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  1. ^It was last week when I was there. They may have put up a more permanent queue, but I doubt it.
  2. Revolution @ SFMM. I don't know what I can say about it...the OTSRs make it one of, if not the worst, ride I've been on.
  3. ^How is that weird? Sure, most people don't like it, but there is a minority (myself included) that enjoys the ride.
  4. I'll be honest here, most waterslides freak me out. I don't know why, they just do. I'm still willing to ride them for friends.
  5. Mean Streak staying. What's worse than a RCCA wooden coaster with Gerstlauer trains?
  6. ^The 3D was awesome. I saw Pacific Rim on Friday. It was an awesome movie. The concept was original and well executed, along with an awesome soundtrack. It was an awesome movie to watch, and if you see it, stay until after the (awesome) credits.
  7. Ninja, Apocalypse, Batman, and Riddler are all decent. Also, Lex Luthor is down for a bit, so don't plan on it being open. Also, do Tatsu before Ninja, as it's a bit inconvenient to walk all the way up the mountain and then back down.
  8. X2 was a walk on by four in the afternoon this past week. And once you have your Flash Pass scanned at the FP entrance to a ride, you can put in another ride.
  9. That took long enough. I'll head over and get some pictures when I go later this week.
  10. ^He already said it's a Vekoma. This looks awesome! I can't wait to see how it fits in the park.
  11. King's Dominion. Indiana Jones Adventure or Dinosaur?
  12. Here's my list for the park. 1- Full Throttle 2- Apocalypse 3- X2 4- Tatsu 5- Goliath 6- Green Lantern 7- Superman 8- Ninja 9- Batman 10- Riddler's Revenge 11- Colossus 12- Scream! 13- Gold Rusher 14- Viper 15- Road Runner Express 16- Canyon Blaster 17- Revolution
  13. I was at the park yesterday for my first visit. I'll have a trip report later. What I wanted to pop in and say was that Innoventions had a portion showing off various Iron Man suits. At the exit, people were surveying visitors to Innoventions as to what they would think of a full Iron Man attraction. Stark Expo, anyone?
  14. Building clones of Anaconda at every park! (Also, Fabio was hit in the nose by a goose on Apollo.) What's worse than a Sharknado?
  15. Being trapped at SFA. What's worse than having a bird poop on you?
  16. Ghostrider at Knott's was pleasant for me. I wasn't expecting much from it, but it was running better than I expected. It has some very good airtime moments, and fun forces.
  17. B&M: My least favorite one of these would have to be Kumba. It was too rough for me, even in the front, and I came off rattled around more than most wooden coasters I've ridden. Intamin: Superman: Escape From Krypton. It's a fun ride, yes, but it's honestly nothing special. Not bad, just not up to par with other Intamin rides. GCI: Gwazi. Is this even a question?
  18. We would all be disappointed because S&S. What if Full Throttle had OTSRs?
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