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  1. Choking on a gumball. What's worse than Revolution?
  2. Oh, just putting this out there for anyone going to the park this month, Lex Luthor is being refurbished until the end of the month.
  3. Getting stuck in a wrestling match. What's worse than being Batman?
  4. iSpeed. Montezuma's Revenge or Revolution?
  5. Someone will sue them. What if neither the chicken or egg came first?
  6. Montezuma was running yesterday. It was my first time to the park, so I don't know how different the station was, but it felt new. The ride itself was running very well, my #3 at Knott's, behind Xcelerator and Ghostrider.
  7. I missed Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great Adventure when I went in 2010. I don't know why, I just didn't feel like riding it. But that will be fixed in September
  8. Granted, but they all hate roller coasters. I wish that Intamin would build a 500+ foot coaster with an actual layout.
  9. Superman: Ride of Steel last Sunday. The refurbished blue train is really working wonders for it.
  10. Quick question here, does Magic Mountain still use the Q-Bots for the Flash Pass, or have they switched to the wristbands?
  11. Bleu cheese. Boomerang or Invertigo?
  12. I think I have one. I'll edit this post if I find one. EDIT: Found it. It still hurts...a lot. And I was having some issues with the exposure that day. Sorry :/ Some SLC pain. Mind Eraser doing its job.
  13. I have pictures of everything except Bonzai Pipelines. However, I can say that at least half the tubes for the slides are up, and I think the stairs were added...but I'm not sure.
  14. Apocalypse was running better than usual. I got a ride in both trains, and train 2 seems to have less shaking.
  15. I was at the park for about two and a half hours yesterday. I got quite a few pictures of the park, so I'll try and have some of those up tonight. But honestly, I was impressed with the park. Every coaster except Wild One and Batwing were running two trains, and the ones that were running two were doing it very well. What would have been around a half-hour wait with one train was around ten minutes with two on Superman. Even Joker was running two today! But there have been a lot more trees and vegetation added all around the park since I last went. Also, since Train 1 of Superman is back from refurbishment, it's an even better ride now. Airtime on every hill, and it doesn't seem to lose its speed at all. I even started to grey out in the back helix both times I rode it. In the two and a half hours I was there, I rode Mind Eraser once, Superman twice, Joker three times, Apocalypse twice, and Tower of Doom four times. The park is really starting to shape up this season.
  16. Thanks for all of the help guys. Unfortunately, I'm meeting up with friends the Sunday of Knott's, so I can't move that. But Universal is open until around 10 the day I get there, so I don't think I'll have trouble with that. If I need to, I can bail out for Fast Lane at Knott's, but I already have a basic plan. And since I only need Gold Flash Pass for SFMM, I'll just get that done that Monday and head down to Disney the next morning.
  17. These trains look amazing! And the pig is an omen of awesomeness...
  18. Granted, but they don't renew it the following year. I wish I could live closer to Boulder Dash.
  19. Hey Alveys, I'm taking a trip this summer to Southern California for my first time. I already made a basic plan, but I'll need some help finalizing it. Here's my schedule: Saturday: Arrive in Cali around 12 at LAX, check into the Sheraton Universal, spend the rest of the day at Universal Studios Hollywood. No quick queue, must do rides are Revenge of the Mummy, Studio Tour, Transformers: The Ride, House of Horrors. Sunday: Knott's Berry Farm. All day, no Fast Lane. Must do rides: All coasters plus Timber Mountain. Monday: Six Flags Magic Mountain. 11:00 to close, Gold Flash Pass? Must do rides: All coasters that I can, priority Full Throttle, X2, Apocalypse, Ninja, Tatsu, Superman, Goliath. Also Lex Luthor. Parking and admission is already covered, I have a Gold Pass. Tuesday: Six Flags Magic Mountain. Opening to around 2:30, no Flash Pass. Must do rides: All coasters missed Monday, plus a re-ride or two. Then drive down to Disneyland, stay there until around 11 pm, check into a hotel there. Wednesday: DCA from opening to around 2:30-3:00, then Disneyland until around 6:30. Catch overnight flight back home from LAX at 9:00. Is there anything I should change with this order? And also, what order should I do the rides to get all the ones I want to ride in? Thanks for all your help.
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