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  1. If you explain something to a blind person, can he see your point? Eric
  2. I've gotten a couple over the years. A few times I've been let go with a warning. Generally, I stay at the limit and go no more than about five mph over. Eric
  3. Technical writer/illustrator for a large Navy contractor. Eric
  4. LOL! The title's still misspelled! And, no, I've never purchased a moat, though one would be nice to keep solicitors at bay. I just hope I remember to feed the 'gators! Eric "Spelling and Grammar Nazi" L.
  5. If I don't hurry, I won't get my 2006 car registration sticker on the car before it gets dark. And I have to pull weeds, too! Who has the time for all this stuff?!?! Eric
  6. ebl


    ^ Thank you, Robb! Let's get people to write intelligently. There's a shortage of intelligence out there and, unfortunately, it shows up in the writing. Eric "Spelling and grammar Nazi" L.
  7. Everything's been fine here. We have DSL; I wonder if that makes a difference? Probably not. Eric
  8. Levi's 501 jeans Red shirt Tighty-whities White sweat socks White Reebox DMX walkers Blue Lands End jacket Gold chain Casio G-Shock Atomic/Solar watch Eric "So now you know what the over-40 crowd wears" L.
  9. I live in Ventura County (California), so... SFMM is 45 minutes away. Knott's is 1-1/2 hours away. Disneyland is 1-1/2 hours away. Legoland is 2-1/2 hours away. SeaWorld is 3 hours away. Bonfante Gardens is 5 hours away. PGA is 6 hours away. SFMW is 7 hours away. Eric
  10. Yes---I like to give people a good scare! If you had the chance, would you go skydiving?
  11. I collect coins, theme park brochures/maps, and dust. But not in that order. Eric
  12. ^ No. because I'm scared of what might happen... Eric
  13. No. Would you eat a banana that you dropped in the dirt?
  14. I had some pickles to pick up before the train arrived. Eric
  15. I had some homemade spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread. Good stuff! Eric
  16. No. Can a diabetic eat marshmallows?
  17. I even count unfair coasters, like the late Windjammer. Seriously, the only coasters I wouldn't count would be powered coasters, like those dragon ones (which I don't ride anyway). But like others, I only count them once. For example, I've ridden the Hi-Miler in two different places, but I only count it as one. Eric
  18. jose eber said: "Beverly is an acquired taste, much like Marmite." Strangely, I kinda like Marmite, though I haven't had it in years. Beverly, on the other hand, can die. Eric
  19. ^ The one good thing about Westcoaster being down is that you guys won't have to read the stuff I post there! Eric
  20. I haven't ridden everything there, but I'm going to say Pirates of the Caribbean. Compared to the Disneyland original, PotC at WDW blows big time. It's like they cut out the middle third of the ride. Pirates of the Caribbean on a budget. Not acceptable for a classic ride. Why couldn't they have done It's a Small World on a budget there? Eric
  21. I've ridden everything else up there, so I'd ride Insanity. That'd sure be a rush! Eric
  22. I'm 45; my first coaster was probably some kiddie model at a carnival. Supposedly, I rode the Sea Serpent at long gone Pacific Ocean Park back in the early '60s (I don't remember it, but my mom says I did). The first one I remember is the Matterhorn at Disneyland. I can't believe I was actually terrified of that, and now it's almost a kiddie ride for me. My daughter (age 14) and I just rode it a week and a half ago and it was a blast. Eric
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