare Devil Dive--SFOG 2010 Intimidator 305--Kings Dominion Demon Drop--Dorney Park 2006 Expedition Everest--Animal Kingdom 2005 Soarin'--EPCOT
  6. I've had solo rides on Superman, Joker's Jinx, and Batwing at Six Flags America. Superman was the coolest of all of those, it's weird seeing all those empty seats when you're in the back row.
  7. Standard Boomerangs: Sidewinder- Hersheypark Zoomerang- Lake Compounce Invertigos: Stinger- Dorney Park
  8. I'm going to Six Flags Great Adventure on Sunday to bid farewell to Rolling Thunder...mostly for El Toro and to pick up all my missing credits
  9. Granted, but they were re-themed to Terminator and named Terminator Spin-vation. I wish Scream! at SFMM wasn't such a mediocre ride.
  10. Here are my milestones for every 25th coaster. #1: Barnstormer, Walt Disney World #25: Thunderhawk, Dorney Park #50: Volcano, Kings Dominion #75: Great American Scream Machine, Six Flags Over Georgia #100: Storm Runner, Hersheypark #125: Montezooma's Revenge, Knott's Berry Farm #150: California Screamin', Disney California Adventure I'm at 154 right now, hoping to hit 160 by the end of the year
  11. They would rebuild Wildcat. What if Son Of Beast didn't suck?
  12. B&M: Scream! at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I'm sure it was a fun ride when it opened, but now it's a rough, forceless, forgotten ride, overshadowed by most of the rides at the park. Intamin: Skull Mountain at Six Flags Great Adventure. It wasn't a horrible ride, I just really didn't enjoy it that much. GCI: Gwazi (Lion) at Busch Gardens Tampa, it's just an overall terrible ride.
  13. The major water main in Prince George's County is being repaired, so the water rides cannot run.
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