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  1. So, this ride looks amazing, but on the Skyrush POV they just posted, I saw this comment. On a Skyrush POV. What. The. Heck.
  2. Wow. This looks amazing! So much detail... can't wait to see more!
  3. Looks like a great ride! Although, why is the lift so steep? Is that normal for most B&M Hypers nowadays?
  4. ^Once again with your coaster And really? REALLY? An El Loco? What is Six Flags thinking...
  5. Nice report! Looks like you all are having fun! About the KidTums photo, was that the first photo taken of her in New York? (Probably wrong... oh well!)
  6. ^No, what I meant was it looks like he is just making a park with only cloned rides. No really original rides that I can see.
  7. Not only are you using the names, you seem to be stealing the layouts of some of the rides!!! Not good. Makes me sad .
  8. Joker always runs one train. At least, it did when I was there about 50 times last season.
  9. Hey, could you make a tutorial for RCT3? I still can't figure that one out
  10. Exactly. Also, what are the excitement/intensity stats on the rides? I would love to see that.
  11. Hey, you know, I just realized something. SIX FLAGS AMERICA HAS BETTER OPERATIONS THAN THIS PLACE!
  12. I can't wait for Hershey! I'm going tomorrow, not next weekend... But what rides should I ride first? I was thinking this: Stormrunner, Sidewinder, Fahrenheit, Wildcat, Lightning Racer (The second side I ride will be my 100th coaster! WOO HOO! ), then Great Bear, Comet, and SooperDooperLooper. No kiddie rides because I'm not a credit whore... Sound like a good plan?
  13. Okay, I was on YouTube and someone said SooperDooperLooper had two loops when it was open. Random Person: yeah it has two loops it did when my mom was little Me: No, it never did, never has, never will. Random Person: oh yeah sure my mom said it did Me *rolls eyes* Idiot.
  14. Okay, so I am going to Busch Gardens Tampa on Sunday, and I would like to get some POV footage. How okay is BG with cameras?
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